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Total number of hits is 18772 , and record(s) 5501 to 6000 are:
5501   Small city revitalization : an analysis of strategies utilized in Upstate New York
5502   The small clause in Russian : Structure and history
5503   Small Farmers and the Agro-industrial Production and Services Cooperative of Coronel Oviedo : opportunities for growth
5504   Small firm performance : the effects of two proposed strategies
5505   Small firm strategic planning : Strategy, environment, and performance
5506   Small firm-large firm relationships : When do they create value?
5507   Small footpring - A solution to reducing our impact on theenvironment
5508   Small force detection using microcantilevers : search for sub-millimeter-range deviation from Newtonian gravity
5509   Small graph decompositions
5510   Small group discussions : what students really say when they talk about expository text
5511   A Small group interaction via videoconferencing : users' perceptions and the effects of communication conditions on cohesiveness, social presence, and sense of presence
5512   Small group learning in an online asynchronous environment
5513   Small group learning in mathematics
5514   Small GTPases regulate breast epithelial differentiation andmigration
5515   Small high schools : transaction cost economics. the economizing school governance model
5516   Small Interfering RNA Imaging Probes for Neurological Applications
5517   Small interfering RNAs with a novel motif potently induce an early strong -defensin 4 production which provides strong antiviral effects
5518   A small island nation poor in resources : Natural and human resource anxieties in trans-World War II Japan
5519   Small linguistics : Phonological history and lexical loans in Nakijin dialect Okinawan (Japan)
5520   Small mammal populations and species habitat selection in the remnant tallgrass prairies of northwestern Arkansas
5521   Small mammals of the southeastern Amazon and the ecological consequences of selective logging
5522   Small manufacturing businesses in Hong Kong : an analysis of their economic significance, performance and management characteristics
5523   Small meat lockers working group : a participatory action research project to revitalize the decentralized meatpacking sector in Iowa
5524   Small molecule activation by diamidophosphine complexes of vanadium, niobium and tantalum
5525   Small molecule and self-assembled monolayer templating strategies
5526   Small molecule microarrays: A high-throughput tool for discovering protein-small molecule interactions
5527   Small molecule modulation of biological systems
5528   Small molecule rhenium carbonyl complexes : Model integrated-design technetium estrogen receptor ligands for tumor imaging
5529   Small molecule tools for probing glycosylation
5530   Small molecules, regeneration, and cell fate
5531   Small newspapers, big changes : awareness of market-driven journalism and consequences for community newspapers
5532   Small noncoding RNAs and their biogenesis in Tetrahymena thermophila
5533   Small open space in dense urban area : Wan Chai Road / Tai Yuen Street redevelopment project
5534   A small perturbation based optimization approach for the frequency placement of high aspect ratio wings
5535   Small plastic debris on beaches in Hong Kong : an initial investigation
5536   A small power's place in a big power's world : Turkeythe United Statesand the early Cold War
5537   Small prime solutions of cubic and quartic diagonal equations
5538   Small prime solutions of some ternary equations
5539   Small sample methods for the analysis of clustered binary data
5540   Small scale contact and adhesion of soft materials in nano- and bio-systems
5541   Small scale contact behavior in metallic films : indentation and adhesion experimental studies
5542   Small scale renewable energy storage system using hydrogen combustion
5543   Small scale solar powered drip irrigation
5544   Small scale stochastic dynamics for particle image velocimetry applications
5545   Small scale structure in uniform wind tunnel turbulent shear flow
5546   Small school reform : the perceptions of principals regarding the degree of school autonomy realized in five key areas of small school reform
5547   Small signal model of an HVDC terminal for stability analysis of AC-DC power systems
5548   A small state constructing a lead role : the netherlands and climate change
5549   Small states, the Internet and development : Pathways to power in a global information society
5550   Small strain behavior of compressible Chicago glacial clay
5551   Small strain shear modulus of unsaturated, compacted soils during hydraulic hysteresis
5552   Small tourism business development : A developing country perspective
5553   Small traders and increased price volatility after stock splits
5554   Small wind/photovoltaic hybrid renewable energy system optimization
5555   Small World, Big Ideas, and Smart Companies -- A Qualitative Study of Academic Spin-off Companies and Knowledge Creation
5556   Small, high-technology firms and their larger strategic alliance partners : Entrepreneurial and resource-based perspectives
5557   Small-angle X-ray scattering of RNA, proteins, and membrane protein-detergent complexes
5558   Small-business financing : Banks or bust?
5559   Small-business incubators : Assessing their role in economic development
5560   Small-business owners' attitudes towards tourism and capacity for innovation : A case study in rural northwestern Ontario
5561   Small-farm rabbit meat production and consumer demands in South Texas
5562   Small-for-size graft injury in adult living donor liver transplantation
5564   Small-molecule organic thin film transistors
5565   The small-sample distribution of parameter estimators in a spatial ARAR(1,1) model : a Monte Carlo study
5566   Small-scale coastal dynamics and mixing from a Lagrangian perspective
5567   Small-scale community structure and trophic ecology of groundfishes in the stellwagen bank national marine sanctuary under two anthropogenic disturbance regimes
5568   Small-scale electricity generation using cow manure microbial fuel cells
5569   A small-scale industrial communications network using a power line modem
5570   Small-scale industrialization in the Guatemalan Western Highlands
5571   Small-scale sediment transport processes and bedform dynamics
5572   Small-scale tourism development in Communist Cuba
5573   Small-scale variability in benthic food webs in the northeastern Chukchi Sea
5574   Small-signal modeling of rf cmos
5575   Small-world characteristics in geographic, epidemic, and virtual spaces : A comparative study
5576   Smallholder land interests, political opportunities and farmer organization : A case study of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union
5577   Smallholder resource management strategies : A framework for building sustainability in the Cameroon rainforest
5578   Smallpox and the disintegration of the Roman economy after 165 AD (Roman Empire)
5579   Smart antenna : adaptive beamforming algorithms and slot allocation schemes
5580   Smart antennas at handsets for the 3G wideband CDMA systems and adaptive low-power rake combining schemes
5581   A SMART approach to THRIVE in mathematics : A study of the relationship of attitude and achievement
5582   Smart arts : applying digital technology to increase engagement and value in museums and historic sites
5583   Smart base isolation systems for seismic response control of plan-asymmetric buildings
5584   Smart boards to chalkboards : Professional development for early childhood teachers in rural East Africa
5585   Smart card application development using Web services
5586   A smart card based authentication system for peer and group model
5587   Smart card business strategy in Hong Kong
5588   The smart card technology in the financial services
5589   Smart card, weak effort? Consultation in the Ontario Smart Card Project
5590   Smart card-enabled security services to support secure telemedicine applications
5591   A smart clustering-based contention free protocol in wireless sensor networks
5592   Smart communities: Defining factors and the influence of team leadership on their development
5593   Smart Compilers for Reliable and Power-efficient Embedded Computing
5594   A smart controller for a fuel cell-operated home
5595   Smart cookies : a Girl Scout learning community
5596   Smart drilling of advanced fiber reinforced composite materials
5597   Smart energy dissipation systems for protection of civil infrastructures from near-field earthquakes
5598   Smart foam for active vibration and noise control
5599   Smart Grid Adoption Likeliness Framework : Comparing Idaho and National Residential Consumers' Perceptions
5600   Smart Grid Functionality of a PV-Energy Storage System
5601   Smart growth and age-friendly communities : Evaluating EPA's active aging award-winning programs
5602   Smart growth and the scaling of community interest in an older suburb : a case study of revitalization in Baltimore County, MD
5603   Smart growth policies and the public sector costs of growth (Maryland,Virginia)
5604   Smart growth policies in the United States : what tools are most successful and under what conditions
5605   Smart growth, sustainability and self-sufficiency for owings mills, maryland : an overview
5606   Smart helicopter rotor with piezoelectric bender actuated trailing-edge flaps
5607   A Smart Home Networking Simulation for Energy Saving
5608   A Smart material from oligomers and polymers
5609   Smart memories : a reconfigurable memory system architecture
5610   Smart microplates : integration of photodiode within micromachined silicon pyramidal cavity for detecting chemiluminescent reactions and methodology of passive RFID-type readout
5611   Smart Phones and Dietary Tracking : A Feasibility Study
5612   Smart polymer materials
5613   Smart sensors for utility assets
5614   Smart students struggling in school : survey of national programs for gifted students with special education exceptionalities
5615   Smarthinking : An action research study measuring the effect of Smarthinking.com on graduate student writing
5616   Smartphone Apps on the Mobile Web : An Exploratory Case Study of Business Models
5617   SmarTrip route planner : an Internet application using various computer technologies
5618   Smectic Liquid Crystal Freely Suspended Films : Testing Beds for the Physics in Thin Membranes
5619   Smelling and tasting are believing : A studio inquiry into an intersensorial practice
5620   Smile you are being monitored : A study of video surveillance monitoring privacy issues
5621   Smiley Face
5622   Smiling and lying : corporate evasions of responsibility regarding global sweatshops
5623   Smokers' thinking regarding their future quitting behavior their future quitting behavior
5624   A smokin' good ad : How efficacy and emotional tone interact in anti-smoking messages
5625   Smoking and its relations with eating attitudes, body satisfaction and mood among female adolescents in Hong Kong
5626   Smoking bans in psychiatric hospitals
5627   The smoking behavior of young Hong Kong female flight attendants in major airline in Hong Kong
5628   Smoking cessation among adolescents and young adults in Hong Kong
5629   Smoking cessation experience survey
5630   Smoking cessation guideline for the management of patients hospitalised with acute coronary syndrome
5631   A smoking cessation intervention for patients undergoing elective surgery
5632   Smoking cessation programme in Hong Kong
5633   Smoking habits, knowledge, and attitudes towards quitting among Filipino adults in Hong Kong and Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
5634   Smoking in the age of clean air
5635   The smoking of dagga (Indian hemp) among the native races of South Africa, and the resultant evils
5636   Smoking or not smoking? A logit model analysis
5637   Smoking out the enemy : the national goods movement and the advertising of nationalism in China, 1880--1937
5638   Smoking typewriters: The New Left's print culture, 1962--1969 (Marshall Bloom)
5639   Smoking, obesity, depression and mortality in a Chinese elderly cohort in Hong Kong
5640   Smoking, occupational exposures and lymphocyte DNA damage in Chinese workers
5641   Smooth Densities For Solutions To Differential Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion
5642   Smooth inference for survival functions with arbitrarily censoreddata
5643   Smooth orthonormal wavelet libraries : design and application
5644   Smooth structures on 4-manifolds with small Euler characteristics
5645   Smooth subdivision for mixed volumetric meshes
5646   Smooth tame Frechet algebras and lie groups of pseudodifferential operators
5647   Smooth test and its applications in economics and finance
5648   Smoothing analysis of variance for general designs and partitioning degrees of freedom in hierarchical and other richly-parameterized models
5649   Smoothing of pension costs, choice of expected rate of return and capital market consequences
5650   Smoothing out the rough edges : Postcolonial spaces and postcolonial subjectivities in "Le petit prince de Belleville" and "The Celestial Jukebox"
5651   Smoothing schemes for inhomogeneous linear and semilinear parabolic problems with nonsmooth data
5652   Smoothing the information seeking path : Removing representational obstacles in the middle school digital library environment
5653   Smoothing the silhouettes of polyhedral meshes by boundary curve interpolation
5654   SMS for bird hazard : assessing airlines pilots' perceptions
5655   SMS gener@tion : a study on the language of text messaging in Hong Kong
5656   Smudging the book : The role of cultural authority in tribal historical narratives and revitalization at Rocky Boy
5657   The smugglers' landscape : Geography, route selection and the global heroin trade
5658   The SN2 mechanism in aromatic nucleophilic substitution
5659   The snake that swallowed an egg : A network of parks for Houston's wasted spaces (Texas)
5660   A snapshot of advanced high school students' understanding of continuity
5661   A snapshot of philosophical practice : how executives frame openness in public higher education
5662   A snapshot of school information support systems in Nassau and Suffolk counties of New York State : to what degree are information support systems in place in these school districts?
5663   Snapshots into stories : examining the wine tourism experience in the South Okanagan
5664   Snapshots of the complex world of research-based reading instruction : a case study of first-grade teachers
5665   Snapshots of the earthquake cycle : An approach to subduction zone paleo-seismicity
5666   Snow avalanche disturbance in intermountain spruce-fir forests and implications for the spruce bark beetle (coleoptera : scolytidae)
5667   Snow Level Elevation over the Western United States : An Analysis of Variability and Trend
5668   Snowpack spatial variability : Towards understanding its effect on remote sensing measurements and snow slope stability
5669   SNS use in teaching and learning in China
5670   So close, so far away : understanding satisfaction in long distance romantic relationships
5671   So fo e'l temps c'om era iays : Novelle von Raimon Vidal, nach den vier bishergefundenen Handschriften zum ersten Mal herausgegeben
5672   So I know I'm not alone : the role of story in teachers' professional development
5673   So many measures of trade openness and policy : do any explain economic growth?
5674   So much to do, so little time: Term limits and state fiscal policy
5675   So very hard to go : An action research project on cultural affirmation
5676   So you want to be a TV news reporter
5677   So, what can we do? : we are coming here to work. Human security and the agricultural worker program (Mexico, Canada)
5678   Soane at westminster : civic architecture and national identity, 1789-1834 (england, sir john soane)
5679   Soap operas as a matchmaker : A cultivation analysis of the effects of South Korean TV dramas' on Vietnamesewomen's marital intention
5680   Soar Checkers : an intelligent checkers playing agent in Soar
5681   Sobolev trace inequality and logarithmic sobolev trace inequality
5682   SOC test scheduling with hot-spot avoidance based on user-defined constraints
5683   Soccer fans, language politics, and the ambivalence of nationalism in Galicia, Spain
5684   The Soccer World Cup 2010 as sub-creation : An analysis of human play through a theological grid of creation-fall-redemption
5685   Sociability and The Coffee Shack : Testing Oldenburg's concept of the third place (Ray Oldenburg, Ontario)
5686   Social Accessibility for Students with Visual-Impairments : A Mixed-Methodological Study of Current Students at a Land-Grant and Regionally-Known University in Western Virginia
5687   Social accounting for international oil companies : a judicial critique
5688   The Social Act of Bicycling Designing Bicycle Facilities to Foster Social Interaction
5689   Social action in practice : Yaumatei boat people as a case study
5690   Social action, rogue reaction : United States post-Cold War nuclear counterproliferation strategies (Korea, Iran)
5691   Social address and the modernist word in Louis Zukofsky, BruceAndrews, P. Inman (Ezra Pound)
5692   Social adjustment, self-concept and the performance IQ of children with hearing impairment in mainstream and special schools
5693   Social aftershocks : Rent seeking, state failure, and state-civil society relations in Turkey
5694   Social agency and deaf communities : A Nicaraguan case study
5695   Social aggression : a study of Internet harassment
5696   Social and academic predictors of success for gifted children
5697   The social and artistic context of the baptistery of siena (italy, vecchietta)
5698   Social and communicative determinants of psychological depression : a case of Shanghai
5699   Social and cultural bases of corporate expansion : The formation of business groups (Jituan) in Taiwan
5700   Social and cultural capital across contexts : mandarin-speaking English language learning children's first and second language literacy learning at home, in the community, and in multiple classrooms
5701   Social and cultural communications in advertising : the case of China
5702   The Social and Cultural Conditions for Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Students in a Rural Community : A Case Study of Educators' Perspectives
5703   Social and cultural construction of elder mistreatment : definition, perception, and help-seeking behavior among elderly Korean immigrants
5704   Social and cultural factors and support systems of mental distress in contemporary China
5705   Social and cultural history of northeastern thailand from 1868-1910 : a case study of the huamuang khamenpadong (surin, sangkha and khukhan)
5706   Social and ecological risks of domestic and non-domestic violence against women in New York City
5707   The social and economic background of philippine nationalism, 1830-1892
5708   Social and economic conditions of the Meghval untouchables of Bombay City : with special reference to thecommunity-centre at Valpakhadi
5709   Social and economic correlates of female labor force participation in west malaysia
5710   The social and economic determinants of child health during China's economic growth
5711   The social and economic development of the kiaochou leasehold (shantung, china) under german administration, 1897-1914
5712   Social and economic dynamics
5713   The social and economic forces involved with child labor : A cross-national analysis
5714   The social and economic impact of Native American casinos
5715   The social and economic impacts of day laborers
5716   The social and economic impacts of HIV/AIDS on high-density households in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (Immune deficiency)
5717   A social and economic survey of the reign of Samsuiluna of Babylon (1749--1712 BCE)
5718   The social and economic transformation of the rural Latvian landscape : latvian peasant agriculture in the twenty-first century
5720   Social and educational values regarding women in selected literature for young readers in nineteenth-century Georgia
5721   The Social and environmental impacts of golf course development in Hong Kong and ways to improve its environmental standards
5722   Social and environmental restoration through therapeutic community gardens
5723   Social and friendship experiences among infants
5724   Social and geographical mobility among the Irish in Canada and the United States : A comparative study ofToronto, Ontario, and Buffalo, New York, 1880--1910
5725   The social and legal aspects of homosexuality in Hong Kong : an exploratory study
5726   Social and Legal Determinants on the Enforcement of Domestic Violence Laws by the Police : A Study of New Jersey Police Officers
5727   Social and linguistic constraints on the acquisition of an L2 phonology : a case study
5728   Social and mass media influences on female college students' attitudes concerning sexual behavior
5729   Social and organizational factors influencing workers' commitment to their employing organizations : the case of Saudi commercial banks
5730   Social and personality correlates of psychological adjustment in perimenopausal women
5731   The social and physical context of children's afternoon activities in family child care homes
5732   The social and political aspects of the pastoral mode in musico-dramatic works, London, 1695--1728
5733   Social and political implications of genetically modified crops in Saskatchewan
5734   Social and political implications of Internet-based communities in China: An initial assessment
5735   The social and political life of infants among the baliem valley dani,irian jaya (indonesia)
5736   Social and political mechanisms of mass murder : an analysis of the perpetrators in the Rwandan genocide
5737   The social and political philosophy of Bertolt Brecht
5738   Social and psychosocial variables affecting the difference between an individuals' online and offline presentation of self
5739   The social and ritual supremacy of the first-born : Paiwan kinship and chieftainship
5740   Social and situational factors influencing use of a microbicide surrogate : implications for young women's sexual health
5741   Social and spatial process : an ethnographic study of housing in qatar (social diversity, urbanization, built environment)
5742   Social and systemic obstacles to nature conservation policy in Hong Kong and Japan
5743   Social and temporal structures in everyday collaboration
5744   Social antagonism and economics : A reformulation of the radical critique of Keynesianism
5745   Social anxiety and conversational politeness
5746   Social anxiety and low grade symptoms in patients following first episode psychosis
5747   Social anxiety appeals in marketing : a psychometric assessment of social situations
5748   Social anxiety in college students : the interaction of parental control and proximity
5749   Social anxiety in Hong Kong : a study on its construct, prevalence and cultural expression
5750   Social application of the arts : making a difference through art
5751   Social argumentation in online synchronous communication
5752   Social aspects of integration of children with profound hearing impairment in Hong Kong primary schools
5753   Social aspects of the protective process in the thematic apperception test
5754   Social assistance in urban China : a case study of Shanghai
5755   Social asymmetries in online personal ads in Japanese : Discursive construction of desirable personae, bodies, and practices
5756   Social attitudes towards swearing and taboo language
5757   Social audiences in a retail setting : an investigation of their influence on consumers' emotions, cognitive performance, and self-presentation behaviours
5758   Social awareness in the supervision and evaluation processes of the educational practice
5759   Social background and reading disabilities : variability in decoding, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension skills (chile)
5760   The social bases of political development and integration : the case of singapore
5761   Social behavior analysis of preschool children during free play time at school : A proposal of modelling
5762   Social behavior and ecology of "southern resident" killer whales (Orcinus orca)
5763   Social behavior and imitation in children with autism
5764   Social behavior of the ruff Philomachus pugnax (L.)
5765   Social behaviour during the preschool years in relation to : theory of mind, future-oriented thinking and language
5766   Social buffers to the continuity of delinquency in early and late adolescence (China)
5767   Social campaigns and media flows in China : Five case histories of environmental campaigns, 1949--2000
5768   Social capital : a tool to predict the effect of gambling upon communities
5769   Social capital : Measurement, dimensional interactions, and performance implications
5770   Social capital : the investment and returns within a junior high school staff
5771   Social capital : The missing link between HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes, and related behaviors among young women in Tanzania
5772   Social capital accumulation and enactment in the organizational context : the case of the Chinese transitional economy
5773   Social capital among corporate upper echelons and its impacts on executive promotion and firm performance
5774   Social capital and Aboriginal economic development : Opportunities and challenges (Ontario)
5775   Social capital and adolescents mathematics achievement : A comparative analysis of eight European cities
5776   Social capital and communication: A case study of two urban community networks
5777   Social capital and community economic development in los angeles koreatown : faith-based organizations in transitional ethnic community (california)
5778   Social capital and community philanthropy : The impact of social trust and social networks on individual charitable behavior and community foundation development
5779   Social capital and conventions : a social networks perspective
5780   Social capital and crime : Which is cause and which is effect? A longitudinal analysis of U.S. cities
5781   Social capital and economic development: A cross-national study of social capital, trust, civic engagement, and economic growth of 38 countries, 1990--1998
5782   Social capital and employment opportunities in urban areas (Georgia, Massachusetts, California)
5783   Social capital and families of children with chronic conditions : Instrument development and testing
5784   Social capital and financial resources : the ingredients for successful community development?
5785   Social capital and getting a job : A revisit and new direction
5786   Social capital and group homogeneity : Joint-liability lending in Thailand
5787   Social capital and health : Individual measures, community influences, and persistent questions
5788   Social capital and implementation : A comparative analysis of trail planning projects
5789   Social capital and individualization in the normalization of drug use among adolescents in hong kong (China)
5790   Social capital and inequality in political participation
5791   Social capital and inequality in Singapore
5792   Social capital and knowledge integration in virtual teams
5793   Social capital and labour market outcomes of recent immigrants to Canada : Employment entry, wages and duration of access to the first job in intended occupation
5794   Social capital and local development : an exploration of three forms of community-based social capital (Iowa)
5795   Social capital and political action
5796   Social capital and regional health governance in Saskatchewan, Canada
5797   Social capital and rural community self-development : Understanding community satisfaction and its impact on entrepreneurial climate and community outcomes
5798   Social capital and rural development : The case of Huntingdon, Quebec
5799   Social capital and school involvement in immigrant families : Understanding parenting social practices before and after migration
5800   Social capital and self-reported health in rural China
5801   Social capital and social exclusion of the older people under urban renewal in China : a case study of Nanjing
5802   Social capital and state policy : access to health care services among Filipino, Korean, and Marshallese immigrants in Hawaii
5803   Social capital and student achievement : examining differences between Asian and White students
5804   Social capital and sustainable community development : a case study of North Point
5805   Social capital and sustainable development in Hong Kong : a preliminary assessment
5806   Social capital and teacher perceptions of curricular control
5807   Social capital and transformative learning: linkages and dynamics in inter-organizational relations within the landcare approach in the philippines
5808   Social capital and urban regeneration in Chinese historic cities : a case study of Xi'an
5809   Social capital and well-being : modeling a multigroup analysis of race and ethnicity
5810   Social capital as a tool for microenterprise development : a focus on Latin America
5811   Social capital as process : the network sources of latent, available, and accessed job information
5812   Social capital determinants of environmentalism in spatial context
5813   Social capital effects on poverty and technical efficiency in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
5814   Social capital emergence and the co-evolution of organizational capabilities
5815   Social capital in a hybrid online and offline social networking community
5816   Social capital in action : parent and school support in adolescents' transition to postsecondary education
5817   Social capital in engineering education
5818   Social capital in flux : Finding a job after conflict induced displacement
5819   Social Capital In Professional Learning Communities
5820   Social capital in rural China : Its impact on economic development, grassroots governance, and democratic participation
5821   Social capital in schools : teacher trust for school principals and the social networks of teachers
5822   Social capital in the "new socialist countryside" : Guanxi, community solidarity, and resistance in two post-socialist Chinese townships
5823   Social Capital in the Lives of Young Adult African American Male Achievers
5824   Social capital influences upon Internet usage of rural Guatemalan English teachers for professional development
5825   A social capital model of public relations : Development and validation of a social capital measure
5826   Social capital networks of media NGOs in Peru : A public relations approach to explicating relationships in civil society
5827   The social capital of corporate leaders
5828   The social capital of decision-making groups
5829   The social capital of supervisory relations : network structure, performance and job satisfaction
5830   A social capital perspective on communication, technology use and individual outcomes in distributed teams
5831   A social capital perspective on computer-mediated group performance and creativity
5832   A social capital perspective on IT professionals' work behavior and attitude
5833   Social Capital Transfer and Professional Service Firm Acquisition
5834   Social capital, cognitions, and firm innovation : Theoretical model and empirical studies
5835   Social capital, collective action, and the state : understanding economic development, community peace, and democratic governance in rural north india
5836   Social capital, inequality, and well-being in the international neighborhood
5837   Social capital, institutions and development
5838   Social capital, lineage and in situ urbanization, the case of "villages within city", Shenzhen, China
5839   Social capital, technology diffusion and sustainable growth in the developing world
5840   Social capital-related co-production in a marketplace
5841   Social capital: What's it good for? Exploring the relationship between community social structure and access to health care
5842   Social capitalism in american cities : financial institutions and community development (urban communities,housing, mortgage lending, public-private divestment)
5843   Social carrying capacity of tourism planning at an alternative tourism destination : Crowding, satisfaction, and behavior
5844   The social causes of homelessness
5845   Social change among the Kasua, Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea
5846   Social change and collective memory: taiwan's two pasts (China)
5847   Social change and complex systems : the art of participatory development in rural Sri Lanka
5848   Social change and intergenerational solidarity : mother/daughter relationships in the second half of the twentieth century
5849   Social change and romantic ideology: The impact of the publishing industry, family organization, and gender roles on the reception and interpretation of romance fiction in Taiwan, 1960-1990
5851   Social change in the neoliberal era : The indigenous movement in Saquisili, Ecuador
5852   Social Change in World Politics : Secondary Rules and Institutional Politics
5853   Social change, mental health, and the evolution of gay maleidentities : a clinical ethnography of post-communist Prague (Czech Republic)
5854   Social change, social context and white youths' racial attitudes
5855   Social choice in economic environments
5856   Social citizenship in the shadow of competition : the bureaucratic politics of regulatory justification in australia
5857   Social class and career aspirations : a study of F.5 students in two schools in Hong Kong
5858   Social class and depression : a study of older women with functional limitations living in the community
5859   Social class and educational achievement in a plural society : peninsularmalaysia
5860   Social class and fear of crime : a descriptive analysis and test of social vulnerability as an explanation of class differences in crime fear
5861   Social class and grade level variations in science textbook content : consequences for the socialization of scientists and for recruitment to scientific careers (contentanalysis, sociology of science, education)
5862   Social Class Bias in Evaluator Commentaries for the AP Language and Composition Exam (2000--2010), a Critical Discourse Analysis
5863   Social class differences in shared book reading experiences
5864   Social class, finances and changes in attendance at the University of Guelph, 1987--1998
5865   Social closure, state policies, and gender earnings inequality in the labor market
5866   Social cognition : A metaphoric analysis of knowledge processes in computer-mediated learning
5867   Social cognition across development : Abilities and limitations in mental state reasoning
5868   Social cognition deficits in frontal lesion patients
5869   Social cognitive abilities and social functioning in children with Asperger's Disorder : A comparison with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
5870   Social cognitive career theory : Examining the mediating role of sociocognitive variables in the relation of personality to vocational interests
5871   Social cognitive development of female athletes who participate in elite and competitive-recreational golf : achievement motivation, perceived competence, and commitment to sport (women athletes)
5872   A social cognitive examination of the linkage between entrepreneur improvisational behavior and new venture performance
5873   Social cognitive functions of people with schizophrenia
5874   Social cognitive impairment in people with epilepsy
5875   The social cognitive mediation of multiple enculturation and values
5876   Social cognitive networks in an emerging financial market : a sociology of speculation in the Malaysian stock market
5877   A social cognitive theory model of salesperson performance
5878   Social cognitive theory predictors of entry into engineering majors for high school students
5879   A social cognitivist view of hypermedia learning
5880   Social cohesion analysis of networks : A novel method for identifying cohesive subgroups in social hypertext
5881   Social cohesiveness and the physical environment of Korean public housing communities in Seoul
5882   A Social Collaborative Distributed Software Development Environment
5883   A social compact theory of pluralism
5884   Social Companionship Program for homebound older adults : A grant proposal project
5885   Social comparisons of body weight and attractiveness with fashion models and peers : To whom do young women compare?
5886   Social competence and mental health : a comparison between newly arrived and locally born youth in HongKong
5887   Social competence and social support in third grade, minority, low-income, urban school children
5888   Social competence in middle childhood : origins, pathways, and outcomes
5889   Social competence in preschoolers : an evaluation of the psychometric properties of the preschool social skills rating system (ssrs)
5890   Social confidence and social anxiety : differences in cognitive processing
5891   Social conflict and adolescent maladjustment: Exploring gender differences in at-risk Mexican American youth
5892   Social conflicts and the housing question in Hong Kong
5893   Social connectedness and self-evaluation motives among women
5894   Social connectedness and social support of doctoral students in counselor education
5895   The social consequences health policy mandates may have on elderly worker labor force participation
5896   The social consequences of de-industrialization and economic regeneration in Bilbao : The challenge of urban renewal (Spain)
5897   The social consequences of racial residential integration
5898   The social construct of the doctor-patient relationship : Origins and potential for change (Margaret Edson)
5899   Social construction and action in a knowledge management system : a case study
5900   Social construction approach to nonprofit organization effectiveness : Is it tenable?
5901   The social construction of a technical reality : empirical studies of group engineering design practice
5902   The social construction of academic language in teacher education : Preparing preservice teachers to work with English language learners
5903   The social construction of brownfields
5904   Social construction of charismatic leadership : A case study
5905   The social construction of collaborative practice in a hospital unit
5906   The Social construction of deviance : consequences of labeling on students with learning difficulties
5907   The social construction of disposable children : Street and working children in Curvelo, Minas Gerais, Brazil
5908   The social construction of ethical leadership
5909   The social construction of expatriate identity (indonesia)
5910   The social construction of female selves in the fiction of Li Ang, Wang Anyi, and Amy Tan (Taiwan, China)
5911   The social construction of femininity and the prevalence of traditional versus feminist role messages for girls in girls' life and seventeen magazines
5912   The social construction of freedom in free and open source software : hackers, ethics, and the liberal tradition
5913   The social construction of homeless youth : the public policy of collaboration
5914   The social construction of human error
5915   The social construction of identity in nineteenth century geography schoolbooks
5916   The social construction of interprofessional teams in human service organizations : Two case studies
5917   Social construction of knowledge in a semiformal, long-term learning environment : A qualitative study
5918   The social construction of knowledge in the field of sport management : a social network perspective
5919   The social construction of knowledge(s) on HIV and AIDS : With a case study of the history and practices of AIDS surveillance activities in San Francisco (California, Immune deficiency)
5920   Social construction of literacy practices : storybook reading
5921   Social construction of meaning by English language learners from different cultural backgrounds
5922   The social construction of menstruation : A historical study of menstrual product advertising
5923   Social construction of migration : Rural female migrants as domestic servants in Beijing, China
5924   The social construction of narrative : an inquiry toward locating teacher voice
5925   The social construction of news photos : A case study of the photo editorial-decision process at the "Philadelphia Inquirer" (Pennsylvania)
5926   Social construction of older workers : The experiences of aging under the institution of lifetime employment in Japan
5927   The social construction of Puerto Ricans in introductory sociology textbooks, 1987--2003
5928   The social construction of rave culture in Hong Kong
5929   Social construction of risk roles, risk perceptions, and emergency response procedures : an ethnographic case study of two near neighbor chemical manufacturing communities
5930   The social construction of school refusal : an exploratory study of school personnel's perceptions
5931   The social construction of sexual harassment law : national and organizational effects
5932   The social construction of sustainable rural futures in the world network of biosphere reserves
5933   The social construction of the 'mature student' identity : effects and implications for academic information behaviors
5934   The social construction of the admissibility of expert testimony after Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc
5935   The social construction of the Chinese youth new arrivals and crime in Hong Kong newspapers : reflecting the true picture?
5936   The social construction of the economy : Ideology, hegemony, and control
5937   The social construction of the housing management profession in Hong Kong
5938   The social construction of the Internet : a rural perspective
5939   The social construction of the problematic supervisee : Perspectives of agency-based supervisors and administrators
5940   The social construction of the sex offender
5941   The social construction of Web appropriation and use in American libraries : An interpretive and longitudinal approach
5942   The social construction of workforce development organizations in Singapore and Penang, Malaysia
5943   Social construction on the road to transformation : Applying rites, rituals, and play to executive coaching
5944   A social constructionist approach to the facilitation of professional development among community college faculty
5945   Social constructionist approaches to teaching technical writing : a case study of Thai college students
5946   Social constructions of disability and typicality in a combined credential program
5947   Social constructions of GIS in a non-Western world : The case of Shenzhen, China
5948   Social constructions, social control, and resistance : an analysis of welfare reform as a hegemonic process
5949   A social constructivist approach to field instruction practice : helping interns learn to teach allstudents
5950   Social constructivist learning and sense of community in online classes
5951   Social contact with the elderly and degree of collectivism as correlates of ageism in Caucasian and Asian-American populations
5952   Social context and language acquisition : a chinese child learning english as his second language in naturalistic preschool settings
5953   The social context and politics of resource use : small-scale fishing in Honda Bay, Palawan, Philippines
5954   The social context of advertising : Authenticity, social identity, and reflected appraisals
5955   The social context of inmate misbehavior : A contextual analysis of infractions in North Carolina prisons
5956   The social context of microbicides : exploring the possibilities of a woman-controlled HIV-prevention method
5957   Social context of sexual imagery in advertising : a comparison between Hispanics' and non-Hispanics' attitudes toward print ads
5958   The social context of specialized production : Reorganization of household craft and food economies in an early Near Eastern state
5959   Social context of the performance appraisal process : exploring individual, organizational, job, and social effects on employee reactions to performance appraisal
5960   Social contexts and students' school-related cognitions and achievement : the role of peers within a larger systems framework
5961   The social contexts of industry coding : the coding scheme, coders and coded organizations
5962   Social contextual factors of the African American family environment as predictors of children's early language outcomes
5963   Social contextual influences on consumer behavior : The impact of group composition and coviewing context on recall of and attitude toward placed brands
5964   Social contract : a tool for theorizing practice
5965   Social control at the margins : Utility of Black's theory of law in policing gang affiliates
5966   Social control in a colonial society : a case study of working class consciousness in hong kong
5967   Social control in an age of organizational change : The construction, negotiation and contestation of policy reform in a parole agency
5968   Social cost of urban renewal : a case study of the urban renewal scheme in Hong Kong
5969   Social defeat stress, sensitization and escalated cocaine self-administration : Role of ERK-CREB signaling in the mesocorticolimbic dopamine system
5970   Social defeat stress, sensitization, and intravenous cocaine self-administration in mice
5971   Social deixis in a Los Angeles Spanish-English bilingual community : tu and Usted patterns of address
5972   Social desirability as a predictor of customer service specialists' job performance
5973   Social desirability in the use of the Five-Factor Model in employee selection
5974   Social determinants of adolescent risk behaviors : An examination of depressive symptoms and sexual risk, substance use, and suicide risk behaviors
5975   Social determinants of HIV/AIDS in Cambodia : Is it too early to call micro-medical efforts a success?
5976   Social determinants of immigrant selection on earnings and educational attainments in the United States, Canada and Australia, 1980--1990
5977   Social development and conflict in the North American bumblebee Bombus impatiens Cresson
5978   Social development and reading comprehension : a study of development, diversity, comprehension, and conflict
5979   Social development in children with autism spectrum disorders : The influence of arousal, attention, and imitation
5980   Social development in infant pig-tailed macaques (Macaca nemestrina)
5981   Social development in Kerala, India : illusion or reality?
5982   A social development model of the impact of incarceration on juvenile offenders' social network support, exposure to antisocial peers, aggressive offending and psychological adjustment
5983   The social development of juvenile rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
5984   Social development of wild white-faced capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus) in Costa Rica : an examination of social interactions between immatures and adult males
5985   Social Development Through STEM Group Work
5986   Social discourse, scientific method, and the digital divide : Using the Information Intelligence Quotient (IIQ) to generate a multi-layered empirical analysis of digital division
5987   Social disruption in the Gothic novels of Horace Walpole, Elizabeth Inchbald, and Jane Austen
5988   Social dominance orientation and attitudes toward women : Modern hiring discrimination in the workplace
5989   Social dynamics can be distorted in video-mediated communication
5990   Social dynamics in user-generated content platforms
5991   The social dynamics of sustainability : an inductive exploration of sustainability as social construction
5992   The social dynamics of sustainable urban development : a case study of Chicago's green roof infrastructure
5993   A social ecological approach to increase walking among sedentarywomen
5994   Social ecological environment and population health : Does where we live matter?
5995   Social ecology and environmental psychology as applied to the design and renovation of american university campuses
5996   Social ecology and the diffusion of crime and violence in and around public housing in New York City
5997   The social ecology model of drug use and delinquency among Thai adolescents
5998   The social ecology of influence : Communicating group boundaries
5999   The social economy of welfare reform : institutional innovation within the Italian third sector
6000   A social education group for the mentally handicapped young adults