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Keyword Search: Epidemiologic Methods

1   Applied statistical genetics with R : for population-based association studies
2   Applying quantitative bias analysis to epidemiologic data
3   Basic biostatistics for geneticists and epidemiologists : a practical approach
4   Basic epidemiological methods and biostatistics : a practical guidebook
5   Basic epidemiology
6   Basic statistics and epidemiology : a practical guide
7   Biostatistical methods in epidemiology
8   Biostatistics and epidemiology : a primer for health and biomedical professionals
9   Case studies in forensic epidemiology
10   Clinical epidemiology : how to do clinical practice research
11   Clinical epidemiology : practice andmethods
12   Clinical epidemiology : the essentials
13   The demography of health and health care
14   Designing clinical research
15   Environmental epidemiology . Vol. 1
16   Epidemiological studies : a practical guide
17   Epidemiology
18   Epidemiology and the delivery of health care services : methods and applications
19   Epidemiology matters : a new introduction to methodological foundations
20   Epidemiology of drug abuse
21   Epidemiology of work related diseases
22   Epidemiology, biostatistics, and preventive medicine
23   Epigenetic epidemiology
24   Essential epidemiology : an introduction for students and health professionals
25   GI epidemiology
26   Handbook of epidemiology
27   Infectious diseases : a geographic guide
28   An introduction to epidemiology
29   Introductory biostatistics for the health sciences : modern applications including bootstrap
30   An introductory guide to disease mapping
31   Mathematical and statistical estimation approaches in epidemiology
32   Molecular epidemiology of chronic diseases
33   Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety
34   Public health and epidemiology at a glance
35   Quantitative methods for health research : a practical interactive guide to epidemiology and statistics
36   Research methods in community medicine : surveys, epidemiological research, programme evaluation, clinical trials
37   Rethinking social epidemiology : towards a science of change
38   Spatial epidemiological approaches in disease mapping and analysis
39   Statistical advances in the biomedical sciences : clinical trials, epidemiology, survival analysis, and bioinformatics
40   A statistical approach to genetic epidemiology
41   Statistical methods in spatial epidemiology
42   Studying a study & testing a test : [reading evidence-based health research]
43   Textbook in psychiatric epidemiology
44   Using survey data to study disability : results from the National Health Interview Survey on Disability
45   臨床流行病學 : 臨床科研設計、衡量與評價