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  1. A-CAT'S health : operational parameters
  2. reinventing the e-grocery wheel in India
  3. Abridgment of the maritime law : comprising general and particular average, adjustment, abandonment, bottomry, collision, and salvage ; to which is added, the general duties of masters and owners, with a copious appendix, containing several useful and legally approved forms
  4. Absolute beginners guide to computing
  5. Academy of Management discoveries
  6. Accounting history review
  7. Acid-base balance and nitrogen excretion in invertebrates : mechanisms and strategies in various invertebrate groups with considerations of challenges caused by ocean acidification
  8. Acta borealia
  9. Action in teacher education
  10. Actions for declaratory judgments : a treatise on the pleading, practice and trial of an action for a declaratory judgment, from its inception to its conclusion : with forms
  11. Ad hoc networks : 8th International Conference, ADHOCNETS 2016, Ottawa, Canada, September 26-27, 2016, Revised selected papers
  12. Adaptive clinical trial design
  13. Adjusting to the Times : Kanagaki Robun, Gesaku Rhetoric, and the Production of Modern Japanese Literature
  14. Admiralty and maritime law
  15. Adolescence, privacy, and the law : a developmental science perspective
  16. Adoption quarterly
  17. Advanced AutoCAD 2017 Exercise Workbook
  18. Advanced composites for aerospace, marine, and land applications : proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) held during TMS 2014, 143rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition, February 16-20, 2014, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA
  19. Advanced model-based engineering of embedded systems : extensions of the SPES 2020 methodology
  20. Advanced modelling in mathematical finance : in honour of Ernst Eberlein
  21. Advanced statistical methods in data science
  22. Advanced visual interfaces : supporting big data applications : AVI 2016 Workshop, AVI-BDA 2016, Bari, Italy, June 7-10, 2016, Revised selected papers
  23. Advances in computer science and ubiquitous computing : CSA-CUTE2016
  24. Advances in reliability and system engineering
  25. Advances in robot design and intelligent control : proceedings of the 25th Conference on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region (RAAD16)
  26. Advances in the science and engineering of casting solidification : an MPMD Symposium Honoring Doru Michael Stefanescu : proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) held during TMS 2015, 144th Annual Meet ...
  27. Advances in transitional flow modeling : applications to helicopter rotors
  28. Aequitas canonica : eine studie aus dem kanonischen recht
  29. AETA 2016 : recent advances in electrical engineering and related sciences : theory and application
  30. Africa education review
  31. African and black diaspora
  32. African historical review
  33. African journal of science, technology, innovation and development
  34. African journalism studies
  35. African security
  36. African security review
  37. Aging, neuropsychology, and cognition
  38. Agrekon
  39. AI 2016: Advances in Artificial Intelligence : 28th Australasian Joint Conference, Hobart, TAS, Australia, December 5-8, 2016 : proceedings
  40. The air quality health index (AQHI) system in Hong Kong : as a replacement of air pollution index (API), does it provide trustable and useful information to the public?
  41. Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing : 16th International Conference, ICA3PP 2016, Granada, Spain, December 14-16, 2016, Proceedings
  42. Algorithms and architectures for parallel processing : ICA3PP 2016 collated workshops, SCDT, TAPEMS, Big Trust, UCER, DLMCS, Granada, Spain,December 14-16, 2016 : proceedings
  43. ALLISCO : pricing multiple joint products
  44. Alo farm implement company of Sweden : diffusion of innovation in China
  45. Alterations of human gastric microbiota in patients with H. pylori infection and different stages of gastric carcinogenesis
  46. The American journal of distance education
  47. American military government courts in Germany : with special reference to historic practice and their role in the democratization of the German people
  48. Americana group : KFC in Mecca
  49. Analysis in Banach spaces
  50. Analyzing racism through political debates : a socio-cognitive approach
  51. Animal parasites : diagnosis, treatment, prevention
  52. Annals of leisure research
  53. Annals of the American Association of Geographers
  54. Annual bibliography of English language and literature : ABELL
  55. Anthropology now
  56. Anthropology Southern Africa
  57. Antioxidants in andrology
  58. Anuario español de derecho internacional privado
  59. APA style central
  60. Applications of metaheuristic optimization algorithms in civil engineering
  61. Applied analysis in biological and physical sciences : ICMBAA, Aligarh, India, June 2015
  62. Applied environmental education and communication
  63. Applied qualitative research design : a total quality framework approach
  64. Apuntes de historia política y de los tratados (1490 á 1815) : con arreglo al programa para los exámenes de ingreso en las carreras diplomática y consular
  65. Aquifer test solutions : a practitioner's guide with algorithms using ANSDIMAT
  66. Aramex PJSC : carving a competitive advantage in the global logistics and express transportation service industry
  67. Arbitration in the new industrial society
  68. Archaeological journal (London : Online)
  69. Architectural theory review
  70. Archives and manuscripts (Canberra, A.C.T. : Online)
  71. Art in translation
  72. Artificial rearing of reduviid predators for pest management
  73. Asia pacific journal of counselling and psychotherapy
  74. Asia-Pacific journal of accounting
  75. Asia-Pacific journal of accounting & economics
  76. Asia-Pacific journal of health, sport and physical education
  77. Asian journal of technology innovation
  78. Asian population studies
  79. Asian security (Philadelphia, Pa. : Online)
  80. Astroparticle physics : theory and phenomenology
  81. Astropolitics
  82. Atlantic studies (Abingdon, England : Online)
  83. Atlas of benthic foraminifera from China Seas : the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea
  84. Atlas of elastosonography : clinical applications with imaging correlations
  85. Atrial fibrillation and percutaneous coronary intervention : a case- based guide to oral anticoagulation, antiplatelet therapy and stenting
  86. Attachment structures and adhesive secretions in arachnids
  87. The attorney's practice in the Court of King's Bench : or, an introduction to the knowledge of the practice of that court, as it now stands under the regulation of several late acts of parliament, rules,and determinations of the said court; with variety of useful and curious precedents in English, s ...
  88. Australasian journal of psychology and philosophy
  89. Australian and New Zealand journal of art
  90. Australian archaeology
  91. Australian journal of art
  92. Australian journal of learning difficulties
  93. Australian journal of learning disabilities
  94. Auto/biography studies
  95. Azania