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  1. Simplified model for nonlinear frequency-dependent soil with shallow foundation
  2. Simplified multiuser detection for cdma systems
  3. Simplified performance-based earthquake engineering
  4. Simplified protein purification using protein-polysaccharide conjugation
  5. Simplified recruiter production models : Determining appropriate recruiter strength for given market conditions
  6. Simplifying activity-based costing
  7. Simplifying Design of Wireless Sensor Networks with Programming Languages, Compilers, and Synthesis
  8. Simplifying English for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  9. Simplifying network testing : Techniques and approaches towards automating and simplifying the testing process
  10. Simplifying system management through automated forecasting, diagnosis, and configuration tuning
  11. A simplistic approach to reactive multi-robot navigation in unknown environments
  12. Simply complex : An examination of paradoxical leadership in faith-based organizations
  13. Simply Different : A Multiple Case Study of Two Title I Schools in Rural Wisconsin under No Child Left Behind
  14. SIMSTOCK: computer simulation of securities markets
  15. SimTeacher : Simulation-based learning in teacher education
  16. A simulated annealing approach for the composite facility location and resource allocation problem : A study of strategic positioning of United States Air Force munitions
  17. A simulated annealing model of optimal hub-and-spoke airline networks
  18. A simulated approach to valuing knowledge capital
  19. A simulated contrastive study of attack-defend-retreat-based versus game-theory-based strategic decision models
  20. Simulated gps observation of traveling ionospheric disturbance from ground based receivers
  21. Simulated inertial position tracking using MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes for use in medical and surgical procedures
  22. Simulated learning and genetic programming with application to undecidable problems
  23. Simulated maximum likelihood estimation for multivariate limited dependent variable models using improved smooth simulators with application to estimating demand systems
  24. A simulated pre-launch market evaluation model for new pharmaceutical products
  25. Simulated social spaces : exploring interactions in a Web chat room
  26. Simulated testing of two dimensional heterogeneous and discontinuous rock masses using discontinuous deformation analysis
  27. Simulated Urban Land Use (SULU) : An educational simulation of land use planning
  28. Simulating a Waltzian world
  29. Simulating agricultural non-point source (nps) pollution in the coastal plains using geographic information systems (gis) interfaced model systems (water quality)
  30. Simulating and analyzing wireless railway control networks using NS-2
  31. Simulating anthropogenic and climatic influences on fluvial sediment load in the southeastern U.S. and Central Europe
  32. Simulating binary inspirals in a corotating spherical coordinate system
  33. Simulating biochemical physics with computers : 1. Enzyme catalysis by phosphotriesterase and phosphodiesterase; 2. Integration-free path-integral method for quantum-statistical calculations
  34. Simulating cellular dynamics through a coupled transcription, translation, metabolic model
  35. Simulating embodied language
  36. Simulating energy efficiency in laboratory buildings
  37. Simulating genetic variant data for structured populations using an approximate coalescent algorithm
  38. Simulating geochemical reactive transport in physically and chemically heterogeneous aquifers : Implications for carbon dioxide risk assessment and uncertainty
  39. Simulating hardware-level buffer-overflow protection
  40. Simulating input biotechnology adoption using a system dynamics approach
  41. Simulating knowledge flows to formulate strategies for implementing Knowledge Management in small organizations
  42. Simulating market transformation dynamics using a hybrid energy economy model : A look at the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  43. Simulating organizational decision-making using a cognitively realistic agent model
  44. Simulating protein dynamics : novel methods and applications
  45. Simulating protein evolution via thermodynamic models
  46. Simulating risk neutral stochastic processes with a view to pricing exotic options
  47. Simulating Shocks in Regional Economies : Application of Agent-Based Models in Understanding NaturalDisasters
  48. Simulating surface air pollution in the United States : An examination of major influences and a diagnosis of model capabilities
  49. Simulating the atomic assembly of gallium arsenide
  50. Simulating the blood-muscle-valve mechanics of the heart by an adaptive and parallel version of the immersed boundary method
  51. Simulating the durability mechanics of cement composites : methods development
  52. Simulating the Effect of Microclimate on Human Behavior in Small Urban Spaces
  53. Simulating the effects of ship motion on postural stability using articulated dynamic models
  54. Simulating the effects of urban growth and frequent fire on southern California coastal shrublands
  55. Simulating the evolution of biological sequences
  56. Simulating the large population effects of quality management techniques in a health care clinical process
  57. Simulating the role of institutions on the use of common pool resources
  58. Simulating the social dynamics of spatial disparity through neighborhood network evolution
  59. Simulating the sublime
  60. Simulating water resource systems as a set of loosely integrated model components
  61. Simulation : A decision-making tool for business process reengineering
  62. A simulation access language and framework with applications to project management
  63. A simulation analysis of double-fed induction generator for wind energy conversion using Matlab
  64. Simulation analysis of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems with diversity reception
  65. Simulation analysis on distributional effects of reforming Medicare financing system with fundamental tax reform
  66. Simulation and analysis of biological wastewater treatment processes using GPS-X
  67. Simulation and analysis of micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) with applications of sensitivity analysis and optimization
  68. Simulation and analysis of the direct methanol fuel cell
  69. A simulation and analysis of the overreaction hypothesis market anomaly as an investment strategy for individual and hedge fund investors
  70. Simulation and characterization of laser induced deformation processes
  71. Simulation and comparison of 3C-SiC, 6H-SiC and 4H-SiC nanowire fets performance
  72. Simulation and control of a hip actuated robotic model for the study of human standing posture
  73. Simulation and control of a passively articulated, segmented-body rover
  74. Simulation and control of articulated rigid bodies
  75. Simulation and control of secondary electron programming in flash eeprom's
  76. Simulation and damage models for performance assessment of reinforced concrete beam-column joints
  77. Simulation and design of hybrid geothermal heat pump systems
  78. Simulation and design studies of knowledge processing in intelligent network environments
  79. Simulation and detection of self-propagating worms and viruses
  80. Simulation and development of a dual-face electrical impedance imaging technique with applications to breast cancer detection
  81. Simulation and development of nanoscale deposition techniques using kinetic Monte Carlo
  82. Simulation and e-beam patterning of single electron transistor
  83. Simulation and emulation of digital integrated circuits containing resonant tunneling diodes
  84. Simulation and evaluation of ordering policies in the Nova Scotia platelet supply chain
  85. A simulation and evaluation study of the Economic Production Quantity lot size and Kanban for a single line, multi-product production system under various setup times
  86. Simulation and experimental studies of dense fractal aggregate systems
  87. Simulation and experimental studies of flash nanoprecipitation
  88. Simulation and experimental study of room acoustics
  89. Simulation and experimental verification of vertical ground-coupled heat pump systems (closed loop)
  90. Simulation and experimentation of complementary-coded pulse radar for ice measurement
  91. Simulation and fabrication of three novel micromechanical sensors
  92. Simulation and growth of advanced materials for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
  93. Simulation and inference of aggregated Markov processes
  94. Simulation and modeling of carbon nanotube devices
  95. Simulation and modeling of matching networks within RF/microwave power transistors
  96. Simulation and numerical procedures for option pricing
  97. Simulation and optimization of a crossdocking operation in a just-in- time environment
  98. Simulation and optimization of a fuel cell hybrid vehicle
  99. Simulation and optimization of batch crystallization processes
  100. Simulation and optimization of MEMS actuators and tunable capacitors
  101. Simulation and optimization of seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers due to climate change and sea level rise
  102. Simulation and optimization of the chemical vapor deposition process
  103. Simulation and optimization of wind farm operations under stochastic conditions
  104. Simulation and optimization techniques for incorporating ecological objectives into forest harvest scheduling
  105. Simulation and optimum design of hybrid solar-wind and solar-wind- diesel power generation systems
  106. Simulation and performance analysis of a wireless local area network
  107. Simulation and performance-based earthquake engineering assessment of self-centering post-tensioned concrete bridge systems
  108. Simulation and power quality analysis of grid-tied inverters for distributed generation
  109. Simulation and synthesis of MicroElectroMechanical systems
  110. Simulation and validation of hybrid ground source and water-loop heat pump systems
  111. Simulation and visualization of polycrystalline thin film growth
  112. A simulation approach for creating an optimal investment portfolio for retirees
  113. A simulation approach to crowding in outdoor recreation : a study of the Yangmingshan National Park
  114. Simulation approach to evaluate the statistical power of different statistics tests and return-generating models in the Mexican stock market
  115. A simulation approach to evaluating unintended consequences emerging from reductions in employees' total rewards packages
  116. A Simulation Approach to Predicting College Admissions
  117. Simulation approach to two-stage bond portfolio optimization problem
  118. A simulation based dynamic taxi model
  119. Simulation based finite and large sample inference methods in seemingly unrelated regressions and simultaneous equations
  120. A simulation based optimization approach for stochastic resource constrained project management with milestones
  121. Simulation based optimization for supply chain configuration design
  122. Simulation based process improvement and staffing optimization for care management system
  123. Simulation data learning and its applications on embedded processors
  124. Simulation debriefing : applying Kolb's Model of Experiential Learning to improve classroom practices
  125. Simulation des politiques de controle de la qualite a l'aide de ProModel (French text)
  126. Simulation enhancement of clinical reasoning skills in undergraduate nursing programs : Faculty perspectives
  127. A simulation evaluation of the effects of information completeness in choice decisions
  128. Simulation Factor Screen in Binary Response Models
  129. Simulation for reliability design of power electronic circuits
  130. Simulation for training of clinical anaesthesia : is it an evidence-based or a fashionable practice?
  131. Simulation framework of port operation and recovery planning
  132. Simulation lab training for transitional age youth in foster care : a grant proposal
  133. Simulation methods in chemical physics : monte carlo and ab initio studies
  134. Simulation methods in econometric analysis
  135. A simulation model evaluating costs of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) for a typical United States cow-calf producer and benefits of multiple test and cull strategies
  136. A simulation model for direct gain passive house and its experimental verification
  137. Simulation model for the time delay and broadening of gamma ray bursts
  138. Simulation model of growth and development of swine
  139. A Simulation Model to Analyze the Impact of Golf Skills and a Scenario-based Approach to Options Portfolio Optimization
  140. Simulation modeling and analysis of adjustable service-rate queueing models that incorporate feedback control
  141. Simulation modeling and process control of composting systems under complexity and uncertainty
  142. Simulation Modeling of Zoonotic Diseases between Swine and Human Populations for Informing Policy Decisions
  143. Simulation models of evolution : communication and cooperation
  144. Simulation of a Michelson interferometer using ray tracing
  145. Simulation of a two-part underwater towed system
  146. Simulation of aeroacoustic resonance in a deep cavity with grazing flow
  147. Simulation of an adaptive e-learning environment : a research and development platform for online instructional designers
  148. Simulation of an Internet-based remote assembling system
  149. Simulation of biomolecular nanomechanical systems
  150. Simulation of blood flow in a ventricular assist device with fluid- structure interaction effects
  151. Simulation of carrier transport in nanostructure devices
  152. Simulation of coherent risk measures based on generalized scenarios
  153. Simulation of cohesive particle flows in granular and gas-solid systems
  154. Simulation of compact heat exchangers using global regression and soft computing
  155. Simulation of concentrated photovoltaic cooling system
  156. Simulation of dilute polymer and polyelectrolyte solutions : concentration effects
  157. Simulation of earth-to-air heat exchanger systems
  158. Simulation of Electrohydraulic Forming Using Anisotropic, Rate- dependent Plasticity Models
  159. Simulation of electromagnetic effects in magnetic resonance imaging
  160. Simulation of Euler-equations of motion and blended-nonlinear hydrodynamics for multi-hulled vessels
  161. The simulation of flexible aircraft
  162. Simulation of flexible aircraft using real time aerodynamic calculations
  163. Simulation of floating body motions by interactive RANS/Laplace methods
  164. The simulation of floodplain flows : Implications for floodplain management and river restoration strategies
  165. Simulation of flow in a propeller stirred vessel based on the actual impeller geometry
  166. Simulation of flowing plasma discharges with applications to lasers, fuel cells, and microthrusters
  167. Simulation of fluid-structure interaction for surface ships with linear/nonlinear deformations
  168. Simulation of fracture healing mediated by growth factors and mechanical stimulus
  169. Simulation of frequency selective fading channels
  170. Simulation of Fuzzy Dynamic Systems with Multiple Fuzzy Parameters and Initial Conditions
  171. Simulation of gas reservoir production dynamics
  172. Simulation of granular flow and micro-flow
  173. Simulation of High-Frequency Scaling of Silicon MOSFETs and the Golden Transistor
  174. Simulation of hydrodynamic fragmentation from a fundamental and an engineering perspective
  175. Simulation of initial stage of water impact on 2-D members with multigridded volume of fluid method
  176. Simulation of loss control technology for reliable multicast
  177. Simulation of manycore architectures on multicore hosts
  178. Simulation of mechanical behavior of nanomaterials by molecular statics
  179. Simulation of medical ultrasound images using linear systems theory
  180. Simulation of metal transfer and weld pool development in gas metal arc welding of thin sheet metals
  181. Simulation of microelectromechanical systems
  182. Simulation of mixing in single screw extrusion using the boundary integral method
  183. Simulation of MOSFETs, BJTs and JFETs At and Near the Pinch-off Region
  184. Simulation of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes and Organic Photovoltaic Devices
  185. Simulation of plasma flows in self-field Lorentz force accelerators
  186. The simulation of politics : Developmental natures in Lao hydropower
  187. Simulation of rarefied flows in mems devices by atomistic and multiscale methods
  188. Simulation of Richtmyer-Meshkov flows for elastic-plastic solids in planar and converging geometries using an Eulerian framework
  189. Simulation of root water uptake with heterogeneous vegetation cover and influences of urbanization and topographic attributes on hydrology of shallow water table environments
  190. Simulation of scenarios to meet dissolved oxygen standards in the Chicago Waterway System
  191. Simulation of self tuning regulators
  192. Simulation of sensor responses of advanced security systems
  193. Simulation of single-particle inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry
  194. Simulation of smart functionalities of photovoltaic inverters by interfacing both opendss and matlab
  195. Simulation of soil-pile-superstructure interaction in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
  196. Simulation of sorption processes
  197. Simulation of space-based radar observations of precipitations
  198. Simulation of stratified flow over three-dimensional topography
  199. Simulation of sub-surface tile drain water quality (nitrates) using artificial neural networks
  200. Simulation of surface grinding
  201. Simulation of tax revenues from individuals receiving advanced college degrees
  202. Simulation of the climate, ocean, vegetation and terrestrial carbon cycle in the Holocene
  203. Simulation of the impact of forecasting accuracy on supply chain performance: The bias effect
  204. Simulation of the transient performance of multi-machine power systems on a special-purpose analogue computer
  205. Simulation of thermal effects in semiconductor materials and devices
  206. Simulation of three-dimensional seismic building response including nonlinearity and semiactive control
  207. Simulation of transients and transport in plasma processing reactors
  208. Simulation of turbulent separated flows using a novel, evolution -based, eddy-viscosity formulation
  209. Simulation of Unexploded Ordnance Identification Using Tagged-neutron Interrogation and Neural Networks
  210. Simulation of voice over Internet protocol service performance when overlaid with background traffic over a local area network
  211. Simulation of Watersheds Hydrology under Different Hydro-Climatic Settings
  212. Simulation of wave propagation in boreholes and radial profiling of formation elastic parameters
  213. Simulation of wrist kinematics on the basis of a rigid body spring model
  214. Simulation optimization studies of routing and process flow problems
  215. A simulation platform for experimentation and evaluation of distributed-computing systems
  216. Simulation probabiliste du probleme de contact mecanique
  217. A simulation program for electronics skill knowledge instruction at a selected community college in taiwan (China)
  218. Simulation studies for the design and manufacturing of optical sensors and white light emitting devices
  219. Simulation studies of diblock-copolymer grafted nanoparticle assembly in solvent and polymer matrix
  220. Simulation studies on shape and growth kinetics for fractal aggregates in aerosol and colloidal systems
  221. A simulation study comparing alternative inventory buffering techniques in the presence of forecast bias
  222. A simulation study for hazardous materials transportation risk assessment
  223. A simulation study for inventory management policies and its impact on profitability for a product recovery facility
  224. Simulation study of a low-low satellite-to-satellite tracking mission
  225. A simulation study of a mobile ad hoc network
  226. A simulation study of alternative methods for translating financial statements of autonomous foreign entities
  227. Simulation study of beacon time synchronization algorithm in low rate wireless personal area networks
  228. A simulation study of pilots' ability to perceive angular motion under the influence of alcohol
  229. A simulation study of the Classical Method of expert judgment combination : how many seeds and how many experts?
  230. A simulation study of the use of accelerometer data in the GRACE mission
  231. A simulation study of wind energy conversion systems using Matlab
  232. Simulation Study on Exchangeability and Significant Test on Survey Data
  233. A simulation study on using the virtual node layer to implement efficient and reliable MANET protocols
  234. Simulation technology in nursing education : Student perceptions
  235. A simulation template framework to evaluate customers' check-in experience
  236. A Simulation Tool Utilizing Parametric Primitives For Climate-Based Dynamic Daylighting and Energy Analysis
  237. Simulation, modeling and characterization of silicon carbide devices
  238. Simulation, Modeling, and Design of Underwater Optical Communication Systems
  239. Simulation-based aerodynamic design of high-lift devices in ground effect
  240. A simulation-based approach for efficient sensor management of distributed sensor networks
  241. Simulation-based approaches to nonlinear measurement error models
  242. Simulation-based building energy optimization
  243. Simulation-Based dynamic traffic system: a gis approach
  244. Simulation-based estimation of spatial price equilibrium models and market integration
  245. Simulation-based estimation of tolerance intervals
  246. Simulation-based evaluation of traffic safety performance using surrogate safety measures
  247. Simulation-based inference and nonlinear canonical analysis in financial econometrics
  248. A simulation-based medical planning system for occlusive cardiovascular disease using one-dimensional analysis techniques
  249. A simulation-based optimization system for green building design
  250. Simulation-based performance evaluation of AODV routing protocol for ad hoc mobile wireless networks
  251. Simulation-based performance evaluation of MANET backbone formation algorithms
  252. Simulation-based performance evaluation of packet-switched H.264/AVC video streaming on WCDMA networks
  253. A simulation-based procedure for reliability analysis of wind turbines
  254. Simulation-based quantile estimation and stochastic dynamic programming with applications to finance
  255. Simulation-Based reliability assessment methods of structural systems
  256. Simulation-Based retrospective optimization of stochastic systems
  257. Simulation-Based search for hybrid system control and analysis
  258. Simulation-based seismic reliability assessment of complex structural systems
  259. A simulation-based software development methodology for distributed real-time systems
  260. Simulation-based Stochastic Optimization on Discrete Domains : Integrating Optimal Computing and Response Surfaces
  261. Simulation-driven design of high-performance programmable network interface cards
  262. Simulation-games versus non-simulation-games : which takes the prize for effectively training project managers?
  263. Simulations and games for team development : A qualitative case study
  264. Simulations and information retention in eLearning at TELUS
  265. Simulations and measurements of fuel film using refractive index matching method
  266. Simulations and software developments for cosmic-ray and particle physics experiments in underground laboratories
  267. Simulations of acetylcholinesterase in the presence of its inhibitors
  268. Simulations of antimicrobial peptides
  269. Simulations of emissivity in passive microwave remote sensing with three-dimensional numerical solutions of Maxwell equations and fast algorithm
  270. Simulations of flow and heat transfer in a serpentine heat exchanger having dispersed resistance with porous-continuum and continuummodels
  271. Simulations of granular materials : Kinetics and hydrodynamic phenomena
  272. Simulations of Injection, Mixing, and Combustion in Supersonic Flow Using a Hybrid RANS/LES Approach
  273. Simulations of merger-induced price changes in hospital markets
  274. Simulations of microheterogeneous fluids
  275. Simulations of nucleic acids under stress, in solution, and complexed to proteins
  276. Simulations of polymer crystallization and amyloid fibrillization
  277. Simulations of rotational dynamics and electronic spectroscopy in supercritical fluids
  278. Simulations of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes with Complex Microstructures
  279. Simulations of the flow past an array of circular cylinders as a test of the immersed boundary method
  280. Simulations of wind turbine wake interactions in OpenFOAM
  281. Simultaneous approximation solution for bi-criteria newsvendor problems
  282. Simultaneous configuration of platform products and supply chains
  283. Simultaneous control of electron density and effective atomic number in tokamak plasmas
  284. Simultaneous cooperative exploration and networking
  285. Simultaneous detection of linkage and linkage disequilibrium for families with an affected sib-pair
  286. Simultaneous diatonic harmonic contexts in early twentieth century music
  287. Simultaneous embedding and visualization of graphs
  288. Simultaneous Energy Harvesting and Vibration Control via Piezoelectric Materials
  289. Simultaneous estimation of the interdependence between post-school training and earnings for young workers in the united states
  290. Simultaneous facility layout and materials handling system design
  291. Simultaneous image classification and annotation via fusing multimodal heterogeneous image features
  292. Simultaneous inference for functional linear models
  294. Simultaneous interpretation contextual and translation aspects
  295. Simultaneous inversion of 3D velocity structure, hypocenter locations, and reflector geometry in Cascadia
  296. Simultaneous inversion of moderate earthquakes using body and surface waves : Methodology and applications to the study of the tectonics of Taiwan
  297. Simultaneous Iterative Learning and Feedback Control Design
  298. A simultaneous localization and mapping implementation using inexpensive hardware
  299. Simultaneous localization, mapping and moving object tracking
  300. Simultaneous management of demand and supply in services
  301. The simultaneous measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity
  302. Simultaneous multi-design point approach to gas turbine on-design cycle analysis for aircraft engines
  303. Simultaneous multi-element determinations with a tungsten coil atomizer
  304. Simultaneous multi-view face tracking and recognition in video using particle filtering
  305. Simultaneous multiobject auctions
  306. Simultaneous multiple comparisons using a permutation analog to Tukey's HSD
  307. Simultaneous object detection and segmentation using top-down and bottom-up processing
  308. Simultaneous phase shifted digital speckle pattern interferometry
  309. Simultaneous plant and supply chain scheduling
  310. Simultaneous plant/controller design optimization with applications to serial robots
  311. Simultaneous plant/controller optimization of traction control for electric vehicle
  312. Simultaneous polarization-insensitive phase-space trans-multiplexing and wavelength multicasting via cross-phase modulation in a photonic crystal fiber at 10 GBd
  313. Simultaneous precision positioning and vibration suppression of an intelligent composite satellite structure utilizing piezoelectric sensors and actuators (thrusters)
  314. Simultaneous presence of different domestic GAAPs and investors' limited attention bias in U.S. equity markets : Implications for convergence
  315. Simultaneous production planning and pricing : theory, empirical estimation, and supply chain contracts
  316. Simultaneous reduction of nitric oxide and particulate matter emissions from a light-duty diesel engine using combustion development and diesel oxidation catalyst
  317. Simultaneous registration and activation detection : Overcoming activation-induced registration errors in functional MRI
  318. Simultaneous regression and clustering to predict movie ratings
  319. Simultaneous robot localization and mapping of parameterized spatio- temporal fields using multi-scale adaptive sampling
  320. Simultaneous Target and Multipath Positioning
  321. Simultaneous testing of multiple hypotheses in sequential experiments
  322. Simultaneous variable selection and simultaneous subspace selection for multitask learning
  323. Simultaneously achieving development and environmental goals : An application of carbon taxation in India
  324. Simultaneously ensuring privacy and authenticity in digital communication
  325. Simultaneously leaders and followers : The lived experiences of middle managers
  326. Simultaneously managing procurement costs and risks
  327. Sin and growth: The effects of legalized gambling on state economic development
  328. Sin Sang-ok and postwar Korean mass culture
  329. Sin, guilt, justice and war : paul Ramsey and Reinhold Niebuhr on the moral framework for just war thought
  330. Sin, sickness, and the system: Discursive constructions of male homelessness in San Francisco and St. Louis (California, Missouri)
  331. Since feeling is first : a narrative inquiry toward understanding emotion in online teaching and learning
  332. Since Kwatyat lived on earth : an examination of Nuu-chah-nulth culture history
  333. Sincerity and reading : dilemmas in constructivism
  334. Sincerity's failures : patterns of self- consciousness in british romantic and modern American poetry
  335. Sincerity, intonation, and apologies : A case study of Thai EFL and ESL learners
  336. SIndex : query optimization and access control in a semi-structured database
  337. Sing it, um say it, um read it again : poetry and preschool children's meaning-making responses
  338. Sing me home to gloryland : Arkansas songbook gospel music in the twentieth century
  339. Singapore : a case study of communalism and economic development
  340. Singapore Airlines : A study in exemplary crisis communication
  341. The singapore civil service and its perceptions of time
  342. The singapore malay community : the politics of state integration
  343. Singapore modernization : a study of traditional Chinese voluntary associations in social change
  344. The singapore party system : the first two decades
  345. Singapore's foreign policy in asean : major domestic and bilateral political constraints
  346. Singaporean and United States college students' worldviews, expectations of counseling, and perceptions of counselor effectiveness based on directive and nondirective counseling styles
  347. A Singer's guide to performing works for voice and electronics
  348. Singer's Inner Space : A new work space for opera singers addressing their well-being
  349. Singers of Sipsongbanna : folklore and authenticity in contemporary China
  350. The singing from the headwaters : song and tradition in the headhunting rituals of an Upland Sulawesicommunity
  351. Singing God's truth in the 1.5 generation Chinese American way
  352. Singing in Tejaji's temple : Music and ritual trance healing performance in Rajasthan (India)
  353. Singing Moses's Song A Performance-Critical Analysis of Deuteronomy's Song of Moses
  354. Singing over the bones : pottery and writing as expressions of soul as artist. a work of creative nonfiction
  355. Singing salvation : Jesuit musics in colonial Chile, 1600-1767
  356. Singing stones : a naturalist in the Escalante Canyons
  357. Singing the blues : Indicators of mental illness among nursing home elderly
  358. Singing the body electric : The recorded voice, the mediated body
  359. Singing the gospel : lutheran hymns and the success of the reformation in joachimsthal (czech republic, magdalena heymair, paul eber, franciscus albani)
  360. Singing the Gospel Chinese style : "Praise and Worship" music in the Asian Pacific
  361. Singing the lives of the Buddha : Lao folk opera as an educational medium
  362. Singing the nation : discourses of identity and community in northern Namibia
  363. Singing the right tones of the words : the principles and poetics of tone-melody mapping in Cantopop
  364. Singing to the Stars : Cosmic Symbolism in Broadway Musicals
  365. Singing up close : Voice, language, and race in American popular music, 1925--1935
  366. Singing with spirit and understanding : Psalmody as holistic practice in late eighteenth-century NewEngland
  367. Singing, dancing, and the mass production of nonbelonging : Musicals, melodramas, migration, and the transnationalization of Hong Kong cinema, 1940s--1960s
  368. Single . . . after all these years : The impact of spousal loss on elderly widowers
  369. A single amidotransferase forms amide aminoacyl-trnas in chlamydia trachomatis
  370. Single and multi-CPU performance modeling for embedded systems
  371. Single and Multi-Period Portfolio Theory : Two Extensions for Practical Applications
  372. Single and multi-user MIMO antenna systems for wireless communications
  373. Single and multicomponent protein adsorption and diffusion in cationic polyacrylamide hydrogels : Visualization and analysis
  374. The Single Audit Act of 1984 : An examination of the audit process in the government sector
  375. Single barium ion spectroscopy : light shifts, hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation
  376. Single Black Mothers on Television
  377. A single blind, randomized 7-day study of the efficacy of patanol versus loratadine on allergic conjunctivitis in Hong Kong
  378. Single carrier orthogonal multiple access technique for broadband wireless communications
  379. A single case study of a Cantonese dyslexic secondary school student
  380. Single cell analysis of multiple intracellular processes : icam-2/lfa-1 interactions as functional adhesion molecules of the immunological synapse
  381. Single cell analysis using an optical fiber microwell array
  382. Single cell and single molecule techniques for the analysis of the epigenome
  383. A single centre, randomised trial on harvest cell yield and marrow engraftment using haemopoietic growth-factor primed bone marrow
  384. Single chain variable fragments : novel applications as selection tools and therapeutic agents in drug discovery
  385. Single component and bifunctional nanoparticles using a star-like triblock copolymer template
  386. Single droplet generation by dripping-mode electrospray for ICP-MS measurement
  387. Single ended switching analog audio amplifier with dead zone
  388. Single event soft errors in CMOS combinational logic
  389. Single gene evolution : A punctuated history of chance events
  390. Single I/O space for scalable cluster computing
  391. Single ion dynamics inside magnetic field-reversed configuration
  392. Single ion trapping for the Enriched Xenon Observatory
  393. Single ion trapping in a buffer gas and liquid xenon energy resolution studies for the EXO experiment
  394. The single market and pharmaceutical industry in the European Union : is there any evidence of price convergence?
  395. Single molecule biosensing with quantum dots for nanomedicine in diagnostics and therapeutics
  396. Single Molecule Conductance of Oligothiophene Derivatives
  397. Single molecule fluorescence imaging of protein-surface and protein- protein interactions at a glass-water interface
  398. Single molecule imaging of conformational dynamics in sodium-coupled transporters
  399. Single molecule kinetics in familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy transgenic heart
  400. Single Molecule Studies of Dynamic Heterogeneities in Supercooled Liquids
  401. Single molecule studies of flexible polymers under shear and mixed flows
  402. Single Molecule Studies of Telomere DNA
  403. Single Molecule Study of DNA Organization and Recombination
  404. A Single Molecule Study of Two Bacteriophage Epigenetic Switches
  405. Single molecule study on protein dynamics by fluorescence confocal microscopy
  406. Single mothers and marriage promotion : Considering the consequences of divorce
  407. Single Mothers and Religiosity
  408. Single mothers by choice : an exploratory study
  409. Single mothers' perception of the CalWORKs program
  410. Single mothers' voices in the 1990s : An exploration of economics, choices, and relationships
  411. Single nanoparticle spectroscopy : Plasmonic properties and biosensing applications
  412. Single nucleotide polymorphism in follicle stimulating hormone receptor and the development of endometrial carcinoma
  413. Single nucleotide polymorphism in the coding sequence of follicle stimulating hormone receptor and susceptibility to ovarian and endometrial cancer
  414. A single parent support centre (SPSC)
  415. Single particle analysis by time-resolved ICP-MS measurement
  416. Single particle characterization, source apportionment, and aging effects of ambient aerosols in Southern California
  417. Single particle perspective on the Southern California Ozone Study : characterization and evolution of ambient aerosols by aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometry (ATOFMS) (California)
  418. Single particle studies on an integrated nanopore-optofluidic chip
  419. Single photonics: generation and detection of heralded single photons
  420. Single photons for quantum information processing
  421. Single photons in nonlinear photonic crystals and studies on electromagnetic knots
  422. Single point incremental forming of aluminum sheet metal : the development of maximum forming angle forming limits, measured strains, surface roughness and dimensional accuracy
  423. Single protein intermolecular binding force detection using microfabricated cantilevers
  424. Single seed discriminative applications using near infrared technologies
  425. Single server retrial queueing models
  426. Single specimen fracture toughness determination procedure using instrumented impact test
  427. Single stage bi-criteria master production scheduling with sequence dependent changeovers in process industries
  428. Single stage power factor corrected three-level resonant converters
  429. Single titanium dioxide nanotube device fabrication and biosensor applications
  430. Single user and multi-user transmission for OFDM with multiple antennas
  431. Single versus multiple submissions in the publication process
  432. Single wall carbon nanotubes : Separation and applications to biosensors
  433. Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Based Hybrid Nanostructure Gas Sensor Array for Air Quality Index
  434. Single walled carbon nanotube films : fabrications, properties and applications
  435. Single walled carbon nanotubes : measurements of the excitonic states in 1D
  436. Single Women at Midlife : A Discourse Analysis
  437. Single women in the borders : Religion and philanthropy as paths to social action in Victorian Britain
  438. Single-beam acoustic seabed classification in coral reef environments with application to the assessment of grouper and snapper habitat in the upper Florida Keys, USA
  439. A Single-Case Study of an Entrepreneurial Training Program and the Business Outcomes for African-American Female Business Owners
  440. Single-cell analysis using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
  441. Single-cell ICP-MS for the studies of biological systems
  442. Single-cell Sequencing Studies of Somatic Mutation in the Human Brain
  443. A single-channel 10b 1GS/s ADC with 2-cycle latency using pipelined cascaded folding architecture
  444. Single-cycle optical pulse shaping
  445. Single-electron transistor : effects of the environment and detecting electron motion in real time
  446. A single-field finite-difference time-domain formulation for electromagnetic simulations
  447. Single-gender choral ensembles, attitudes and practices : a survey of southern California high school choir directors
  448. Single-gender classes and computer-assisted instruction : a study of the computer attitudes of middle school girls
  449. Single-gender instruction : What educators think about separating the sexes during the middle school years
  450. Single-hop and multi-hop ad hoc networks : Performance analysis and a new MAC protocol
  451. Single-Input Multiple-Output signal processing techniques for optical communications
  452. Single-Leg Triple Hop Test as a predictor of lower limb strength, power, and balance
  453. Single-machine scheduling with release dates and due dates
  454. Single-marker and haplotype analyses for detecting parent-of-origin effects using family and pedigree data
  455. Single-Microphone Speech Dereverberation : Modulation Domain Processing and Quality Assessment
  456. Single-mindedness: Languagethoughtand the first-person (Crispin WrightDonald DavidsonRobert BrandomJohn McDowell)
  457. Single-molecule detection and DNA sequencing-by-synthesis
  458. Single-molecule fluorescence studies of enzyme kinetics and protein- nucleic acid interactions
  459. Single-molecule fluorescence studies of telomerase assembly and catalysis
  460. Single-Molecule Imaging of Conformational Dynamics in a Neurotransmitter Transporter Homolog
  461. Single-molecule investigation of replication by human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase
  462. Single-molecule magnets : Polynuclear manganese wheels and clusters
  463. Single-molecule magnets assembled from oxime stabilized manganese triangles
  464. Single-Molecule probing of adsorption to heterogeneous interfaces
  465. Single-molecule spatiotemporal dynamics in living bacteria
  466. Single-molecule studies of calmodulin conformation, dynamics, and folding
  467. Single-Molecule Studies of DNA Polymerization and DNA-Protein Interactions
  468. Single-molecule studies of Escherichia coli DNA replication
  469. Single-molecule studies of kinesin family motor proteins
  470. Single-Molecule Studies of Novel Protein-DNA Interactions
  471. Single-molecule studies of prion protein folding and misfolding
  472. Single-molecule studies of protein-DNA interaction : diffusive search and sequence-dependent motors
  473. Single-molecule surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy : A frequency domain existence proof and examination of the role of the electromagnetic enhancement mechanism
  474. Single-name and multi-name credit derivatives : pricing and calibration using multiscale asymptotic methods
  475. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the CCL2 promoter : Contribution to SIV/HIV central nervous system disease
  476. Single-particle inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
  477. The single-period inventory placement problem for a serial supply chain under alternative objectives
  478. The single-server queue with heavy tails
  479. Single-sex classrooms : Do they impact student absenteeism, academic achievement, and the drop-out rate?
  480. Single-Sex education : an uncertain urban reform initiative for the african-American male. a short-term exploratory case study
  481. Single-stage bi-directional converter for plug-in hybrid vehicle charging and Vehicle to Grid application
  482. Single-Stage soft-switched high-frequency transformer isolated ac-to- dc bridge converter and extension to multiphase converter
  483. Single-step treatment of 2,4-dinitrotoluene via zero-valent metal reduction and chemical oxidation
  484. Single-stranded nucleic acid conformation in context
  485. The single-track three legged mobile robot
  486. Single-trial analysis of electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging for brain decoding
  487. Single-visit versus multiple-visit non-surgical endodontic therapy
  488. Single-wall carbon nanotube-polymer nanocomposites : Fabrication, processing, morphology, and properties
  489. Single-Walled carbon nanotube bucky paper/epoxy composites : molecular dynamics simulation and process development
  490. Single-walled carbon nanotube-silicon nitride composites
  491. Single-walled metal oxide nanotubes and nanotube membranes for molecular separations
  492. Single-word intelligibility in Cantonese speakers with repaired cleft palate
  493. Singled out : task and social implications of providing individual-level performance feedback in teams
  494. Singleton kinds and singleton types
  495. Singular cochains and rational homotopy type
  496. Singular integrals and rank one perturbations
  497. Singular kernels adapted to curved flags
  498. Singular perturbation and the energy of folds
  499. A singular perturbation approach to a two-phase parabolic free boundary problem arising in flame propagation
  500. A singular perturbation approach to modeling closed kinematic chains