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Music : E-theses
Total number of hits is 3192, and record(s) 1 to 500 are:
  1. "A choking gall and a preserving sweet" : Gender and genre in Campion's "First Booke of Ayres" and Wilbye's "First set of English madrigals"
  2. "A Most Enjoyable Evening" : Music in Early Prescott and Flagstaff, Arizona Territory, ca. 1865-ca. 1890
  3. "A PBS mind in an MTV world" : Teaching teenagers meteorology by placing a weather forecast on MTV and the creation of the concert forecast
  4. "A Time for Everything," for chorus : analysis of a Musical Meditation
  5. The "Abbey Road Medley" : extended forms in popular music
  6. "Abstracting" Iranian classical music
  7. "Alan Lomax's iPOD?" : Smithsonian global sound and applied ethnomusicology on the Internet
  8. An "Alien foundation" : the Eclecticism of Antonin Dvorak's American period
  9. "Angst der Hoellen und Friede der Seelen" : A comparative analysis of sixteen settings of Psalm 116
  10. "Anything you can do, I can do better" : Transgressive gender role performance in musical theatre and film, 1930--1950
  11. "Appassionata" : an exploration of artistry in the lives of six prominent women pianists
  12. "As History Exploded Around Us..." a chamber opera Act One : "Before the Storm"
  13. "As my works show me to be": Physicality as compositional technique in the instrumental music of Luigi Boccherini
  14. "Atteone Significa" for viola, piano and percussion with controllers
  15. "Between Lightness and Darkness" for orchestra (Original composition)
  16. "Bodies that tell" : physiognomy, criminology, race and gender in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Italian literature and opera
  17. "But I did practice!" Self-reported versus observed self-regulated practice behaviors
  18. "Can you feel it, too?" : Intimacy and affect at electronic dance music events in Paris, Chicago, and Berlin
  19. The "church hymnal" (1951) : a shape-note hymnal of the church of god (Cleveland, Tennessee)
  20. "Complementary Ornament". Recording, producing, mixing, and authoring a stereo and high-definition surround sound recording
  21. The "Concerto for Bass Trombone" by Thom Ritter George and the beginning of modern bass trombone solo performance
  22. "Dalle sponde del tebro alle rive dell'adria" : Maria Mancini and Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna's patronage of music and theater between Rome and Venice (1659--1675)
  23. "El Salon Mexico" by Aaron Copland : A study and comparison of the orchestral score and two transcriptions forband
  24. The "Essercizii Music" : a study of the late Baroque sonata
  25. "Every word is a song, every step is a dance" : Participation, agency, and the expression of communal bliss in Hare Krishna festival kirtan
  26. "Explaining-away" effects in rule-learning : Evidence for generative probabilistic inference in infants and adults
  27. "Four Seasons" after Haiku of Basho for Ensemble of Chinese Instruments and "Spring Air" and "Winter Night" for Dizi, Zheng and String Quartet
  28. "Freedom from the Earth's gravity" : the ballet collaborations of Richard Strauss (Germany)
  29. "Fresh tracks in dead air" : Mediating contemporary Metis identities through music and storytelling
  30. The "Gartenlieder", Op. 3, of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel (1805--1847) (Germany)
  31. "Happy are those who sing and dance" : Mobutu, Franco, and the struggle for Zairian identity
  32. "Hip-hop hooray...ho, hey, ho!" : Hip-hop origin and its affect on modern day culture, 1965--2008
  33. "I am a honky-tonk girl" : country music, gender, and migration
  34. "I got shot five times and I got crucified to the media" : Tupac Amaru Shakur : moral panic, media crucifixion and resurrection
  35. "I wanna take you higher" : The stylistic development and cultural dissemination of post-psychedelic funk music
  36. "Incarnation" for soprano duo and chamber ensemble
  37. "Incipit" for flute and computer (Original composition)
  38. "Kicking Up Dust" : Black women and gospel music (Original writing)
  39. "Les Vingt and the Belgian avant-garde" : a discussion of the music staged under the auspices of Les Vingt; its aesthetic relationship to music, art and literature in Belgium and France, with reference to La Societe Nationale de Musique, Paris (Vincent d'Indy, Eugene Ysaye, Octave Maus)
  40. "Let's get free" : A critical ethnography of rap/hip hop, African American rhetoric, and critical social theory in college composition
  41. "Lost Lambs" : rock, gender, authenticity, and a generational response to modernity in the People's Republic ofChina
  42. "Loving me and my butterfly wings:" A study of hip-hop songs written by adolescents in music therapy
  43. "Mandela went to China...and India too" : Musical cultures of childhood in South Africa
  44. "Masters of the president's music" : Cold War composers and the United States government
  45. "Mento, Jamaica's original music" : Development, tourism and the nationalist frame
  46. "Mountain and Farmland" : a Hakka-style suite by Taiwanese composer Tai-Hsiang Li
  47. "Music Draws Blood" : A Monodrama of East and West
  48. "Music is waiting for you" : The lived experience of children's musical identity
  49. "My hands, O God, I offer thee" : Religious social consciousness and cooperative power in the Metropolitan St. Louis gospel music center, 1930--1960
  50. "My music" : the music making and listening experiences of seventh and eighth graders not enrolled in school music ensembles
  51. "Neither Tonal nor Atonal"? : Harmony and Harmonic Syntax in Gyorgy Ligeti's Late Triadic Works
  52. "Never Odd or Even" : Using temporal structures in composing music for dance
  53. "New Songs of the Battlefield" : songs and memories of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
  54. "No room for squares" : The hip and modern image of Blue Note Records, 1954-1967
  55. "Nothing but the theme itself" : Developing variation in the Andante Comodo of Symphony No. 9, by Gustav Mahler
  56. The "Patron Saint of Music" : Beethoven's image and music in Japan's adoption of western classical music and practices
  57. "Performance Adrenaline" : the Effects of Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine, and Adrenaline On the Performing Singer
  58. "Piano Album : A D.I.Y. kit for creative people of the non-automaton kind. : Short Piano Pieces, 1962--1984" by Dick Higgins
  59. "Poetic Virtuosity" : Robert Schumann as a Critic and Composer of Virtuoso Instrumental Music
  60. The "Preludes" Opus 28 by Fryderyk Chopin with emphasis on Polish sources
  61. "Psappha" by Iannis Xenakis : Developing Multiple Percussion Literacy
  62. "Rebonds" by Iannis Xenakis : Pedagogical study and performance analysis
  63. The "rosary cantorales" of early modern Spain : an interdisciplinary study in attribution
  64. "Sacred praise" : Thomas Hastings and the reform of sacred music in nineteenth-century America
  65. "Says Kabir" : Unbounded sounds
  66. "Senor, ?Escuchamos la cancion? " : Utilizing Modern Music to Teach Culture
  67. "Sing and Shine" : Religious popular music in Kenya
  68. "Singing from the heart" : memorization and improvisation in an eighteenth-century utopian community
  69. "Singing the same song" : Music, morality and movement in Yoruba churches
  70. "Soundtrack for the imagination" : The career and compositions of Wayne Shorter
  71. "Stock in trade" : Investigating the role of stock arrangements in the development of the orchestral repertoire of Fletcher Henderson and his contemporaries
  72. "Such Harmony Is in Immortal Souls" : the Spirituality of Music Explored through the Life and Work of Ralph Vaughan Williams
  73. "Syncretisms" for wind quintet and percussion : A study in combining organizational principles from Southeast Asia with Western stylistic elements
  74. "The Bayeux Tapestry" for full orchestra
  75. "The Choice of a New Generation" : "Pop" Music, Advertising, and Meaning in the MTV Era and Beyond
  76. "The Fallow Ground" : A composition for Pierrot ensemble with percussion and male voice
  77. "The following record" : making sense of phonographic performance, 1877--1908
  78. "The Garden of the Universe" : A tone poem for orchestra
  79. "The Heidegger Collection" for orchestra
  80. "The life that I live" : Popular music, agency, and urban society in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  81. "The Looking Glass" by Amy Tate Williams : a critical analysis evaluating the work's value in the field of opera for youth
  82. "The masses are singing" : Insurgency and song in New York City, 1929--1941
  83. "The Music I Was Meant To Sing" : adolescent Choral Students' Perceptions of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  84. "The real idealism of history" : historical consciousness, commemoration, and Johannes Brahms's "years of study" (Germany)
  85. "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky : a comparative performance critique based on sound recordings from 1929-1993
  86. "The way these people can just listen!" : Inquiries about the Mahler tradition in the Concertgebouw
  87. "The Wounded Dragon": An annotated translation of "Der verwundete Drache"the biography of composer Isang Yunby Luise Rinser and Isang Yun (GermanyKorea)
  88. "This is our music" : Free jazz, cultural hierarchy, and the sixties
  89. "To the girl who wants to compose" : amy Beach as a music educator
  91. "Tristan" : The Prelude, the chord, and the implications. Postlude to a musicological conundrum (Richard Wagner, Germany)
  92. "Two Maria" concerto for violin and chamber orchestra
  93. "Two-toed Claw-clipper" for string quartet (Original composition)
  94. "Visions Fugitives" : Glimpses into Prokofiev's Compositional Development From 1915--1917
  95. "Voice", "Itinerant", and "Air" : A performance and analytical guide to the solo flute works of Toru Takemitsu
  96. "Walking and singing and following the song" : Musical practice in the acculturation of German Brazilians in south Brazil
  97. The "Wanderer Fantasie" by Franz Schubert : an analysis
  98. "Watch out my children" : Gospel music and the ethics of style in Trinidad and Tobago
  99. "We need a bigger harvest" : the case for culturally relevant pedagogy in general music education
  100. "We're All in This Together" : creating a Community Around a DIY Music Scene
  101. "Where do the boys go?" : t racking the development of careers in the music industry
  102. "With sighs too deep for words" : liturgical song as metaphor
  103. 'Caught in a Mosh' : Moshpit Culture, Extreme Metal Music and the Reconceptualization of Leisure
  104. 'Empire' records : A study of resistance and the politics of cultural production in the network age
  105. The 'fiery genius' : the contribution of Neapolitan virtuosi to the spread of the string sonata (1684--1736) (Italy)
  106. 'Give us more music' : women, musical culture, and work in wartime Britain, 1939--1946
  107. 'Understanding the Depth of the '90s Women' : TLC's Political, Musical, and Artistic Complexities of Hip-Hop Feminist Thought, 1991--2002
  108. (re)sounding : disintegrating visual space in music
  109. *Records ruin the landscape : John Cage, the sixties, and sound recording
  110. 1. The construction of motion graphics scores. 2. Seven motion graphics scores : "Above Snakes", "Crooked", "The Way Through Is Behind Us", "Three Rooms", "Elemental Canon", "OneZero", and "On"
  111. A 1629 Vespers by Leandro Gallerano (late 16th c.--1631) : a musical and liturgical consideration, with critical edition and commentary
  112. 1900-1910 : piano music of Debussy and Ravel : an interdisciplinary approach (Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, France)
  113. The 19th Century Tarantella for Piano : A Pedagogical Guide to Performance and Leveling
  114. A 21st Century Investigation of the Historical, Musical and Acoustical Contexts of a 19th Century Comic Opera "Schermania in America"
  115. 3 windows : a collection of jazz-rock fusion compositions
  116. 45 Concert studies on the themes of Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler and Johannes Brahms
  117. 92.08.09 - essential epiphanies : a computer- music soundscape, collage and performance environment
  118. A. B. Marx's concept of rondo and sonata : a critical evaluation of his explanations of musical form
  119. Aaron Copland's "Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson"
  120. Aberrations in the heartland of the real : A cultural history of the avant-garde in twentieth-century America
  121. Accent markings in Schubert's piano sonatas
  122. The acceptance of Western piano music in Japan and the career of Takahiro Sonoda
  123. Accounting for culture : A social cost-benefit analysis of the Stan Rogers Folk Festival (Nova Scotia)
  124. Acoustic models for the analysis and synthesis of the singing voice
  125. An acoustic study of the singer's formant : the comparison between Western classical and traditional Chinese opera singing techniques
  126. Acoustics in the worship space : goals and strategies
  127. The acquisition and assessment of the developing singing voice among elementary students
  128. Across the strait : History, performance and gezaixi in China and Taiwan
  129. Activism and Music in Poland, 1978--1989
  130. The actual response to musical pluralism : A study of the practices of IMEA district one choral conductors in reaction to the studies and efforts of a world music education movement
  131. Ad sustentacionem fidei Christiani : Sacred music and ceremony in medieval Oxford
  132. The adaptation of the clarinet to Hindustani music : the playing style of Master Ebrahim
  133. Adding music to App Inventor for Android
  134. Administrative leadership and organizational structure of the American Symphony Orchestra : An internship report
  135. Administrator and band director perceptions of the implementation of KY Core Content for Assessment in Music
  136. Adolescents' motivation to study music as compared to other school subjects : A Singaporean perspective
  137. Adorno's "Philosophy of modern music"
  138. Adorno's "Philosophy of modern music" : a critique
  139. Adult amateur musicians and melodic error detection
  140. Adult music engagement : Perspectives from three musically engaged cases
  141. Adult reflections on a high school choral music program : perceptions of meaning and lifelong influence
  142. Adults' experiences learning traditional music notation : a phenomenological study
  143. Adverse camber : a ballet for questionable ensemble (Original composition)
  144. The aesthetic development of the rock musical on the New York stage
  145. Aesthetic experience : An integral theory of music
  146. Aesthetic justifications for music education : a theoretical examination of their usefulness
  147. Aesthetic reflections on Viktor Ullmann's "Der Kaiser von Atlantis"
  148. Aesthetic theory and the representation of the feminine in orchestral program music of the mid-nineteenth century
  149. Aesthetics and meaning in professional blues performances : an ethnographic examination of an African-American music in intercultural context
  150. Aesthetics in graduate music schools : bringing philosophy to the learning of music
  151. The aesthetics of Luigi Dallapiccola as exemplified in the "Goethe- Lieder" (Italy)
  152. Aesthetics of Objectivism in Igor Stravinsky's neoclassical works
  153. The aesthetics of the listener : New conceptions of musical meaning, timbre, and form in the early reception of Mahler's symphonies 5-7
  154. Affective gesture in J.S. Bach's keyboard music with special reference to selected works in D minor
  155. Affective learning experiences influence positive interactions with anxiety : comprehensive musicianship with seventh grade jazz students
  156. Affective, attitudinal, and cognitive responses to music in modern U.S. political advertising
  157. African American high school students in a space of creative engagement : from can't to can
  158. African art music for flute : a study of selected works by African composers
  159. African folk drum-ensemble works adapted for solo drum set
  160. African musical influence in selected art music works for percussion ensemble, 1930-1984
  161. Afrikaans Art Song : A Stylistic Study and Performance Guide
  162. An Afrocentric analysis of hip-hop musical art composition and production : roles, themes, techniques, and contexts
  163. After "his master's voice" : post-phonographic aurality
  164. After school musical theatre enrichment program : A grant proposal
  165. Against the grain : modernism and the American art song, 1900 to 1950
  166. Agency and impersonality in the music of Gyorgy Ligeti (Hungary, Austria)
  167. Ah-eee-ah-eee-yah-eee, bum and pop, pop, pop : teacher initiatives, teacher silence, and children's vocal responses in early childhood music classes
  168. The album des six and pianism in the works of les six, 1917--1925 (France)
  169. The alchemy of music
  170. Alexander Pushkin's influence on the development of Russian ballet
  171. Alexander Scriabin in Russian musicology and its background in Russian intellectual history
  172. The Alexander technique and the art of teaching voice
  173. An alternative pedagogical paradigm for aural skills : an examination of constructivist learning theory and its potential for implementation into aural skills curricula
  174. Alternative strategies for a collegiate aural skills classroom : an observational case study
  175. Alternative windows into tradition : Non- hereditary practices in Hindustani Khyal music
  176. Although the portrayal of Black fathers as "deadbeat dads" is prevalent in the U.S. media, over the last 20 years some Hip Hop artists and Hip Hop inspired films challenge the stereotype by showing the young Black father as a responsible adult eager to take care of his family
  177. Ambiguous artists : Music-making among Italian Renaissance courtesans (with particular reference to Tullia of Aragon,Gaspara Stampa, and Veronica Franco)
  178. The American composer : a study in social- psychology
  179. An American Evensong : the application of an Anglican worship service to a large-scale choral concertpiece
  180. American folk traditions in piano concert music
  181. American general music textbooks : content usable in Korea
  182. American Identities in an Atlantic Musical World : Transhistorical Case Studies
  183. The American Mahler : Musical Modernism and Transatlantic Networks, 1920--1960
  184. American opera at the Metropolitan, 1910--1935 : a contextual history and critical survey of selected works (New York City)
  185. American popular music in the Cold War : the hip aesthetic and the counterculture idea
  186. American popular songs on operatic topics, 1901--1921
  187. The American School of Oboe Playing : Robert Bloom, John de Lancie, John Mack, and the Influence of MarcelTabuteau
  188. The American wind band : new historical perspectives
  189. American women's roles in domestic music making as revealed in parlor song collections : 1820--1870
  190. The Americanization of "The King and I" : the transformation of the English governess into an American legend (Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
  191. Among the jasmine trees : music, modernity, and the aesthetics of authenticity in contemporary Syria
  192. Amount of practice and practice strategies of seventh grade string students
  193. The Amplification Controversy in Drum Corps International : Technological Change and the Meaning of Tradition
  194. Anahita (Original composition, Wind ensemble)
  195. Analog channel strip digitally controlled via plugin
  196. Analyses of selected published choral works of Michael Hennagin
  197. An analysis and comparison of "Four Rotations Pour Marimba," a solo marimba suite, by Eric Sammut
  198. Analysis and informative interviews to aid in the performance practice of the Concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra by Eric Ewazen
  199. Analysis and interpretation of Fanny Hensel's "Italien", "Notturno" and Piano Trio (first movement) (Germany)
  200. An analysis and investigation of percussion performance practice in "Madrigals, Book II" by George Crumb
  201. An analysis and new edition of Julius Weissenborn's method for bassoon (Germany)
  202. An analysis and overview of selected original compositions
  203. An analysis and overview of selected original compositions by Dario Escobedo
  204. Analysis and performance aspects of György Ligeti's Études pour piano : "Fanfares" and "Arc-en-ciel"
  205. An analysis and performance guide to Benjamin Lees's "Odyssey I" and "II"
  206. Analysis and performance practice of selected works
  207. An analysis of an original composition as an example of Chinese and Western synthesis
  208. An analysis of Arnold Schoenberg's orchestral transcription of Johannes Brahms's Piano Quartet No.1, opus 25
  209. An analysis of Chen Yi's orchestral work "Momentum"
  210. Analysis of Chopin's mazurkas and its influence on Polish cultural nationalism
  211. An analysis of completeness and historical accuracy in the most commonly used college jazz history texts
  212. An analysis of concert saxophone vibrato through the examination of recordings by eight prominent soloists
  213. An analysis of Dance Suite for Orchestra by Bela Bartok and an analysis of an original dance suite for jazz orchestra : "Listen with Your Feet" (Hungary)
  214. Analysis of expressive qualities in Witold Lutoslawski's Partita
  215. An analysis of Freddie Hubbard's early improvisational style : The Jazz Messenger years
  216. Analysis of harp performance issues in "Federico's Little Songs for Children" by George Crumb
  217. Analysis of information features in natural language queries for music information retrieval : use patterns and accuracy
  218. An Analysis of Instrumental Jazz Improvisation Development Among High School and College Musicians
  220. An analysis of Isang Yun's piano works : a meeting of Eastern and Western traditions
  221. The analysis of listening strategies and musical focus of the 11- to 16-year-old learner
  223. An analysis of music ministry and the role of music education in selected Hispanic Southern Baptist churches in the United States
  224. Analysis of musical creativity in middle school students through composition using computer-assisted instruction : a multiple case study
  226. An analysis of pedagogical concepts in the elementary solo repertoire compositions of Dennis Alexander
  227. An analysis of practical challenges posed by teaching improvisation : Case studies in New York State schools
  228. Analysis of scoring music to visual media
  229. An analysis of selected works of Vitezslava Kapralova
  230. An analysis of Sergei Rachmaninoff's Preludes, opus 23 and opus 32, and Etudes-Iableaux, opus 33 and opus 39
  231. An analysis of sound masses in "Hyperprism", "Octandre", and "Intégrales", three chamber works by Edgard Varese
  232. An analysis of the aesthetic writings of Aaron Copland and Roger Sessions
  233. An analysis of the guitar trio literature from the university interscholastic league prescribed music list
  234. An analysis of the jazz improvisation and composition in selected works from the Blue Note Records period of tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson from 1963 to 1966
  235. An analysis of the major solo piano works of César Franck
  236. An analysis of the need for a congregational songwriting manual for the evangelical community
  237. An analysis of the problem-solving experience of students in an online problem-based learning environment
  238. An analysis of the role of Juno in Cavalli's opera "La Calisto" (Francesco Cavalli, Italy)
  239. An analysis of the selected music of Chou Wen-Chung in relation to Chinese aesthetics
  240. An analysis of vocal and instrumental approaches to jazz improvisation
  241. Analysis, reconstruction, and performance of interactive electroacoustic works for clarinet and obsolete technology : selected works by Musgrave, Pennycook, Kramer, and Lippe (Thea Musgrave, Bruce Pennycook, Jonathan D. Kramer,Cort Lippe)
  243. Analytic approaches to the music of Anton Bruckner : Chromatic third-relations in selected late compositions
  244. An analytical approach to Shostakovich's First Piano Concerto
  245. An analytical approach to the performance styles of the Brahms Sonata no. 2 for Piano and Violin, Opus 100
  246. Analytical approaches to three of Debussy's preludes for piano
  247. Analytical fragments concerning Gyorgy Kurtag's "...concertante..." opus 42
  248. An analytical model for the study of multimedia compositions : A case study in minimalist music
  249. An Analytical Overview of Dominick Argento's "Evensong : Of Love and Angels"
  250. An analytical study of Korean-based sacred choral music : Korean traditional music and its relation to fourteen selected Korean sacred choral works
  251. An analytical study of the variations on the Theme of Paganini's Twenty-fourth Caprice, Op. 1 by Busoni, Friedman, and Muczynski, a lecture recital, together with three recitals of selected works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Hindemith, Kodaly, Prokofiev, Scriabin, and Siloti (Nicolo Paganini ...
  252. And Dionysus laughed : opera, comedy and carnival in seventeenth-century Venice and Rome (Italy)
  253. Anne Boleyn, a music book, and the northern Renaissance courts : Music Manuscript 1070 of the Royal College of Music, London
  254. An annotated bibliography of contemporary works programmable by wind band and orchestra
  255. Annotated bibliography of selected soprano saxophone repertoire
  256. An annotated bibliography of unaccompanied violoncello repertoire published in the United States from 1990 to the present
  257. An annotated computer catalog of selected items housed in the Rafael Méndez Library (Arizona, Mexico)
  258. An annotated database of 102 selected published works for trombone requiring multiphonics
  259. An annotated guide to flute and guitar music
  260. Annotation of musical scores : interaction and use behaviours of performing musicians
  261. Anton Rubinstein's four piano sonatas
  262. Antonius Scandellus, the third Kantor of the Lutheran church at the Saxon electoral court chapel in Dresden : His liturgical music with an emphasis on the motets
  263. An application of Arnold Schoenberg's gedanke manuscript as a blueprint theory for a portfolio of original compositions
  264. The application of music learning theory concepts to a notation-based piano method
  265. Application of music therapy curriculum and techniques utilized by music therapists : A survey of hospice music therapists
  266. Application of sport psychology to music performance : a study based on a review of sport psychology literature and selected interviews with professional musicians
  267. An application of the facet-factorial approach to scale construction in development of a rating scale for high school marching band performance
  268. An application of the principles of anatomy, physiology, and neurology to the balancing and playing of the flute
  269. Application of three-dimensional facial animation techniques for Chinese opera
  270. The application to conducting and choral rehearsal pedagogy of Laban Effort/Shape and its comparative effect upon style in choral performance
  271. Applications of ancient Chinese music Nanguan in the selected works of living composer : Wen Loong-hsing
  272. Applications of bioacoustics to musical instrument technology : models for sound synthesis and musical controllers based on animal sound production mechanisms
  273. Applications to the pedagogy of memory and piano playing : building solid foundations
  274. Applied music in an online environment using desktop videoconferencing
  275. Applying Constantin Stanislavski's acting 'system' to choral rehearsals
  276. Applying the study of bel canto vocal technique to artistic horn playing : Perfect legato, beautiful sound, agility, and musical expression
  277. An appraisal of collegiate jazz performance programs in the teaching of jazz music
  278. Appraising Timbre : embodiment and Affect at the Threshold of Music and Noise
  279. Approach the Throne : For Mixed Choir and Chamber Orchestra
  280. Approaches of High School Facilitative Instrumental Music Educators in Response to the Social and Emotional Challenges of Students
  281. Approaches to Wolf : Schenker, transformation, function
  282. Approaching elementary music theory through practical application : A supplemental method for the developing trumpeter
  283. Approaching the classical style : A resource for jazz saxophonists
  284. Approaching the Examiner's Chair : Chronicling the Experiences of Piano Examiner Apprentices for the Royal Conservatory of Music
  285. Archetypes of progressiveness in rock, ca. 1966--1973
  286. Architecture : music, city, and culture
  287. Architecture in motion : A model for music composition
  288. Aristoxenus "Elements of Rhythm" : Text, translation, and commentary with a translation and commentary on POxy 2687
  289. Arnold Schoenberg's "Pierrot lunaire" : A study of Sprechstimme and vocal performance practice through sound recording
  290. Arnold Schoenberg's Prelude from the Suite for Piano, Op. 25 : from composition with twelve tones to the twelve-tone method
  291. Arsenio Rodriguez : A black Cuban musician in the dance music milieus of Havana, New York City, and Los Angeles
  292. Art and the everyday : the impact of parisian popular entertainment on satie, milhaud, poulenc, and auric (France, eric satie, darius milhaud, francis poulenc, georges auric)
  293. Art is Dead. Long Live Rock! Avant-Gardism and Rock Music, 1967--99
  294. Art Nouveau and the Symphony during the Fin-de-Siecle : The Intersection of the Arts in Paris and Vienna
  295. The art of accompanying classical ballet technique classes
  296. The art of tenor/bass trombone doubling : an examination of the performance philosophies and practices of three selected trombonists
  297. Artificial intelligence for musicological research
  298. Artistic beginnings : a case study of everyday arts usage in one preschool's classrooms
  299. Artistic expression in music and poetry
  300. Artistic Fusion in the Piano Concert The Piano Recital and Concepts of Artistic Synergy Includes two multimedia projects : Picturing Rachmaninoff & Picturing Ravel
  301. The Artistic Patronage of Albrecht V and the Creation of Catholic Identity in Sixteenth-Century Bavaria
  302. Arts entrepreneurship : an essential sub- system of the Artist's Meta-Praxis
  303. Arts in Early Childhood Education and the Enhancement of Learning
  304. Arts teachers' motives, values and perceptions of their work and objectives at Ontario secondary public schools
  305. As heard on TV : A critical cultural analysis of popular music in advertising
  306. Aspects of Igor Stravinsky's Divertimento : suite from the Ballet "The Fairy's Kiss" transcribed for violin and piano by the composer and Samuel Dushkin
  307. Aspects of performance in Frédéric Chopin's piano works : slurs, pedalling, mazurka rhythm (Poland)
  308. Aspects of sublime rhetoric in eighteenth-century music
  309. Assessment and clinical evaluation in music therapy professional practice : a descriptive research within Iberoamerican countries (Spanish text)
  310. Assessment in the general music classroom : a contextual examination
  311. An assessment of attitude and practice of General Music teachers regarding global awareness and the teaching of music from a multicultural perspective in American schools
  313. Attention and flow experience in preschool children during music circle time and music free-choice time
  314. Attention redirection based on the spatial presentation of auditory displays
  315. Attitudes and competencies of teachers toward implementing music in Taiwanese preschools in Pingtung, Taiwan
  316. Attitudes of coordinators and music teachers toward Taiwanese elementary school musically gifted and talented programs
  317. Attitudes towards string education among collegiate string faculty
  318. Attributional beliefs in music learning : 'Talent' or hard work?
  319. Audience accessibility : applying game rules in music composition
  320. Audience Interactivity and the Concert Hall Audience
  321. Auditory obsessions and fundamental sounds : a genealogy of murmurs in literary listening through Beckett (Samuel Beckett, Ireland, France)
  322. August Halm's "Von zwei Kulturen der Musik" : a translation and introductory essay
  323. Aural appearances : popular music, televisuality, and technology
  324. The Austro-German violin sonata between 1660 and 1690 : instrumental virtuosity and the use of ground-bass techniques (Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer)
  325. The Austro-German violin sonata, c. 1650 : its style and origins
  326. Austronesian voyaging from Taiwan : cultivating Amis folk songs on the international stage
  327. Authenticity in children's musical creations : Dimensions of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning. : Research into children's musical thinking and acting when composing at the piano
  328. Authenticity of space : An interdisciplinary convergence of the tradition of sacred music and twenty-first century sacred architecture
  329. Authenticity, performance, and truth : on Adorno's theory of musical reproduction
  330. Authorship, attribution, and advertising in Venetian madrigal prints, 1538--1580
  331. Autism research : Music aptitude's effect on developmental/academic gains for students with significant cognitive/language delays
  332. Auto-Tune's Effect on Musicians, Genres, and Culture
  333. Automatic improvisation : a study in human/ machine collaboration
  334. Automatic Music Classification with jMIR
  335. Automatic transcription of tabla music
  336. Avant-garde grit : John Cale and experimental techniques in popular music
  337. Baakisimba : music, dance, and gender of the Baganda people of Uganda
  338. Bach and the piano : editions, arrangements and transcriptions from Czerny to Rachmaninov
  339. Bach pianists : A performance history
  340. Background and form in the songs of hugo wolf (austria, heinrich schenker)
  341. A background study and analysis of text-setting techniques used in Samuel Barber's "Knoxville : summer of 1915"
  342. Balinese discourses on music : Musical modernization in the ideas and practices of shadow play performers from Sukawati, and the Indonesian College of the Arts
  343. Baroque and classical style in selected organ works of the Bachschule
  344. The Baroque church tones in theory and practice
  345. Baroque vocal performance practices with applications to contemporary performance of the "Beatus vir I" from Claudio Monteverdi's " Selva morale e spirituale"
  346. Bartok and nature : An imaginative reading of representation in selected piano pieces
  347. Bartok at Harvard : An introduction to chromatic polymodality and tonal centricity
  348. Bartok's contributions to piano pedagogy : His edition of Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier" and impressions of former students
  349. Bartók as ethnomusicologist and composer : folk music and art music influences on his musical language
  350. Basic Principles of the Alexander Technique Applied to Cello Pedagogy in Three Case Studies
  351. The bassoon pedagogy and publications of Simon Kovar
  352. Battling over the lyric muse : Expressions of revolution and counterrevolution at the Theatre Feydeau, 1789-1801
  353. Beautified violence : music and slow motion in The banquet (2006)
  354. Becoming Teresa Teng, becoming-Taiwanese
  355. Beethoven : the man and his times; as seen through the music of the First, Fifth, and Ninth Symphonies
  356. Beethoven and musical economics (Vienna, Austria, Inflation)
  357. Beethoven as pianist : A view through the early chamber music
  358. Beethoven in China : the reception of Beethoven's music and its political implications, 1949-1959
  359. Beethoven Poet : Hector Berlioz's "A Critical Study of Beethoven's Nine Symphonies" at the Crossroads of French Romanticism
  360. Beethoven's late style in his last five piano sonatas
  361. Beethoven's two-movement piano sonatas and their predecessors
  362. Beethoven's variations WoO 76, Opp. 34, 35, and 120 : a comparative analysis between and among
  363. Before "crazy blues" : commercial blues in america, 1850--1920 (hughie cannon, mamie smith)
  364. Beginning Jazz Improvisation Instruction at the Collegiate Level
  365. Behind the Beat : Technical and Practical Aspects of Instrumental Hip-Hop Composition
  366. Being a female concert pianist : the problems of the body
  367. A Bel canto tradition : women teachers of singing during the golden age of opera
  368. Bela Bartok's edition of Mozart's piano sonatas
  369. Believe in Yourself Productions : a grant writing project
  370. Bembism and motivicity in the madrigals of Willaert's "Musica nova"
  371. Bernstein's unanswered question : a journey from linguistic deep structure to the metaphysics of music (Leonard Bernstein)
  372. Between Imagination and Realization : composers and Metaphysical Spaces
  373. Between modern and postmodern worlds : Theodor W. Adorno's struggle with the concept of musical kitsch
  374. Between traditional musical practices and contemporary musical life : a study of the karaoke phenomenon in Taiwan
  375. Between Two Monsters : Popular Music, Visual Media, and the Rise of Global Indie in 21st Century Uruguay
  376. Beyond Debussy and Ravel : Impressionism in the Early Advanced Short Piano Works of Selected European and American Composers
  377. Beyond the "year of song" : text and music in the song cycles of Robert Schumann after 1848
  378. Beyond the boundaries of opera : Conceptions of musical drama in Rome, 1676--1710 (Italy)
  379. Beyond the language barrier : Developing creative strategies aimed towards engaging the sixth grade bilingual students in my general music classroom
  380. A bibliography of chamber music and double concerti literature for oboe and clarinet
  381. The bilingual motets of the old corpus of the Montpellier Codex
  382. Bill Evans and the Craft of Improvisation
  383. A biography and stylistic analysis of Leo Ornstein and his works
  384. A biography of William O. Smith : the composition of a life
  385. Black beats for one people : Causes and effects of identification with hip-hop culture
  386. Black rhythms of Peru : staging cultural memory through music and dance, 1956--2000
  387. Black/white encounters on the American musical stage and screen (1924--2005)
  388. Blues cover songs : the intersection of blues and rock on the popular music charts (1955--1995)
  389. Blurring boundaries : issues of gender, madness, and identity in Libby Larsen's opera "Mrs. Dalloway" (Virginia Woolf)
  390. Bob Marley's lyrics : understanding and explaining their pedagogical value
  391. Bossa mundo : Brazilian popular music's global transformations (1938-2008)
  392. The Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  393. Brahms as editor and composer : his two editions of Ländler by Schubert and first two cycles of waltzes, opera39 and 52
  394. Brahms's "Ein deutsches Requiem" : dialectic and the chromatic middleground
  395. Brahms's Eleven Chorale Preludes Op. 122 for organ and oboe : a new perspective on his enigmatic final work
  396. Brahms's metrical dramas : rhythm, text expression, and form in the solo lieder
  397. Brahms's sonata structures and the principle of developing variation
  398. Brahms's song collections : Rethinking a genre
  399. The Brazilian art song : a performance guide utilizing selected works by Heitor Villa-Lobos
  400. Brazilian percussion in the music conservatory
  401. Brazilian popular music and modernist discourse on national identity
  402. Breaking barriers in classical music : A public relations plan for the Music Academy of the West
  403. Brief immortality : recasting history in the music of Brahms (Johannes Brahms, Germany)
  404. British pop-rock music in the post-Beatles era : three analytical studies
  405. Broadway Highbrow Discourse and Politics of the American Musical, 1943-1946
  406. Brothers in arms and art : an exploration of the historical relationship between trumpet and percussion, from the battlefield to the recital hall
  407. Bugarabu : Musical process, virtuosity, and creativity in Jola solo drumming
  408. Building an ideal high school instrumental ensemble program in Taiwan : Based on the theory of multiple intelligences and Ithaca High School band program from 1955 to 1967 directed by Frank Battisti (China)
  409. Building community : African dancing and drumming in the little village of Tallahassee, Florida
  410. Business cycle fluctuations and the motion picture industry : a study of contracyclical activity
  411. Buxtehude's organ music as captured in sound recordings
  412. Béla Bartók and Hungarian nationalism : the development of Bartok's social and political ideas at the turn of the century (1899-1903)
  413. Cadential gestures in post-tonal music : the constitution of cadences in Messiaen's "Ile de feu I" and Boulez' "Premiere Sonate", first movement (Pierre Boulez, Olivier Messiaen, France)
  414. Cadenza as reception : stylistic and structural analysis of selected cadenzas for the first movement of Beethoven's piano concerto op. 58
  415. Calixa Lavallée (1842-1891) : a critical biography
  416. Call and recall : Hybridity, mobility, and dialogue between jazz and hip hop cultures
  417. Canon in music theory from c.1550 to c.1800
  418. Cantonese popular song in Hong Kong in the 1970s : an examination of musical content and social context in selected case studies
  419. Cantus ad introitum : The entrance song in Roman Catholic worship
  420. Capitalism and the production of realtime : Improvised music in post-unification Berlin
  421. The career of Thomas East, Elizabethan music printer and publisher
  422. Caregivers of family members with Alzheimer's disease : Burden, depression, and benefits of support groups
  423. A case for relative solmization within the Kodaly context and its application in secondary school music education
  424. A case study of four children with multiple risk factors in a music class
  425. A case study of three urban music teachers in the second stage of their teaching careers
  426. A catalog of works for marimba soloist with percussion ensemble composed between 1959 and 2008 with analysis of selected works
  427. A catalogue of flute music by contemporary Taiwanese composers with stylistic analysis and performance suggestions for selected works (China)
  428. A catalogue of twentieth-century cello ensemble music
  429. The Catholic-Christian Masking of Cesar Franck and Alternative Erotic Readings of his Piano Quintet, Violin Sonata, and "Prelude, Chorale and Fugue"
  430. Catholic-Liberal opera : Outline of a hidden Italian musical Romanticism (Gioacchino Rossini, Vincenzo Bellini, Gaetano Donizetti, Giuseppe Verdi)
  431. Cecilia's Mirror : the Role of the Pipe Organ In the Catholic Church of the United States In the Aftermath of Vatican II
  432. The cello works of Hsiao Tyzen
  433. Centering the margins : Black music and American culture, 1980--2000
  434. Central and Southern Italian Tambourines : between Tradition and Innovation
  435. Chamber music coaching strategies and rehearsal techniques that enable collaboration
  436. The Chamber music of enrique granados (Spain)
  437. The changing faces of drum and dance in Senegal---jembe and sabar repertoire in traditional and contemporary contexts, from Dakar to Boston
  438. Changing Meanings of Ornamentation in Nineteenth-Century Italian Opera
  439. Changing the frame : Multidimensional constraints as structural determinants in Gyorgy Ligeti's Ten Pieces for Woodwind Quintet
  440. The chansons of Claudin de Sermisy in Attaingnant's Chansons nouvelles and other early collections
  441. Chanting the Amitabha Sutra in Taiwan : tracing the origin and the evolution of Chinese buddhism services in monastic communities
  442. Chaos in music : Historical developments and applications to music theory and composition
  443. Chappie Willet and popular music arranging in Swing Era New York
  444. Characteristics of early musical environments associated with preschool children's music skills
  445. Characteristics of music education programs in public schools of Jamaica
  446. Characteristics of online music courses : a survey of music faculty
  447. Characterization and dramatic function in Samuel Barber's "Antony and Cleopatra"
  448. Chasing sound : the culture and technology of recording studios in America, 1877--1977
  449. Chasing the rainbow : Gender-religiosity and the construction of identity in the music and ritual of the Metropolitan Community Church of northern Virginia
  450. Chemistry to music : discovering how Music- based Teaching affects academic achievement and student motivation in an 8th grade science class
  451. Chen Yi's piano music : Chinese aesthetics and western models
  452. Chiang Wen-Yeh : an overview with an in-depth analysis of his masterwork "Folk Festival Poem"
  453. Chiang Wen-yeh : the style of his selected piano works and a study of music modernization in Japan and China
  454. Children and domestic violence : a grant project to fund art and music therapeutic interventions
  455. Children at work in their musical expression : a classroom-based study of small group improvisation
  456. Children's Aural and Kinesthetic Understanding of Rhythm : Developing an Instructional Model
  457. Children's construction of musical knowledge in early school
  458. Children's music making in the Gambia : pathways to culturally informed music pedagogy
  459. China as theatrical locus : performances at the Swedish court, 1753--1770
  460. China's new voices : politics, ethnicity, and gender in popular music culture on the mainland, 1978-1997
  461. Chinatown's music : a history and ethnography of music and music-drama in san francisco's chinese community
  462. Chinese and Western elements in contemporary Chinese composer Zhou Long's works for solo piano "Mongolian Folk-Tune Variations," "WuKui," and "Pianogongs"
  463. Chinese and Western influences upon piano music in China
  464. Chinese art song from 1912 to 1949
  465. The Chinese dizi, the native American courting flute, and the Andean panpipes : an investigation of pedagogy and musical practice
  466. Chinese folk song : hidden treasures of an old nation
  467. Chinese music and translated modernity in Shanghai, 1918--1937
  468. Chinese musical iconography : a study of musical instruments depicted in Chinese works of art in twenty Western museums
  469. Chinese musical language interpreted by western idioms : fusion process in the instrumental works by Chen Yi
  470. Chinese poetry of Li Po set by four twentieth-century British composers : Bantock, Warlock, Bliss and Lambert (Sir Granville Bantock, Peter Warlock, Sir Arthur Bliss, Constant Lambert)
  471. The Chinese violin concerto "the butterfly lovers" by he zhanhao (1933) and chen gang (1935) for violin and orchestra
  472. Chinese-Canadian festivals : where memory and imagination converge for diasporic Chinese communities in Toronto (Ontario)
  473. Chinoiserie as musical gesture
  474. The choir school in the American church : a study of the choir school and other current chorister training models in Episcopal and Anglican parishes
  475. Chololoche Grooves : Crossroads and Mestizaje in Chicano Soul of San Antonio
  476. Choosing to learn : the effect of observation learning, forced-choice learning, and goal-shaped learning on novice instrumental music learners
  477. Chopin and his piano : aspects of influences across cultures (Poland, Frederic Chopin)
  478. Chopin and the singing voice, from the romantic to the real (frederic chopin, poland)
  479. The Chopin Preludes Opus 28 : An eclectic analysis with performance guide
  480. The choral compositions of James M. Stayton : a formal and descriptive analysis and retrospective of style and influences
  481. The choral fugue : A comparative study of style and procedure in works by J. S. Bach and W. A. Mozart
  482. Chorale and canon in Alfred Schnittke's Fourth String Quartet (Russia)
  483. The chorale cantatas of Felix Mendelssohn -Bartholdy : an examination of Mendelssohn's translation of J.S.Bach's musical syntax and form
  484. Choro and music revivalism in Rio de Janeiro, 1973--1995
  485. Chou Wen-chung and his music : a musical and biographical profile of cultural synthesis
  486. Chou wen-chung's cursive
  487. Christian identity, ethnic identity : music making and prayer practices among 1.5- and second-generation Korean-American Christians
  488. Christian music and inculturation in Indonesia
  489. Christian piano art music : Its theological significance and categorized repertoire
  490. Christmas music in American public schools : A genealogical inquiry
  491. Chromatic completion in the late vocal music of Haydn and Mozart : A technical, philosophic, and historical study
  492. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Mormon children's music : Its history, transmission, and place in children's cognitive development
  493. Church's Musical Visitor, 1871--1897 : class, Nationalism, and Musical Taste
  494. Circular form as metaphor in the music of Hector Berlioz (France)
  495. The clarinet in the vocal chamber music of Anton Webern (Austria)
  496. Clarinet music by Belgian composers1830--2000 : a history and a list of works
  497. A clarinet repertoire software database for college teachers
  498. Clarinet woodworking : the tools used in the construction of the clarinet between 1775 and 1843
  499. Class, culture, or both : Assessing consumption patterns within music and technology
  500. Classical training for musical theater singing : Registration issues in the female voice
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