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Total number of hits is 124, and record(s) 1 to 124 are:
  1. About ourselves : a survey of human nature from the zoological viewpoint
  2. About Perak
  3. Abrégé historique des principaux traits de la vie de Confucius, celèbre philosophe chinois : orne de 24 estampes in 4o
  4. Abstract of trade and customs revenue statistics from 1864 to 1868, published by the Imperial Maritime Customs
  5. Academic International Symposium on Optoelectronics and Microelectronics Technology : [proceedings]
  6. Academy lectures on lie detection
  7. An account of the American Baptist mission to the Burman empire : in a series of letters, addressed to a gentleman in London
  8. Account of the captivity of Capt. Robert Knox and other Englishmen in the island of Ceylon
  9. The achieving society
  10. Across the roof of the world : a record of sport and travel through Kashmir, Gilgit, Hunza, the Pamirs, Chinese Turkistan, Mongolia and Siberia
  11. ACS infectious diseases
  12. ACS photonics
  13. Actinic keratosis
  14. Activities for teaching positive psychology : a guide for instructors
  15. Adjustment and mastery : problems in psychology
  16. Admiralty jurisdiction and practice
  17. The adolescent and his world
  18. The adolescent brain : learning, reasoning, and decision making
  19. The adolescent in your family
  20. The adolescent views himself : a psychology of adolescence
  21. Adudacious angles on China
  22. Adult interests
  23. Adult stem cells in aging, diseases, and cancer
  24. Advanced English : teacher's book
  25. Advanced English course for medical professionals : 高级医学英语教程
  26. An advanced English reader : developing reading comprehension skills = 高级英语阅读教程
  27. Advanced English reader : 高级英语阅读教程
  28. Advanced English syntax : 高级英语句法
  29. An advanced reader for English students
  30. Advanced written English : 书面英语 : 高级写作实践
  31. Advances in applied mathematics and mechanics
  32. The adventures of John Smith in Malaya 1600-1605
  33. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes : 福尔摩斯探案故事集
  34. Advertising and the promotion industry : 广告宣传英语
  35. Advertising and the soul's belly : repetition and memory in advertising
  36. Affect in language learning : 情感与语言学习
  37. Affect, imagery, consciousness . Vol. 1, , The positive affects
  38. After Babel : aspects of language and translation = 通天塔之后 : 语言与翻译面面观
  39. After wild sheep in the Altai and Mongolia
  40. Aging and health (Yashin)
  41. Agreement between the governments of Great Britain and China for the settlement of the Yunnan case, official intercourse and trade between the two countries : signd in the English and Chinese languages at Chefoo, September 13, 1876; with an additional article thereto for regulating the traffic in op ...
  42. Airport : 航空港
  43. Ajanta frescoes : being reproductions in colour and monochrome of frescoes in some of the caves at Ajanta after copies taken in the years 1909-1911
  44. Alcohol and caffeine : a study of their psychological effects
  45. Alcohol and illicit drug use in the workforce and workplace
  46. The Altar fire, or, the story of the Chinese revolution
  47. Amazing stories to tell and retell : 精彩的故事 : 交互式英语教程
  48. American labor and the American spirit : unions, labor-management relations, and productivity
  49. Analysis of corporate social responsibility reporting in China
  50. Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind . Vol. 1
  51. Analyzing psychotherapy
  52. The anatomy and philosophy of expression as connected with the fine arts
  53. Ancestor-worship and Japanese law
  54. Anciennes relations des Indes et de la Chine, de deux voyageurs mahometans, qui y allerent dans le neuviéme siecle : traduites d'arabe: avec des remarques sur les principaux endroits de ces relations
  55. The ancient history of China to the end of the Chóu dynasty
  56. Ancient porcelain : a study in Chinese mediaeval industry and trade
  57. An anecdotal history of old times in Singapore ... from the foundation of the settlement under the Honourable the East India company, on February 6th, 1819, to the transfer of the Colonial office as part of the colonial possessions of the crown on April 1st, 1867
  58. Anecdotes of the Jealous mistress
  59. Anglo-Chinese sketches
  60. Animal crackers : 动物也疯狂
  61. Annales mathématiques Blaise Pascal Free database
  62. Annals & memoirs of the court of Peking (from the 16th to the 20th century)
  63. Annual bulletin (American Bar Association. Comparative Law Bureau)
  64. Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture Workshops
  65. Annual Pacific Voice Conference
  66. Anson Burlingame and the first Chinese mission to foreign powers
  67. The anthropological treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach
  68. Anthropometry
  69. The anti-occupy Central movement
  70. Antitrust and the changing corporation
  71. Antitrust in the motion picture industry : economic and legal analysis
  72. The antitrust laws : a basis for economic freedom : a staff report to the Antitrust Subcommittee (Sub-committee no. 5) of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, eighty-fifth congress, second session pursuant to H. Res 107, authorizing the Committee on the Judiciary to conduct stud ...
  73. Anxiety in elementary school children : a report of research
  74. APA addiction syndrome handbook
  75. APA educational psychology handbook
  76. APA handbook of behavior analysis
  77. APA handbook of career intervention
  78. APA handbook of counseling psychology
  79. APA handbook of ethics in psychology
  80. APA handbook of forensic psychology
  81. APA handbook of industrial and organizational psychology
  82. APA handbook of multicultural psychology
  83. APA handbook of personality and social psychology
  84. APA handbook of psychology, religion, and spirituality
  85. APA handbook of research methods in psychology
  86. APNOMS : the ... Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium : final program
  87. Appalachian natural resources law journal
  88. The apple tree
  89. Arabian nights
  90. Arbitration and industrial discipline
  91. Arbitration in transit : an evaluation of wage criteria
  92. Archives of bone & joint surgery Free database
  93. Arco everything you need to score high on the GMAT with computer-adaptive tests on disk = : 最新GMAT考试指南 : 计算机版
  94. Arco everything you need to score high on the GRE with computer-adaptive tests on disk : 最新GRE考试指南
  95. The arrow War with China
  96. The articulate mammal : an introduction to psycholinguistics = 会说话的哺乳动物 : 心理语言学入门
  97. Arts and art crafts of ancient China : second series, papers of the Literary Dept. of the American Woman's Club, Shanghai, China, season 1920-21
  98. As alfandegas Chinesas de Macau : analyse do parecer da junta consultiva do ultramar, sobre este objecto
  99. As the Chinese see us
  100. Asia at the crossroads : Japan, Korea, China, Philippine Islands
  101. Asia-Pacific Conference on Power Electronics and Design : proceedings
  102. Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition
  103. Assessing bilingual children in context : an integrated approach
  104. Assessing the extent and effects of jobs-housing mismatch in new towns of Hong Kong
  105. Assessing the implicit personality through conditional reasoning
  106. Assessing the outcomes of living in a mixed community in Hong Kong
  107. The assistant principal's guide : new strategies for new responsibilities
  108. Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy : [proceedings]
  109. Atlas of soft tissue and bone pathology : with histologic, cytologic,and radiologic correlations
  110. Atlas of the Chinese Empire, containing separate maps of the eighteen provinces of China proper
  111. Attachement-based family therapy for depressed adolescents
  112. Attachment in group psychotherapy
  113. Attachment-based psychotherapy : helping patients develop adaptive capacities
  114. Au pays de Chine
  115. Au Yunnan et dans le massif du Kin-ho
  116. Aufklärung Free database
  117. Authentic and aware : advanced conversation strategies = 情景听说 : 高级英语会话教程
  118. Authoritative parenting : synthesizing nurturance and discipline for optimal child development
  119. Autism spectrum disorder : a clinical guide for general practitioners
  120. Autism spectrum disorder in children and adolescents : evidence-based assessment and intervention in schools
  121. The autobiography of the Chung-wang
  122. Aviation accident law : a complete collection and analysis of all reported court decisions involving aircraft accidents, together with a reference to legislation and international conventions which have application in this field
  123. Awareness of eco-labeling of students of higher education in Hong Kong
  124. Ayeen Akberi : the institutes of Akbar