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  1. An Abstract of the Act (made in Anno vi‘. & vii‘. Gulielmi III. regus) for Granting to His Majesty Certain Duties Upon Marriages, Births, Burials, and Upon Batchelours and Widowers, for the Term of Five Years : as also the act for explaining and regulating several doubts &c. in the late upon vel ...
  2. Accidental information discovery : cultivating serendipity in the digital age
  3. Adding value to libraries, archives, and museums : harnessing the force that drives your organization's future
  4. Addressing community gang problems : a model for problem-solving
  5. Addressing community gang problems : a practical guide
  6. Addressing correctional officer stress : programs and strategies
  7. Adoption law : Turkey, United States
  8. Advanced imaging techniques in clinical pathology
  9. Advances in archaeological practice
  10. Advances in technologies for producing food-relevant polyphenols
  11. Affirmative action review : report to the President
  12. After the wildfire : ten years of recovery from the Willow Fire
  13. Aggiornamenti CIO
  14. Airpocalypse
  15. AJIL unbound
  16. AKKO II;THE 1991-1998 EXCAVATIONS : the early periods
  17. Alaska bans plea bargaining
  18. AMAquarterly
  19. Amendments to the Federal rules of bankruptcy procedure : communication from the Chief Justice, the Supreme Court of the United States transmitting amendments to the Federal rules of bankruptcy procedure as adopted by the court, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 2075
  20. American Civil Wars
  21. The American constitutional system
  22. American journalists in the Great War : rewriting the rules of reporting
  23. American law yearbook 2005
  24. An analysis of the Torrens system of conveying land : with references to the Torrens statutes of Australasia, England, Ireland, Canada and the United States : with an appendix containing the original Torrens Act
  25. Anatomy of a labor arbitration
  26. Ancient Maya commerce : multidisciplinary research at Chunchucmil
  27. Annales (Paris, France : 1994: Online)
  28. Annales internationales de criminologie = : International annals of criminology = Anales internacionales de criminología
  29. Annals of glaciology
  30. Annual review of cancer biology
  31. Anti-terrorism, citizenship and security
  32. The antibiotic era : reform, resistance, and the pursuit of a rational therapeutics
  33. The antihero
  34. Antitrust laws, with amendments, 1890-1974
  35. Apps for librarians : using the best mobile technology to educate, create, and engage
  36. Are pan-democrats in the Election Committee too divided to be kingmaker in the CE election?
  37. An Argument against immediately repealing the laws which treat the nuptial bond as indissoluble
  38. The armed criminal in America : a survey of incarcerated felons
  39. Arrests without conviction : how often they occur and why
  40. Arson investigation and prosecution : a study of four major American cities
  41. Asking the audience : participatory art in 1980s New York
  42. Assessing and managing the terrorism threat
  43. Assessing the effects of a flipped classroom approach on student achievement, mathematical thinking, attitudes, and teacher perceptions in an undergraduate calculus class using a participatory action research approach
  44. Atlantic Bonds
  45. August Weismann : development, heredity, and evolution