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  1. "A diamond is forever": The construction of secular immortality and De Beers diamond advertising 1939-1958
  2. "Above Vulgar Economy": Jane Austen and money
  3. "Good things to eat in suburbia" : supermarkets and American consumer culture, 1930--1970
  4. "I speak, therefore I am": Identity and self-construction as motivation to engage in electronic word of mouth
  5. "I'm on a horse." Best practices for using the Internet and social networking site for advertising
  6. "It 's the other way around.": Sustainability, promotion, and the shaping of identity in nonprofit arts organizations
  7. "It's so me!" Using Value-Expressive and Socially-Adjusted Attitude Functions to Predict Counterfeit Purchase Intention
  8. "Joe Turner's Come and Gone": The Stage Manager's Binding Song
  9. "Just do it!": A rhetorical criticism of Nike's "Hero" advertising campaign for women
  10. "Our authority is community based": Funding, power and resistance in community-based organizations
  11. "Reading" "The Apprentice": Commerce, culture, and the manufacturing of reality
  12. "Real beauty" in advertising : fab or fad? A content analysis of female images in magazine advertising
  13. "Shopping in a size small world" : examining attributes of mainstream retail clothing stores that affect the level of satisfaction in plus-size female consumers
  14. "Thank you for letting me be myself": Exploring the effects of identity management strategies on engagement levels of lesbian, gay and bisexual employees
  15. $750 million of neutral news coverage : A content analysis of Nextel's media exposure before and after becoming NASCAR's primary corporate sponsor
  16. ¿Son los Adiestramientos Transculturales Indicadores del Exito o Fracaso para la Adaptacion de los Expatriados?
  17. 'creative destruction' or 'creative cooperation'? an empirical investigation of technological discontinuities and their effect on the nature of competition and firm performance
  18. 'Go Up', 'Go West', and 'Go Out' : Changing Industrial Policy and Firm Strategies in China's Apparel Industry
  19. 'No body to kick, no soul to damn'...and yet : the modern corporation as moral agent
  20. The 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the 1997 Balanced Budget Act (BBA) : implications for organizational change and delivery of care in cardiology group practices
  21. 2011 National Football League lockout: Messaging in the context of professional sports labor disputes
  22. The 50th anniversary of REITs: A triple case study with financial analysis
  23. Absenteisme
  24. An academic research study on the influential role of brand dependence in purchases and the associated significance of the age differential
  25. Accelerated New Product Development in Credit Card Industry
  26. Access pricing
  27. Accomplishment of dual focus in exploration and exploitation : the influential role of the customer relationship management (CRM) process
  28. Accountable care organizations: Effects on health care organizations
  29. Accounting for asset securitizations: fair values and earnings management
  30. Accounting for the environment
  31. Accounting numbers and the perceived risk class of Hong Kong companies
  32. Accounting-based debt covenant tightness and management voluntary disclosure
  33. Acculturation and food retailer store type : determining Hispanic consumers' attitudes toward store attributes in the San Antonio market
  34. Acculturation effects on preference for English and Spanish-language TV commercials among Hispanic audiences of Mexican descent
  35. Acculturation, ethnic conflict and equity theory : the American Jewish consumer
  36. Accuracy of medical coding algorithms to identify complex conditions in United States hospitals : the case of Sepsis
  37. Accuracy, confidence, and calibration of consumer knowledge : roles of product type, product involvement,and general self-efficacy
  38. Achievement of expectations in leisure travel satisfaction : An application of expectation-disconfirmation theory
  39. Acquiring and exploiting knowledge : the two faces of diversification
  40. Acquiring growth
  41. Activity-based value-chain analysis for United States college student vacation travelers' hotel room experience
  42. Adaptation of trailing spouses : Does gender matter?
  43. Addressing climate change in the developing world : The role of core competency-aligned corporate social responsibility in building adaptive capacity
  44. Adjunct faculty : branding ourselves in the new economy
  45. Adjusting the Volume: Essays on Asset Trading Volume
  46. The adjustment of common stock prices to announced changes in the money supply
  47. Administracion de Recursos Humanos en las pequenas y medianas empresas de la region oeste de Puerto Rico
  48. Administration control through inspection and reporting
  49. Adolescent and adult female sexual objectification in magazine advertisements : 1982 and 2002
  50. Adoption and Business Value of Mobile Retail Channel : A Dependency Perspective on Mobile Commerce
  51. Adoption of mediated knowledge in organizations : Source credibility and information usefulness
  52. Adoption of nutrient management practices
  53. Adoption of proactive, supervisor-subordinate, two-way communication process and organizational change in U.S. rural telecommunications companies
  54. Ads in Facebook
  55. The adult learner : A change agent in post- secondary education
  56. Advertising amongst ourselves : A qualitative study of viewer attitudes towards viral marketing
  57. Advertising and industrial concentration in Canadian manufacturing industries
  58. Advertising and product trial : the impact of product type and attribute information on consumer evaluations
  59. Advertising and quality : A theoretical and empirical investigation
  60. Advertising as Pedagogy? Using Media Literacy and Critical Pedagogy to Empower Youth
  61. Advertising following negative publicity: The effect of content arousal on positivity and attitude toward the brand after a corporate crisis
  62. Advertising signals as indicators of advertiser fitness
  63. The affect heuristic in consumer evaluations
  64. Affiliation and entry in first-price auctions
  65. The Afghanistan connection: Heroin production, distribution, and consumption
  66. African-American adolescents' exposure to alcohol advertisements in Black and mainstream magazines
  67. After Work or Study Abroad : Chinese Return Migration and Kunming's 'Jia Xiang Bao' --- Hometown Babies
  68. Against diversification: A suggested strategy for the know-something investor
  69. Age-Related Unemployment Duration Differentials, Enterprise Zone Tax Incentive Capitalization, and Sales Tax Induced Fiscal Land Use
  70. Agency and Institutional Transformation: The Emergence of a New Corporate Governance Model
  71. Agency problems in corporate finance
  72. Agent-based artificial markets
  73. The aging workforce in the U.S. automotive industry and the impact on productivity
  74. Air cargo as a different business unit
  75. Aircraft Leasing With Contracts
  76. Aligning Financial Strategy with Customer Categorization based on Environmental Scanning
  77. Aligning logistics measures to measurement needs
  78. Alignment and integration for strategy execution in Baldrige award winning organizations
  79. All-pay auctions with identity-dependent externalities
  80. Alliance capability and success : A knowledge- based approach
  81. Allocation of Resources to Elective Patients under Stochastic Emergency Patient Demand
  82. The allure of free : Participation strategies for Internet-based businesses
  83. Alternative brand naming strategies for bottled water division of Group Danone in British Columbia
  84. Amelioration de la capitalisation des connaissances au sein des projets: Proposition et validation d'une methode de capitalisation continue
  85. American labor unions' impact on the success or failure of Total Quality Management systems
  86. The American Mall
  87. Analisis comparativo de la concentracion del mercado en las industrias de servicio en la Region Comercial de Caguas: 1987, 1992, 1997 y 2002
  88. Analisis del Capital Intelectual de las Pequenas y Medianas Empresas Uruguayas y su Impacto en los Resultados
  89. Analyse des formes de travail atypique dans les equipes de projet en Chine le lien entre les formes de travailatypique, la motivation et la performance
  90. Analysis and Results---An Action Research Collaborative Inquiry Study: Organizational Factors Influencing Hospital Service Excellence
  91. An analysis of a digital economy
  92. Analysis of a Manager's Leadership Style and Readiness for Change
  93. An analysis of alternate portfolio decomposition methods
  94. An analysis of bidding strategies in reverse and combinatorial auctions
  95. An analysis of capital structure and investment policies : evidence from corporate divestitures
  96. An Analysis of Client Satisfaction and Company Efficiency at Tri Lake Consultants
  97. Analysis of determinant factors of a convention and visitors bureau website service quality : perspectives of meeting planners
  98. An analysis of factors contributing to the intragroup communication effectiveness of small work group supervisors in selected oklahoma business, manufacturing, and government service situations
  99. Analysis of factors that may be essential in the decision to fly on fully automated passenger airliners
  100. Analysis of fertilizer profitability and use in Kenya
  101. An analysis of hospitality consumer lifestyles in the United States
  102. An analysis of how National Basketball Association (NBA) teams use social media
  103. Analysis of Industrial Construction activities using Knowledge Discovery Techniques
  104. An analysis of management control in a complex large-scale endeavor : the safeguard ballistic missile defense system program
  105. An analysis of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football enforcement actions from 1990 to 2011
  106. An analysis of noncoercive power and probability of compliance in a manufacturers' agents channel of distribution : the development of measures and a causal model
  107. Analysis of operational strategies driven by customer analytics: Models and empirics
  108. An analysis of plant location decisions in wood-based companies
  109. An analysis of relative power among participants in the purchase of industrial components
  110. Analysis of selling strategies in electronic marketplaces
  111. Analysis of small airports within a one hundred and twenty mile radius of medium and/or large airports
  112. An analysis of small business training evaluation and transfer
  113. An analysis of strategic interaction between government jurisdictions
  114. An analysis of the Chinese group tourists' dining-out experiences while holidaying in Australia and its contribution to their visit satisfaction
  115. An analysis of the cross-border acquisition behavior of Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises
  116. Analysis of the distributional patterns of offices in the central area of Ottawa, 1940--1970
  117. An analysis of the effect of milk compositional standard on the profitability of Ontario dairy farms
  118. Analysis of the effects of organizational culture on new product development projects
  119. An analysis of the impact of phishing and anti-phishing related announcements on market value of global firms
  120. An analysis of the implications of strengthened intellectual property rights to agriculture of developing countries and responses of selected public research institutions in Southeast Asia
  121. An analysis of the industrial wage system and management compensation plans
  122. An analysis of the involvement and motives of Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view consumers
  123. An analysis of the market power versus efficiency effects of the 1989 megamergers within the accounting profession
  124. An analysis of the market response to announcements of broad-based stock option plans and an analysis of the effects of broad-based plans on firm performance, employee behavior and employee retention
  125. An analysis of the perceived legitimacy of management influence
  126. An analysis of the performance of sector mutual funds
  127. Analysis of the recent economic and managerial reforms in China
  128. Analysis of the relationship between International Monetary Fund programs and economic performance in developing countries
  129. An analysis of the relationship between value congruence and customer satisfaction in outpatient physical therapy facilities in florida and georgia
  130. An analysis of the relationship of leadership styles, satisfaction with the leader, and leadership effectiveness among generations : a quantitative study
  131. An Analysis of the Structure and Evolution of Networks
  132. Analysis of the US Global Outsourcing and Foreign Direct Investment and Their Effects on the U
  133. The analysis of young adults' health care needs and reasons for young adults being uninsured in California
  134. An analysis on agricultural market behavior
  135. An analytical approach to deriving usage patterns in a web-based information system
  136. Analyzing corporate social responsibility's impact on employee attraction and retention with a focus on Generation Y
  137. Analyzing revenue sharing and buyback contracts: An experimental study
  138. Analyzing risk in the restaurant industry
  139. Analyzing the Effects of Network Externalities in Dynamic Strategic Investment
  140. Analyzing the helpfulness of online customer reviews
  141. Analyzing the impact of sales promotions on the sources of category expansion
  142. Analyzing the restricted phase of the graduated driver's licensing system: The effect of driving experience
  143. The announcement of an international joint venture in telecommunications between partners from developed and less developed countries has positive abnormal return impact on the stock prices of the firm in the developed country
  144. The announcement of the removal of the amortization of goodwill and the market's response
  145. Antecedents and a moderator of cooperation and competition : interdependence, attribution, and behavioral intents
  146. Antecedents and Consequences of Channel Alienation: An Empirical Investigation within Franchised Channels of Distribution
  147. Antecedents and consequences of effective human resource practice implementation
  148. Antecedents and Consequences of Effective Knowledge Integration: An Empirical Study in the Manufacturing Context
  149. Antecedents and Consequences of Salesperson Perceptual Accuracy in Customer Relationships
  150. Antecedents and outcomes of customer loyalty in the financial services industry
  151. The antecedents and outcomes of McGregor's theory endorsement
  152. Antecedents of memory confidence for a delayed marketplace transaction
  153. Antecedents of review and recommendation systems acceptance
  154. Antecedents of self-efficacy beliefs : A phenomenological investigation of women leaders in the credit union industry
  155. Antecedents of settlement on a new institutional practice: Negotiation of the ISO 26000 standard on social responsibility (CSR)
  156. The antecedents of successful exclusive sales channels
  157. Antecedents of the chief marketing officer's presence and influence in top management teams
  158. The antecedents of trust in a manager : the subordinate tells the story of time
  159. The antecedents, objects, and consequents of user trust in location- based social networks
  160. Apparel mass customization : Viability for Saudi Arabian female consumers
  161. The apparel product development : influential factors of apparel product success and failure
  162. The appearance of moderation, credit market discrimination, literacy traps, and a note on product boycotts
  163. Applicant attitudes across the recruitment process: Time is of the essence
  164. Application and implementation of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model at the United States Department of Defense (DoD)
  165. Application of a balanced attribute satiation model to predict consumer utility for multiple item meal bundles in restaurants
  166. The application of Altman's and McGurr's bankruptcy prediction models to small retail firms : A comparative analysis (Edward I. Altman, Paul T. McGurr)
  167. Application of diffusion of innovations: A descriptive pilot study on the perceptions of home monitoring systems by adults 45 to 64 years of age
  168. Application of management theory and practice to a public mental retardation facility
  169. Application of mathematical programming for optimal investment, water supply and pricing decisions for rural water systems in oklahoma
  170. Application of regime-switching and structural break models in financial economics
  171. Application of theory of reasoned action : Viewership of the 2003 Women's World Cup
  172. Applications of health outcomes and social behaviors
  173. Applying data mining techniques to evaluate applications for agricultural loans
  174. Applying Deming's PDSA cycle model to improve quality performance for virtual team effectiveness
  175. Applying diffusion of innovation theory towards understanding institutional capacity for social marketing adoption in public health organizations
  176. Applying the is success model to mobile banking apps
  177. An appreciative exploration of strategic capacity and the impact of the SOAR framework in building strategic capacity
  178. An appreciative inquiry review of effective performance management within the Federal government environment
  179. Approach-avoidance motivation in children participating in the PACER in a small town in southern California
  180. Appropriation strategies in technology-supported decision groups : Reconceptualization and extension of adaptive structuration theory
  181. Approximation assisted multiobjective and collaborative robust optimization under interval uncertainty
  182. Aprendizaje Organizativo y Perdurabilidad Empresarial: Un Estudio de los Factores Determinantes en las Empresas de la Region de Monterrey (Mexico)
  183. Aqui Es: The rhetoric of identification in an act of local branding
  184. An architecture for interfacing coarse-grained components in software applications
  185. Are e-businesses trustworthy?
  186. Are hedging mutual funds ready for prime time?: A study of the portfolio-improving capabilities of hedging mutual funds versus funds of hedge funds
  187. Are MBAs and Master's Degrees Worth it? A Discussion of Wages, Job Security and Business Cycles
  188. Are structural changes in the agri-food sector causing the instability of parochial ag-producers?
  189. Arousal congruency and consumer choice
  190. Arrow-Debreu prices implicit in the term structure of interest rates : theory and tests
  191. The articulation of sell-side analysts' earnings forecasts, common stock valuations and investment recommendations
  192. Artificial semantics in text retrieval
  193. As heard on TV : A critical cultural analysis of popular music in advertising
  194. AS9110A quality management system upgrade: A roadmap for implementation
  195. Ascriptive inequalities of employment prior to and during the 2001 and 2007 recessions in Gwinnett County, Georgia
  196. Asian American media activism: Past, present, and digital futures
  197. Asp-Pricing : A black-scholes option pricing formulation
  198. Aspects of individual financial decisionmaking
  199. Assassination and economic performance
  200. Assessing consumer perceptions of destinations : a necessary first step in the destination branding process
  201. Assessing moral sensitivity in business personnel
  202. Assessing the CARVER+S Risk Management Model of Terrorism Preparedness in Business Continuity Planning
  203. Assessing the Cost Competitiveness of a Cargo Airship for Freight Re- Supply in Isolated Regions in Northern Canada
  204. Assessing the effect of studying abroad on the global awareness of engineering and technology students
  205. Assessing the effects of web-site control design on single-step navigation
  206. Assessing the factors that influence members of the baby boom generation to retire before age 62
  207. Assessing the gap: The MBA and information technology management knowledge
  208. Assessing the impact of business group diversification on the internationalization of their affiliates: The case of Latin American firms
  209. Assessing the impact of different auction formats on revenues: A field experiment
  210. Assessing the impact of privatization policy on telecommunications sector effectiveness and economic activity in Sub-Saharan Africa
  211. Assessing the impact of weather variability on leisure travel using Michigan highway traffic
  212. Assessing the Impacts of Foreign Aid Inflows on Domestic Savings, Domestic Investment, and Economic Growth Rates in Haiti
  213. Assessing the integration of domestic fair trade into consumer food cooperatives in the United States
  214. Assessing the poverty impacts when commodity prices are volatile
  215. Assessing the Relationship between Prerelease Software Testing and the Number of Product Defects Discovered
  216. Assessing the relationships among information technology flexibility, IT-business strategic alignment, and information technology effectiveness : An investigation of business intelligence implementation
  217. Assessing the short-term and long-term economic effects of corporate partnerships with major sports organizations
  218. Assessing the socioeconomic impact of participatory plant breeding of beans in two regions of Honduras
  219. Assessing the Web-based destination marketing activities : A relationship marketing perspective
  220. Assessing trust of suppliers' solutions offered in an electronic marketplace
  221. Assessment of a Public-Private Partnership Addressing Childhood Obesity in Southern California
  222. An assessment of econometric methods used in the estimation of affine term structure models
  223. Assessment of non-industrial private forest landowner willingness to harvest woody biomass in support of bioenergy production in mississippi
  224. An Assessment of the Impact of Undesirable Outputs on the Productivity of United States Motor Carriers
  225. An assessment of the links between international diversification, product diversification, performance and risk within service corporations
  226. An assessment of the relationship between organizational culture and continuous knowledge management initiatives
  227. An assessment of the technical and economic benefits of distributed generation
  228. Asset prices under short-sale constraints
  229. Asset Pricing in the Stock and Options Markets
  230. The association between tobacco marketing practices and youth smoking attitudes, beliefs and behavior
  231. Association convention planners' site selection and satisfaction : A state association market
  232. Asymmetric changes in willingness-to-pay: Effects of new external reference price and demand information
  233. Asymmetric information, turnover anomaly, no trade and the short sale constraint : theory and evidence
  234. Asymmetries in trade flows and international specialization: Evidence from the Asian Input-Output tables
  235. The Atlantic Coast Conference : A pre- and post-expansion analysis
  236. The ATP world tour : How do prize structure and game format affect the outcome of a match?
  237. Attitudes and behaviors of human services students associated with direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) of prescription drugs
  238. Attitudes of Hong Kong Chinese adolescents towards brands
  239. Attitudes of professional volleyball players toward sports sponsors and sponsorship practices in the United States
  240. Attracting talent across cultures: The impact of cultural values on generating and maintaining applicants
  241. Attribute level distributions and consumer goals affect subsequent attribute use
  242. Attribution formation, media effects, and communication mindfulness in virtual world environments : An application of Brunswik's lens model
  243. The attribution process and organization research : the effect of involvement and locus of control on the attribution effect associated with self-report descriptions of individual and group characteristics
  244. The auction market for Contemporary photography: A survey of empirical studies
  245. Audience perceptions of stereotypical gender roles in television commercials
  246. Audiology and Hearing Aid Center : A business plan
  247. Audit avoidance by not-for-profit organizations
  248. Audit process quality, its key drivers and the client's competitive outcomes in voluntary industry standard audits: An empirical study of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified organizations
  249. Auditor resignations : clientele effects and legal liability
  250. Augmenting Purchase Intent : An Empirical Study on the Effects of Utilizing Augmented Reality in OnlineShopping
  251. Automated auction mechanism design with competing marketplaces
  252. Automated Market Making: Theory and Practice
  253. Automated quality indicator data collection: Implementation of a PDSA quality system at Genlife
  254. Automated, customerized document generation : Leveraging existing production datastores
  255. Automating reuse for systems design
  256. Avoiding Employee-Job Mismatch
  257. Bad apples, bad barrels, and the structure of marketing channel relationships : Analyses of the propensity for opportunism and opportunistic behaviors
  258. The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 and Hospital Cost Shifting
  259. The Balanced Scorecard : An empirical analysis of its effect on managers' job satisfaction and performance evaluations
  260. Balanced Scorecard and the process management approach
  261. A Baldrige study of the benefits, considerations, and disadvantages of implementing the Baldrige criteria for performance excellence
  262. Bank certification effect on CEO compensation
  263. Banking with credit rationing and default risk with an application to developing countries (Argentina)
  264. Banks vs. budgets: credit allocation in the people's republic of China, 1984-1997 (finance, economic transition)
  265. Banque mondiale et developpement: Pertinences scientifiques des discours et pratiques de developpement de la banque mondiale dans les ped des annees 80 a nos jours
  266. Bargaining behavior with non-stochastic agent matches in asymmetric markets
  267. A Bargaining Mechanism with Incomplete Information and Its Application in Trilateral BOT Negotiations
  268. Barriers and success strategies for sustainable lean manufacturing implementation : a qualitative case study
  269. Basic psychological need fulfillment and user resistance to objective and analytical decision-making practices in employee selection
  270. Bayesian analysis of country risk premia in developing small open economies
  271. Bayesian analysis of threshold autoregressive models
  272. Bayesian estimation of individual-behavior models using aggregate data
  273. Bayesian Methods and Markov Switching Models for the Analysis of U.S. Postwar Business Cycle Fluctuations
  274. A Bayesian Model for Controlling Cost Overrun in a Portfolio of Construction Projects
  275. Bayesian model with Polya trees for micro data analysis and option pricing
  276. Bayesian multivariate predictions
  277. Becoming global, becoming local: the multinational advertising industry in China
  278. The behavior and choices of serial bidders in M&A transactions: A prospect theory approach
  279. Behavior based sales: A study of behavioral techniques for sales performance improvement
  280. Behavior, trust and leader emergence in virtual teams
  281. Behavioral Effects in Financial Markets
  282. A behavioral model of decisions to accrue and disclose environmental liabilities
  283. Behind the Chilean farmed salmon commodity chain : Conflicts, struggles, and manoeuvers
  284. Benchmarking of the commercial banking system in PR China
  285. Benefits of privatization : evidence from developing countries during the 1990s
  286. Best of N contests: Implications of Simpson's Paradox in tennis
  287. Best practices for knowledge transfer in mergers and acquisitions integrations: A phenomenological study
  288. Best practices in manufacturing organizations : the adoption decision, implementation success, and performance improvement
  289. Best practices in student recruitment: A case study of eleven practitioners at seven alternative graduate schools
  290. Better Than Classical and Dynamic Mean-Variance Policy
  291. Between commitment and strategizing : practicing flexibility in organizing principles
  292. Beyond firm boundaries: Exploring the interdependence between supply chain partners
  293. Beyond Merton's utopia : Effects of non- normality and dependence on the precision of variance estimates using high-frequency financial data (Robert C. Merton)
  294. Beyond the brandopolis: A communicative approach to city promotion and marketing
  295. Beyond trade in goods: The role of investment and knowledge capital in applied trade policy
  296. Biased decisions: Three essays on decision making
  297. The bid-ask spreads and insider trading : recent nasdaq evidence
  298. Bidding Online: Strategies and Their Determinants
  299. Bifurcation analysis of open economy new Keynesian models
  300. Bifurcation Analysis of Zellner's Marshallian Macroeconomic Model
  301. The blessings of security: Economic consequences of conflict
  302. Board experience and strategic change during periods of CEO stability
  303. The board of directors : A study of interlocks
  304. Boardroom Cultural Governance: An Examination of the Beliefs and Values of Board Directors and Executive Management in U.S. Based Multinational Corporations (MNCs)
  305. The bolstering effect : psychological processes and consequences for consumer preferences
  306. Bond analysts' forecasts on cash flows and earnings
  307. The boundaries for ad creativity---Effects of type of divergence, type of consumer involvement, and affective state
  308. Boundary behavior of leaders in organizations : definition and scale development
  309. Bounded business ethics: An interdisciplinary enquiry on the sources of Organizational Ethical Failures
  310. Box Office Drivers of Motion Picture Sequels
  311. Boxed in : The place of the public good in the retail landscape
  312. Brain drain and reverse brain drain: Individual decision making and implications for economic growth
  313. Brand associations in the tradeshow industry : An application of the service brand preference model
  314. Brand equity and college athletics : investigating the effects of brand uncertainty situations on consumer-based brand equity
  315. Brand equity of professional sports franchises in mainland China
  316. Brand loyalty, price response and entry in pharmaceutical markets without patent protection : the Argentinean case
  317. Brand management after product failure
  318. Brand Personality: Consumer's Perceptions of Color Used in Brand Logos
  319. Brand valuation model: A shareholder value approach
  320. Branded content: Understanding the mechanisms of strategic messaging in entertainment television formats
  321. Branding "nation brand"
  322. Branding and Marketing Museums in a Global and Digital Age: The Struggle to Compete
  323. Breadth Perspective Hypothesis: The effect of self-affirmation on consumer interactions
  324. Breaking barriers in classical music : A public relations plan for the Music Academy of the West
  325. Bridging a cultural divide : strengthening similarities and managing differences in university-industry relationships
  326. Bridging knowledge gaps : Knowledge sharing and learning practices in virtual development teams
  327. Bridging the gap between academic and practical crisis response strategy using a public risk perception model
  328. Bridging the gap between typicality and evaluation : A usage occasion-based approach
  329. Bridging the gap of workforce planners as strategic business partners: A grounded theory study
  330. Bridging the knowledge gap between the Baby Boomers and the multigenerations
  331. La brochure promotionnelle comme outil de recrutement des etudiants internationaux a l'Universite de Sherbrooke: Analyse comparative de la revision et de la coherence textuelle
  332. Bubble and inequality: The diffusion of stock ownership in the United States
  333. Bubble Guts Enterprizes
  334. Budgetary slack, private knowledge, and managerial level
  335. Building a market-driven organization : An intra-organizational perspective
  336. Building a Sustainable Business Plan
  337. Building food security in India: A case study of Bihar
  338. Building momentum: Leadership style and team effectiveness for new leaders in transition
  339. The building of labour market in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone : and its impact on workplace industrial relations and human resources
  340. Building people management capacity through competency-based management in Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Region
  341. Building social capital through intergenerational art participation: An analysis on trends in generational social capital
  342. Building social infrastructure through public-private partnerships: The case of student housing in public higher education
  343. Building sport brands with music: The impact of sport brand music on the shopping behaviors of sport consumers
  344. Building trust in professional/technical services contract management in Minnesota
  345. Building trust, collaboration, and community for a faith-based organization
  346. Bully pulpits and financial markets: Presidential influence of Wall Street
  347. Bureaucratic limits of firm size: Empirical analysis using transaction cost economics
  348. Business and Technology Alignment Framework
  349. Business cards as communication : A semiotic study of how and what generic business cards communicate
  350. Business coaching and leader efficacy development : a comparative study
  351. Business creation and the manufacturing sector, a regional analysis and review of cases for the Colombian economy (2006-2012)
  352. Business ethics : An analysis of a company's training program influence on employee behavior and morale
  353. Business ethics and social responsibility : Comparing business and non-business graduate students
  354. Business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and firm value in the oil and gas industry
  355. Business guide to paper reduction
  356. Business needs and graduate business school offerings in marketing : A needs assessment and gap analysis
  357. The business of consumer literacy : How the modern book industry shapes what we read
  358. Business process modeling in Web service-based healthcare systems
  359. Business process redesign : Individual and organizational factors
  360. Business process redesign project implementation and outcomes---a proposed model and its validation
  361. Business professionals' reflective practice in the workplace
  362. Business systems simulation using GPSS/360
  363. Business writing skills and effective workplace performance
  364. But the white man peeked : Impacts, opportunities and dilemmas within social development and private sector cooperation in the international mining sector in sub-Saharan Africa
  365. Buy and sell decisional analysis of financial advisors
  366. Buy or boycott? An examination of mediated consumer animosity effects on purchase intentions
  367. Buyer's choice of online search strategy and its implications for e- markets
  368. Buying decline: The privatization of foreign intervention
  369. Cadres intermediaires en contexte de changements multiples: Appropriation, preoccupations et interventions efficaces en developpement organisationnel
  370. California health maintenance organizations and integrated healthcare delivery systems : the relationship between integration and HMO performance measures
  371. Call center turnover: A study of the relationships between leadership style, burnout, engagement and intention to quit
  372. Can content providers charge fees for online content?: A two-sided market approach
  373. Can creativity be learned : a knowledge management approach to creativity support
  374. Can imitation by private-label brands benefit consumers and national brands? A processing fluency perspective
  375. Can innovation be bought? Managing acquisitions in dynamic environments
  376. Canada's factor endowment
  377. Canada-Japan trade
  378. Canadian Consumers' Functional Food Choices: Labelling and Reference- Dependent Effects
  379. Canadian domestic and international mergers and acquisitions activity : A spatial imperfections dimension
  380. Canadian municipal debt structure and borrowing, 1946-1959
  381. Canadian organic and raised without antibiotics pork consumer characteristics
  382. Capacity-of-care and experiential attributes : A study of hospital ads using the elaboration likelihood model
  383. Capital Controls and Exchange Rate Regime in India
  384. Capital formation in underdeveloped countries
  385. A capital market test of representativeness
  386. Capital Structure, Credit Ratings, and Sarbanes-Oxley
  387. CAPM and irrational market : Theories and empirical studies
  388. Caracteristiques de l'alliance de travail et son impact sur les resultats de la consultation organisationnelle
  389. Carbon sequestration potential of loblolly pines in Arkansas: A production level analysis
  390. Career Barriers Encountered by United States Merchant Marine Academy Female Graduates
  391. The career development of african Americans in the areas of training and organizational development
  392. Career orientations of Singaporean expatriates based in the People's Republic of China and their perceptions of the determinants of their career success
  393. Career values and motivations : A study of women in the information technology workforce
  394. Case managers' employment expectations for adults with developmental disabilities
  395. Case study : Impact of user participation in an information systems project
  396. A case study approach to early intervention tripartite partnerships/ collaborations through the use of GEAR-UP, Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs
  397. A Case Study Evaluation of Two Corporate Employee Participation Wellness Programs : the Cessna Comprehensive Wellness Program Compared to the Kautex Non-Comprehensive Wellness Program
  398. A case study examining volunteers as viable stakeholders during nonprofit change through the lens of field theory and structuration theory
  399. A Case Study Exploration of Islamic Radicalization in America: Interpretations for Corporate Risk Management
  400. A case study of a family business in succession transition : the Dutch Corporation
  401. A case study of Canadian students in graduate programmes of business administration at U.S. Universities
  402. A case study of intuitive decision-making in cohesive workplace teams
  403. A case study of municipal finance: The corporation of the City of Ottawa, 1939-1954
  404. Case study of the impact on businesses and society by mobile contactless card technology
  405. A case study of user adoption of enterprise technology at XYZ media company
  406. A case study on the reasons females make charitable donations
  407. A case study to explore the impact of knowledge management systems on workplace diversity programs
  408. A Case Study to Identify the Variables Necessary to Win Government Contracts in the Defense Industry
  409. A Case Study: After the Collateralized Debt Obligations Crisis and the Restoration of Investor Confidence
  410. Case study: Employee use of information and communication technologies in a healthcare organization
  411. Cash flow and security valuation : An empirical analysis of financial statement accounting earning models on security returns of Japanese keiretsu firms
  412. Caught up in the (higher) moments: Essays on the cross-sectional pricing of implied systematic variance, skewness, and kurtosis
  413. Causal attributions on service outcomes by self-service technology users
  414. Cause exhaustion: How the loss of potency affects brand attitudes and intentions
  415. Cause-related marketing and consumer attitudes : the effects of balance and fit on cognitive processing
  416. Cause-related marketing for breast cancer : investigating tools for partnerships
  417. Cause-Related Marketing partnerships : An application of associative learning theory principles for both short and long-term success for the brand
  418. Causes and Maintenance Factors of Employee Burnout During Transformational Organizational Change
  419. Causes assigned and remedies proposed by contemporaries for the crisis of 1837
  420. Causes of American Company Expatriates' Failures to Complete Offshore Work Assignments
  421. Causes of bankruptcy in 1997 among social security recipients in Iowa aged 62 and older
  422. The Causes of Trade Globalization: A Political-Economy and World- Systems Approach
  423. Celebrity endorsements and advertising effectiveness: The importance of value congruence
  424. Centrally Planned Innovation: A SWOT Analysis of Russia's Silicon Valley
  425. Ceo departure and discretionary accounting choices
  426. CEO Humility and Its Relationship with Middle Manager Behaviors and Performance: Examining the CEO-Middle Manager Interface
  427. CEO Leadership Characteristics Related To Organizational Changes in the Hospital Setting
  428. The certified professional secretary as a member of management
  429. Challenges of the Pharmaceutical Patent Process: A Study of Patent Personnel Attitudes
  430. Change happens: Redefining organizational social structures to match who we are
  431. Change in purchasing organizations : An exploratory study of the content, context, comprehensiveness and process change
  432. Change Processes Surrounding Alliance Termination
  433. Changes in job satisfaction and productivity between team-directed and single-leader work groups
  434. Changes in the role of earnings in compensation over the past three decades
  435. The changing city system : the impact of corporate and class characteristics on plant openings in the metropolis and region
  436. The Changing Dynamics of Health Care: Physician Perceptions of Technology in Medical Practices
  437. Changing environment of the Canadian retail trade sector
  438. Changing lives, changing media: An investigation of the correlation between life transition and news media use
  439. Changing patterns of guanshuo and job matching in Taiwan's institutional transformation (China)
  440. Changing perceptions of drinking among university undergraduates using social norms marketing
  441. The changing role of the mortgage underwriter from 1995--2010: A phenomenological study
  442. Changing the game: Corporate social responsibility in women's professional sport
  443. Channel strategy for export distribution : towards a channel strategy model for non-multinational manufacturing firms in Hong Kong
  444. Channels of adjustment in labor markets: The 2007--2009 Federal minimum wage increase
  445. Character strengths in leadership
  446. The characteristics influencing the experience of intrinsic motivation in Chinese expatrate managers
  447. Characteristics of modern labour laws and factors affecting their implementation : a study of the electronics and telecommunications industry in the Shenzhen special economic zone of China
  448. Characteristics of quarterly earnings time series and information processing in shareholder lawsuits
  449. Charismatic leadership and its effects on team cognitions, behaviors, and performance
  450. Charitable giving after indulgence: Forgiveness for past sins
  451. Chemotherapy for lung cancer: Determinants of guideline adherence and associated patient outcomes
  452. Chief executive viewpoints on succession planning in medium-tier financial institutions
  453. Chief security officer leadership complexity : How convergence affects organization culture
  454. A children's geography of occupation : imaginary, emotional, and everyday spaces of Palestinianchildhood
  455. China's long-term economic growth sustainability: An empirical approach
  456. China's telecommunications reforms : from monopoly towards competition
  457. The Chinese school enterprise : An organizational culture study
  458. Choice in sequence : essays on sequential consumer choice
  459. A choice model approach to business & leisure traveler's preferences for green hotel attributes
  460. The choice overload hypothesis: Exploring moderators and examining the effects of perceived choice options on the consumer choice-making process in a retail context
  461. Choice under conditions of abundance : the behavior of television audiences
  462. Circling the square : transforming group process into dynamic harmony
  463. Civil service engineers after the Cold War : An examination of job satisfaction factors
  464. Classifying virtual collaboration skills: A case study of social network site users' skills and transference to virtual teamwork
  465. Cleansing effects in consumer behavior
  466. Client-server computing model and comparison of commercially available database servers
  467. Climbing the ladders of competence : the evolution of technological capabilities in MNE subsidiaries
  468. Closed Loop Satisfaction Measurement : New Wine from Old Bottles
  469. Closing the gap in business education : A case study of continuing curricular transformation in an exemplary undergraduate program
  470. Clustering and firm performance in Chinese industry
  471. Co-evolution of Strategic Alliance Between Multiple Partners in the Same Industry : A Case Study of a Global Airline Alliance : the Star Alliance
  472. Coaching : the missing link
  473. Coaching as a transformational tool in a learning correctional culture
  474. Coaching for Sustained Change: How is it accomplished?
  475. Coaching value model in youth sport: An interpretative-theoretical approach
  476. Coal Mine Reclamation Compliance Costs in Montana and Other Western States: Background and Outlook
  477. Coal Quality Market Modeling for Selected Ohio and Wisconsin Spot Markets
  478. Cognition and Heterogeneity in Supply Chain Planning: A Study of Inventory Decision Making
  479. Cognitions of performance appraisal system effectiveness : a repertory grid approach
  480. The cognitive and emotional consequences of anthropomorphic thought
  481. Cognitive Determinants of Product Placement Consequences
  482. Cognitive limitation, herding behavior, and investment performance
  483. Cognitive skills, domain knowledge, and self-efficacy: Effects on spreadsheet quality
  484. The cognitive task analysis system
  485. Cohesion Associated Regions特徵之生物資訊方法研究
  486. Cohort Based Analysis of Income Shocks Over the Life Cycle
  487. Cointegration and dynamic specification of exchange rate movements in the short-run
  488. Cointegration between Hong Kong commerical real estate and property stocks : pre- and post- 1997 evidence
  489. Cointegration test for equity market integration : the case of the great China economic area (mainlandChina, hong kong, and taiwan), japan and the United States
  490. Collaborative consumption : profits, consumer benefits, and environmental impacts
  491. Collaborative decision making for supply network decisions
  492. Collaborative decision making in modern supply chains---A field study of means, technologies, and outcomes
  493. Collaborative planning and replenishment policies
  494. The Collective Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance
  495. College choice : Factors and consumption values used by students at a selected Taiwanese university (China)
  496. Collusion and opportunism in electronic commerce : Analyzing seller behavior and strategies in electronic marketplaces with information asymmetry
  497. Color strategy : Adding and extracting value leveraging color
  498. Combined dynamic pricing and inventory control
  499. The combined role of experiential activity and uncertainty familiarization and its impact on the acculturation experiences of higher academic expatriate students
  500. Les commandites sportives: Etude du processus de prise de decision aupres des dirigeants des PME
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