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Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation : E-theses
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  1. Anti-bacteria plasma-treated metallic surface for orthopaedics use
  2. Antibacterial properties and biocompatibility of novel peptide incorporated titanium alloy biomaterials for orthopaedic implants
  3. Antibacterial properties of novel 1D nanostructured ZnO nanowire coatings on medical grade 316L stainless steel surfaces
  4. Application of diffusion tensor imaging in precise assessment of cervical myelopathy
  5. Application of surface electromyography topography in low back pain rehabilitation
  6. The association between osteoporosis and early menopause following hysterectomy
  7. Automated separation of bone joint structures for medical image reconstruction
  8. Biocompatibility and efficacy of a new synthetic polymer, crosslinked urethane-doped polyester elastomers (CUPEs), as nerve conduit for reconstruction of segmental peripheral nerve defect using rat model
  9. Biomarkers of knee osteoarthritis : MRI T2 mapping and fatty acid binding protein 4
  10. Biomechanical comparative study of the JuggerKnotTM soft anchor technique with other common mallet finger fracture fixationtechniques
  11. Biomechanics of the intervertebral disc allograft transplantation
  12. BMP2 gene delivery mediated by chitosan-ss-PEI non-viral vector and investigation of BMP2 signaling regulation
  13. Brain derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF) and seprafilm® adhesion barrier on sciatic nerve regeneration in rats
  14. Chasing evoked potentials : novel approaches to identify brain EEG responses at single-trial level
  15. Chronic daily stress, coping strategies and resources, and life satisfaction among older women with osteoarthritis
  16. A comparative study on initial prothesis stability fixed by strontium- containing hydroxyapatite comparing with polymethyl methacrylate bone cement
  17. Comparisons of shoe-length and shoe-width fitness in people with diabetes, diabetes sensory neuropathy and non diabetes
  18. Coping with arthritis : a descriptive study of adaptation to chronic illness
  19. A cross-sectional comparison study of the plantar pressure and gait characteristic of patient with rheumatoid arthritis
  20. Defective TGF beta signaling in bisphosphonates associated atypical femoral fracture
  21. Design and development of a new prosthetic device for proximal interphalangeal joint replacement
  22. Detection of biomaterial in vivo microenvironment pH (μe-pH) and its effect on bone defect regeneration under unbalanced bone remodling condition
  23. Development of a novel augmentation pattern of femoroplasty to prevent osteoporotic hip fracture
  24. Development of a novel spinal implant for progressive scoliosis correction
  25. The development of bio-mimetic materials for tissue reconstruction through the systematic study of cell-matrix interactions
  26. The development of magnesium-based materials for orthopaedic applications
  27. Development of whole disc organ culture system and acellular disc scaffold for intervertebral disc engineering
  28. Differential action of bone morphogenetic protein BMP-2 and BMP-7 on nucleus pulposus cells of intervertebral disc
  29. Differential changes in lumbar muscle activity and paraspinal stiffness during asymmetrical leg movement
  30. Diffusion tensor imaging of the cervical spinal cord in Chinese healthy population
  31. Drug delivery devices fabricated by microfluidic method and their applications in long-term antimicrobial therapy
  32. Effectiveness of physiotherapeutic management of osteoarthritic knee
  33. Effects of an eight-week hand exercise program on older women with osteoarthritis
  34. Effects of cumulus oophorus and glycodelin-f on human spermatozoa during fertilization
  35. Electroencephalograph feature extraction of somatosensory event related potential (ERP)
  36. Electromyographic characterization of functional status of back musculature : applications in low back pain rehabilitation
  37. Establishment of osteolysis model in rabbit and evaluation of bisphosphonate intervention
  38. Evaluation of conventional and dynamic ankle foot : orthosis in cerebral palsy subjects using gaitanalysis
  39. Evaluation of porous polyurethane scaffold on facilitating healing in critical sized bone defect
  40. Fast signal extraction of somatosensory evoked potentials for intraoperative spinal cord monitoring
  41. Fast signal processing techniques for surface somatosensory evoked potentials measurement
  42. Fate of notochord descendent cells in the intervertebral disc
  43. Feature-based 2D-3D registration and 3D reconstruction from a limited number of images via statistical inference for image-guided interventions
  44. Fibromyalgia and social support : an overlooked connection
  45. Finite element modeling of bone cement for vertebroplasty
  46. Flexible nerve guidance conduit for peripheral nerve regeneration
  47. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) of brain and cervical spinal cord
  48. Gait analysis of normal and total knee replacement subjects
  49. Genetics and molecular characterization of degenerative disc disease
  50. Gradual scoliosis correction by use of a superelastic alloy
  51. Identification and characterization of stem cell-like populations in primate intervertebral disc
  52. Immediate effect of distal-approached orthotic interventions on women with bilateral medial compartment knee osteoarthritis
  53. The impact of coping strategies, negative life events and health locus of control for persons living with the pain of osteoarthritis
  54. In vitro and in vivo study of plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) treated polyetheretherketone (PEEK)
  55. In vitro kinematics of the lumbar facet joints for the development of a facet fixator
  56. In vivo studies of strontium-containing hydroxyapatite bioactive bone cement in primary and revision hip replacement
  57. In-vitro study of the cryopreserved intervertebral disc
  58. Intervertebral disc regeneration by use of autologous mesenchymal stem cells
  59. Intervertebral disc regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells : a mouse model study
  60. Investigating the molecular mechanisms of campomelic dysplasia in a mouse with a Sox9 gene mutation
  61. An investigation of biomechanical properties of collagen fibrils extracted from osteoarthritic and osteoporotic cartilages
  62. Investigation of expression of extracellular matrix component genes during tendon healing process : an in vivo chicken study
  63. Investigation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms for the dual effect of strontium on bone
  64. Investigation of the reliability of spinal cord monitoring during scoliosis surgery
  65. Investigation on Mg-Mn-Zn alloys as potential biodegradable materials for orthopaedic applications
  66. Kinematic analysis of rotation pattern of ACL deficient knee, ACL reconstructed knee and normal knee during single leg hop and pivot shift test
  67. Large volume tissue defect reconstruction/regeneration in musculoskeletal system : application of polyurethane/poly l-lactic acid composite elastomer in defect healing
  68. Lumbar endplate and modic changes, epidemiology, determinants and pain profiles in southern Chinese
  69. Lumbar spinal motion analysis
  70. A macro, nano level study to evaluate the impact of Trp2 allele in the α 2 chain of collagen IX on the biomechanics of human intervertebral discs and disc collagens
  71. The mobility of human knee menisci
  72. A model of psychosocial factors and pain in fibromyalgia : an integrative approach
  73. Modulations of cortical oscillatory activities by nociceptive pain
  74. Molecular basis for increased bone formation in a mouse expressing mutant collagen X
  75. Molecular basis for the increased osteoblast activity in a mouse model with hyperostosis
  76. A multivariate analysis of coping and health locus-of-control : the prediction of functional outcome and hopelessness in a sample of geriatric post-operative hip patients
  77. Nanomechanical studies of vimentin intermediate filaments
  78. Nanoscale structure-property and macroscale biomechanical function of nucleus pulposus in health, disease and regeneration
  79. New biodegradable polyhydroxyacids and polyurethane scaffolds for tissue engineering
  80. A new implant for distal radius fracture fixation : from design to testing
  81. Novel approach on estimation of deep muscle activation level
  82. Novel strontium fortified calcium salt for enhancing bone formation : an in vitro and in vivo large animal model study
  83. Nutritional status of postmenopausal women with and without rheumatoid arthritis
  84. Opportunities and limitations of "resorbable" metallic implant : risk assessment, biocorrosion and biocompatibility, and new directions with relevance to tissue engineering and injury management techniques
  85. Osteoconduction and osseointegration of a strontium-containing hydroxyapatite bioactive bone cement : in vitro and in vivo investigations
  86. Outcomes of total knee replacement in young Chinese patients
  87. Perceived control and coping strategies in relation to anxious and depressive symptoms in women with activity restriction due to osteoarthritis
  88. Potential of bone marrow and umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells in intervertebral disc repair
  89. Prediction of pathological fracture risk due to metastatic bone defect using finite element method
  90. Preparation of a strontium enriched calcium phosphate cement and its use in accelerating the healing of a soft tissue tendon graft within the bone tunnel in a rabbit anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction model
  91. Prevention of orthopaedic bacterial related infections by incorporating a single positive charge with particular hydrophobicity molecule
  92. A prospective randomized controlled trial on the use of body exhaust suit in primary total knee arthroplasty
  93. Proteoglycans modulation by small molecules for treatment of intervertebral disc degeneration
  94. Pushing stem cells toward bone lineage through ultrasound stimulation
  95. Quantitative assessment of hand function by hand motion analysis using cyberglove
  96. Quantitative lumbar surface EMG topographic analysis : comparison between normal and low back pain patients
  97. Recombinant adenovirus and adeno-associated virus mediated BMP2 and BMP4 gene therapy for new bone formation
  98. Region-specific analysis of diffusion tensor imaging for cervical spondylotic myelopathy
  99. The relationship between fibromyalgia and emotional expressivity and its influence on locus of control, ways of coping, and quality oflife
  100. The relationship between health locus of control beliefs and health status in adults with rheumatoid arthritis
  101. A retrospective study of changes in sexual behavior after total hip arthroplasty in individuals under 55 years old
  102. Role of cadherin 2 in the intervertebral disc
  103. Role of hypoxia inducible factor-alpha (HIF-α) genes in chondrogenesis
  104. The role of nutrient pathway in lumbar intervertebral disc allograft after transplantation
  105. The self-management of osteoarthritis in older women : a study of the efficacy of the Arthritis Self-Management Progam and of the factors influencing outcomes
  106. Strontium apatite nanoparticle bioactive bone cement : from biomaterial development to pre-clinicalevaluations
  107. Strontium incorporated materials in orthopaedics : gentamicin release in bone cement and scaffolds with high mechanical properties for tissue engineering
  108. Strontium-substituted hydroxyapatite reinforced polyetheretherketone biomaterials in orthopaedic implants
  109. A study of adenovirus mediated transfer of p53 and Rb in cervical cancer cell lines
  110. A study on early changes of the cartilage and subchondral bone in osteoarthritis with a spontaneous and aging-related guinea pig model
  111. Subchondral bone loss and articular cartilage damages in patients with knee osteoarthritis
  112. Surface bioactivity enhancement of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) by plasma immersion ion implantation
  113. Surface modification of biodegradable metallic material
  114. Surface modification of NiTi for long term orthopedic applications
  115. Towards an injectable bone graft substitute : evaluation of sodium alginate microcapsules for bone tissue engineering
  116. Transcriptome and proteome of the intervertebral disc in health and disease
  117. Treatment of bone defect in revision total knee arthroplasty : a finite element study
  118. Ultrastructural imaging of the cervical spinal cord
  119. Uncovering new compounds for treatment of intervertebral disc degeneration by chemical genetics
  120. The use of a Chinese medicinal formula (Chuan-Duan-Bu-Gu-San) on experimental fracture healing in a mouse model
  121. The use of self-performed acupressure for osteoarthritis knee pain and disability reduction
  122. The vertical distance between fibular head and lateral tibial plateau in Chinese knees : a radiological study
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