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  1. Simultaneous inversion of 3D velocity structure, hypocenter locations,and reflector geometry in Cascadia
  2. A simultaneous localization and mapping implementation using inexpensive hardware
  3. Simultaneous localization, mapping and moving object tracking
  4. Simultaneous management of demand and supply in services
  5. The simultaneous measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity
  6. Simultaneous multi-design point approach to gas turbine on-design cycle analysis for aircraft engines
  7. Simultaneous multi-element determinations with a tungsten coil atomizer
  8. Simultaneous multi-view face tracking and recognition in video using particle filtering
  9. Simultaneous multiobject auctions
  10. Simultaneous multiple comparisons using a permutation analog to Tukey's HSD
  11. Simultaneous object detection and segmentation using top-down and bottom-up processing
  12. Simultaneous phase shifted digital speckle pattern interferometry
  13. Simultaneous plant and supply chain scheduling
  14. Simultaneous plant/controller design optimization with applications to serial robots
  15. Simultaneous plant/controller optimization of traction control for electric vehicle
  16. Simultaneous polarization-insensitive phase-space trans-multiplexing and wavelength multicasting via cross-phase modulation in a photonic crystal fiber at 10 GBd
  17. Simultaneous precision positioning and vibration suppression of an intelligent composite satellite structure utilizing piezoelectric sensors and actuators (thrusters)
  18. Simultaneous presence of different domestic GAAPs and investors' limited attention bias in U.S. equity markets : Implications for convergence
  19. Simultaneous production planning and pricing : theory, empirical estimation, and supply chain contracts
  20. Simultaneous reduction of nitric oxide and particulate matter emissions from a light-duty diesel engine using combustion development and diesel oxidation catalyst
  21. Simultaneous registration and activation detection : Overcoming activation-induced registration errors in functional MRI
  22. Simultaneous regression and clustering to predict movie ratings
  23. Simultaneous robot localization and mapping of parameterized spatio-temporal fields using multi-scale adaptive sampling
  24. Simultaneous Target and Multipath Positioning
  25. Simultaneous testing of multiple hypotheses in sequential experiments
  26. Simultaneous variable selection and simultaneous subspace selection for multitask learning
  27. Simultaneously achieving development and environmental goals : An application of carbon taxation in India
  28. Simultaneously ensuring privacy and authenticity in digital communication
  29. Simultaneously managing procurement costs and risks
  30. Sin and growth: The effects of legalized gambling on state economic development
  31. Sin Sang-ok and postwar Korean mass culture
  32. Sin, guilt, justice and war : paul Ramsey and Reinhold Niebuhr on the moral framework for just war thought
  33. Sin, sickness, and the system: Discursive constructions of male homelessness in San Francisco and St. Louis (California, Missouri)
  34. Since feeling is first : a narrative inquiry toward understanding emotion in online teaching and learning
  35. Since Kwatyat lived on earth : an examination of Nuu-chah-nulth culture history
  36. Sincerity and reading : dilemmas in constructivism
  37. Sincerity's failures : patterns of self-consciousness in british romantic and modern American poetry
  38. SIndex : query optimization and access control in a semi-structured database
  39. Sing it, um say it, um read it again : poetry and preschool children's meaning-making responses
  40. Sing me home to gloryland : Arkansas songbook gospel music in the twentieth century
  41. Singapore : a case study of communalism and economic development
  42. Singapore Airlines : A study in exemplary crisis communication
  43. The singapore civil service and its perceptions of time
  44. The singapore malay community : the politics of state integration
  45. Singapore modernization : a study of traditional Chinese voluntary associations in social change
  46. The singapore party system : the first two decades
  47. Singapore's foreign policy in asean : major domestic and bilateral political constraints
  48. Singaporean and United States college students' worldviews, expectations of counseling, and perceptions of counselor effectiveness based on directive and nondirective counseling styles
  49. A Singer's guide to performing works for voice and electronics
  50. Singers of Sipsongbanna : folklore and authenticity in contemporary China
  51. The singing from the headwaters : song and tradition in the headhunting rituals of an Upland Sulawesicommunity
  52. Singing God's truth in the 1.5 generation Chinese American way
  53. Singing in Tejaji's temple : Music and ritual trance healing performance in Rajasthan (India)
  54. Singing Moses's Song A Performance-Critical Analysis of Deuteronomy's Song of Moses
  55. Singing over the bones : pottery and writing as expressions of soul as artist. a work of creative nonfiction
  56. Singing salvation : Jesuit musics in colonial Chile, 1600-1767
  57. Singing stones : a naturalist in the Escalante Canyons
  58. Singing the blues : Indicators of mental illness among nursing home elderly
  59. Singing the body electric : The recordedvoice, the mediated body
  60. Singing the gospel : lutheran hymns and the success of the reformation in joachimsthal (czech republic, magdalena heymair, paul eber, franciscus albani)
  61. Singing the Gospel Chinese style : "Praise and Worship" music in the Asian Pacific
  62. Singing the lives of the Buddha : Lao folk opera as an educational medium
  63. Singing the nation : discourses of identity and community in northern Namibia
  64. Singing the right tones of the words : the principles and poetics of tone-melody mapping in Cantopop
  65. Singing up close : Voice, language, and race in American popular music, 1925--1935
  66. Singing with spirit and understanding : Psalmody as holistic practice in late eighteenth-century NewEngland
  67. Singing, dancing, and the mass production of nonbelonging : Musicals, melodramas, migration, and the transnationalization of Hong Kong cinema, 1940s--1960s
  68. Single . . . after all these years : The impact of spousal loss on elderly widowers
  69. A single amidotransferase forms amide aminoacyl-trnas in chlamydia trachomatis
  70. Single and multi-CPU performance modeling for embedded systems
  71. Single and multi-user MIMO antenna systems for wirelesscommunications
  72. Single and multicomponent protein adsorption and diffusion in cationic polyacrylamide hydrogels : Visualization and analysis
  73. The Single Audit Act of 1984 : An examination of the audit process in the government sector
  74. Single barium ion spectroscopy : light shifts,hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation
  75. Single Black Mothers on Television
  76. A single blind, randomized 7-day study of the efficacy of patanol versus loratadine on allergic conjunctivitis in Hong Kong
  77. Single carrier orthogonal multiple access technique for broadband wireless communications
  78. A single case study of a Cantonese dyslexic secondary schoolstudent
  79. Single cell analysis of multiple intracellular processes : icam-2/lfa-1 interactions as functional adhesion molecules of the immunological synapse
  80. Single cell analysis using an optical fiber microwell array
  81. A single centre, randomised trial on harvest cell yield and marrow engraftment using haemopoietic growth-factor primed bone marrow
  82. Single chain variable fragments : novel applications as selection tools and therapeutic agents in drug discovery
  83. Single component and bifunctional nanoparticles using a star-like triblock copolymer template
  84. Single droplet generation by dripping-mode electrospray for ICP-MS measurement
  85. Single ended switching analog audio amplifier with dead zone
  86. Single event soft errors in CMOS combinational logic
  87. Single gene evolution : A punctuated history of chance events
  88. Single I/O space for scalable cluster computing
  89. Single ion dynamics inside magnetic field-reversed configuration
  90. Single ion trapping for the Enriched Xenon Observatory
  91. Single ion trapping in a buffer gas and liquid xenon energy resolution studies for the EXO experiment
  92. The single market and pharmaceutical industry in the European Union : is there any evidence of price convergence?
  93. Single molecule biosensing with quantum dots for nanomedicine in diagnostics and therapeutics
  94. Single molecule imaging of conformational dynamics in sodium-coupled transporters
  95. Single molecule kinetics in familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy transgenic heart
  96. Single molecule studies of flexible polymers under shear and mixed flows
  97. Single Molecule Studies of Telomere DNA
  98. Single Molecule Study of DNA Organization and Recombination
  99. A Single Molecule Study of Two Bacteriophage Epigenetic Switches
  100. Single molecule study on protein dynamics by fluorescence confocal microscopy
  101. Single mothers and marriage promotion : Considering the consequences of divorce
  102. Single Mothers and Religiosity
  103. Single mothers by choice : an exploratory study
  104. Single mothers' perception of the CalWORKs program
  105. Single mothers' voices in the 1990s : An exploration of economics, choices, and relationships
  106. Single nanoparticle spectroscopy : Plasmonic properties and biosensing applications
  107. Single nucleotide polymorphism in follicle stimulating hormone receptor and the development of endometrial carcinoma
  108. Single nucleotide polymorphism in the coding sequence of follicle stimulating hormone receptor and susceptibility to ovarian and endometrial cancer
  109. A single parent support centre (SPSC)
  110. Single particle analysis by time-resolved ICP-MS measurement
  111. Single particle characterization, source apportionment, and aging effects of ambient aerosols in Southern California
  112. Single particle perspective on the Southern California Ozone Study : characterization and evolution of ambient aerosols by aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometry (ATOFMS) (California)
  113. Single particle studies on an integrated nanopore-optofluidic chip
  114. Single photonics: generation and detection of heralded single photons
  115. Single photons for quantum information processing
  116. Single photons in nonlinear photonic crystals and studies on electromagnetic knots
  117. Single point incremental forming of aluminum sheet metal : the development of maximum forming angle forming limits, measured strains, surface roughness and dimensional accuracy
  118. Single protein intermolecular binding force detection using microfabricated cantilevers
  119. Single seed discriminative applications using near infrared technologies
  120. Single server retrial queueing models
  121. Single specimen fracture toughness determination procedure using instrumented impact test
  122. Single stage bi-criteria master production scheduling with sequence dependent changeovers in process industries
  123. Single stage power factor corrected three-level resonant converters
  124. Single titanium dioxide nanotube device fabrication and biosensor applications
  125. Single user and multi-user transmission for OFDM with multiple antennas
  126. Single versus multiple submissions in the publication process
  127. Single wall carbon nanotubes : Separation and applications to biosensors
  128. Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Based Hybrid Nanostructure Gas Sensor Array for Air Quality Index
  129. Single walled carbon nanotube films : fabrications, properties and applications
  130. Single walled carbon nanotubes : measurements of the excitonic states in 1D
  131. Single Women at Midlife : A DiscourseAnalysis
  132. Single women in the borders : Religion and philanthropy as paths to social action in Victorian Britain
  133. 'a single word brings to life' : the maro ritual in tana toraja (indonesia)
  134. Single-beam acoustic seabed classification in coral reef environments with application to the assessment of grouper and snapper habitat in the upper Florida Keys, USA
  135. A Single-Case Study of an Entrepreneurial Training Program and the Business Outcomes for African-American Female Business Owners
  136. Single-cell analysis using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
  137. Single-cell Sequencing Studies of Somatic Mutation in the Human Brain
  138. A single-channel 10b 1GS/s ADC with 2-cycle latency using pipelined cascaded folding architecture
  139. Single-cycle optical pulse shaping
  140. Single-electron transistor : effects of the environment and detecting electron motion in real time
  141. A single-field finite-difference time-domain formulation for electromagnetic simulations
  142. Single-gender choral ensembles, attitudes and practices : a survey of southern California high school choir directors
  143. Single-gender classes and computer-assisted instruction : a study of the computer attitudes of middle school girls
  144. Single-gender instruction : What educators think about separating the sexes during the middle school years
  145. Single-hop and multi-hop ad hoc networks : Performance analysis and a new MAC protocol
  146. Single-Input Multiple-Output signal processing techniques for optical communications
  147. Single-Leg Triple Hop Test as a predictor of lower limb strength, power, and balance
  148. Single-machine scheduling with release dates and due dates
  149. Single-marker and haplotype analyses for detecting parent-of-origin effects using family and pedigree data
  150. Single-Microphone Speech Dereverberation : Modulation Domain Processing and Quality Assessment
  151. Single-mindedness: Languagethoughtand the first-person (Crispin WrightDonald DavidsonRobert BrandomJohn McDowell)
  152. Single-molecule detection and DNA sequencing-by-synthesis
  153. Single-molecule fluorescence studies of enzyme kinetics and protein-nucleic acid interactions
  154. Single-molecule fluorescence studies of telomerase assembly and catalysis
  155. Single-molecule investigation of replication by human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase
  156. Single-molecule magnets : Polynuclear manganese wheels and clusters
  157. Single-molecule magnets assembled from oxime stabilized manganese triangles
  158. Single-Molecule probing of adsorption to heterogeneous interfaces
  159. Single-molecule spatiotemporal dynamics in living bacteria
  160. Single-molecule studies of calmodulin conformation, dynamics, and folding
  161. Single-Molecule Studies of DNA Polymerization and DNA-Protein Interactions
  162. Single-molecule studies of Escherichia coli DNA replication
  163. Single-molecule studies of kinesin family motor proteins
  164. Single-Molecule Studies of Novel Protein-DNA Interactions
  165. Single-molecule studies of prion protein folding and misfolding
  166. Single-molecule studies of protein-DNA interaction : diffusive search and sequence-dependent motors
  167. Single-molecule surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy : A frequency domain existence proof and examination of the role of the electromagnetic enhancement mechanism
  168. Single-name and multi-name credit derivatives : pricing and calibration using multiscale asymptotic methods
  169. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the CCL2 promoter : Contribution to SIV/HIV central nervous system disease
  170. Single-particle inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
  171. The single-period inventory placement problem for a serial supply chain under alternative objectives
  172. The single-server queue with heavy tails
  173. Single-sex classrooms : Do they impact student absenteeism, academic achievement, and the drop-out rate?
  174. Single-Sex education : an uncertain urban reform initiative for the african-American male. a short-term exploratory case study
  175. Single-stage bi-directional converter for plug-in hybrid vehicle charging and Vehicle to Grid application
  176. Single-Stage soft-switched high-frequency transformer isolated ac-to-dc bridge converter and extension to multiphase converter
  177. Single-step treatment of 2,4-dinitrotoluene via zero-valent metal reduction and chemical oxidation
  178. Single-stranded nucleic acid conformation in context
  179. The single-track three legged mobile robot
  180. Single-visit versus multiple-visit non-surgical endodontic therapy
  181. Single-wall carbon nanotube-polymer nanocomposites : Fabrication, processing, morphology, and properties
  182. Single-Walled carbon nanotube bucky paper/epoxy composites : molecular dynamics simulation and process development
  183. Single-walled carbon nanotube-silicon nitride composites
  184. Single-word intelligibility in Cantonese speakers with repaired cleft palate
  185. Singled out : task and social implications of providing individual-level performance feedback in teams
  186. Singleton kinds and singleton types
  187. Singular cochains and rational homotopy type
  188. Singular integrals and rank one perturbations
  189. Singular kernels adapted to curved flags
  190. Singular perturbation and the energy of folds
  191. A singular perturbation approach to a two-phase parabolic free boundary problem arising in flame propagation
  192. A singular perturbation approach to modeling closed kinematic chains
  193. Singular sets of a class of fully non-linear equations in conformal geometry
  194. Singular value decomposition of helmholtz equation for acoustic radiation
  195. The singular value decompositions : theory, algorithms and applications
  196. A singular-value-based semi-fragile watermarking scheme for image content authentication with tampering lacalization
  197. Singularities of Lagrangian mean curvature flow
  198. Singularity avoidance for the 3-RRR mechanism using kinematic redundancy
  199. Singularity manifolds and Fundamental Theorem for multi-dimensional dispersing billiards
  200. Singularly perturbed control and optimization of multi-area power generation systems
  201. Sinicizing Jesus in the first half of the twentieth century---How Chinese Christians understood Jesus
  202. The sinification of buddhism as found in an early Chinese indigenous sutra : a study and translation of the fo-shuo ching-tu san-mei ching (the samadhi-sutra on liberation through purification spoken by the buddha)
  203. The Sinification of socialist legal "models" : the origins of Chinese socialist law, 1919-1949
  204. Sinister Cine-scape An Ostranenie of the Everyday through the Films of Alfred Hitchcock
  205. Sink or swim : Environmental governance in Southeast Asian coastal cities
  206. Sink or Swim : Understanding Mexican American Constraints and Facilitators for Swim Lesson Participation
  207. Sinkers and swimmers : student experiences with curriculum differentiation
  208. Sinkiang under Sheng Shih-ts'ai, 1933-1944 A.D
  209. Sinking Maps : A Conceptual Tool for Visual Metaphor
  210. Sinning boldly : Incest in dramaticliterature
  211. The Sino-American Cold War in the US senate : a study of the role of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in the making of China policy, 1953-1972
  212. Sino-American cooperation in the development of Taiwan's foreign trade policy, 1950-1965
  213. The Sino-American friendship as tradition and challenge : Dr. Ailie Gale in China, 1908-1950
  214. Sino-American rapprochement and its impact upon China's diplomacy in the 1970's
  215. Sino-American relations, 1945-1950, with emphasis on the outcome of China's entry to the Korean War
  216. Sino-American relationship during the presidency of Yuan Shih-K'ai : perception and reality
  217. The Sino-British Joint Declaration on the question of Hong-Kong : poltiical and legal perspectives
  218. Sino-British trade, 1950-1966
  219. Sino-canadian parents' perceptions of their children's chinese literacy development
  220. Sino-Hong Kong joint ventures : strategies, structures, and performance
  221. Sino-Japanese relations : the making of the peace and friendship treaty
  223. Sino-Lao relations in world politics since 1954 : the theory and practice of peaceful coexistence
  224. Sino-Muslims in Chinese nation-building, 1906--1956
  225. Sino-Russian relations and the implications for the economic development of Northeast Asia
  226. The Sino-Sonoran : Site and artifact variability of the Chinese in southern Arizona
  227. Sino-Soviet confrontation in indoChina
  228. The Sino-Soviet split, 1956--1966
  229. Sino-United States relations in an era of rapprochement : the important breakthrough in Chinese representation in the United Nations
  230. The Sino-United States-Taiwan triangular relationship, 1988-1997
  231. Sino-Vatican conflict, 1976-1982 : political and diplomatic influences on China's policies towards the Catholic Church
  232. The Sino-Vietnamese conflict : from communist allies to enemies (indoChina, Southeast Asia, China)
  233. Sinological-orientalism : the production of the West's post-Mao China (Mao Zedong)
  234. Sinophone comparative literature : problems, politics and possibilities
  235. Sins and salvations in clandestine scientific research : A social psychological and epistemological inquiry
  236. Sintering and crystallization of sol-gel derived lithium aluminosilicate (LAS) glass-ceramic powders
  237. Sintering and grain growth of nanosized powder
  238. Sinterung von Zirkoniumdioxid-Elektrolyten im Mehrlagenverbund der oxidkeramischen Brennstoffzelle (SOFC
  239. SiO-emitting condensations throughout the envelope of the yellow hypergiant IRC+10420
  240. Sippin', pausin', and visualizin' : Visual literacy and corporate advertising
  241. Sir Walter Ralegh's legacy : his "History of the World" in the seventeenth century
  242. Sirenes, spectres, ombres : Dramatic vocalization in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  243. The sirens of Java : gender ideologies, mythologies, and practice in central Java
  244. The SIRIUS project : Innovations in constructivism and textbook creation to improve student retention and student success
  245. siRNA-loaded cationic liposomes for cancer therapy : Development, characterization and efficacy evaluation
  246. Sirr-i akbar, Die persische Upaniṣadenübersetzung des Moġulprinzen Dārā Šukoh
  247. SIRT1 promotes cell proliferation and prevents cellular senescence through targeting LKB1 in primary porcine aortic endothelial cells
  248. SIRT1 represses estrogen-signaling, ligand-independent estrogen receptor alpha-mediated transcription, and cell proliferation in breast cancer cells via inhibition of the phosphoinositide 3-kinases pathway
  249. Sirtuin 6 expression in breast cancer
  250. Sirtuin-mediated mechanisms of homeostasis and aging in metazoans
  251. Sisco and scml : software tools for supply chain simulation modeling and information sharing
  252. Sistema de rotacion de puestos de trabajo para lineas de ensamblaje de tarjetas en la industria electronica (Spanish text)
  253. Sistema sportivo italiano : Il calcio tra storia e attualita
  254. Sister : A symbolic interactionist simulation of trade and emergent roles
  255. The sister narrative in turn-of-the-century british and American novels (e. m. forster, arnold bennett, willa cather, jessie fauset)
  256. Sister novelists : A comparative study of selected fiction by American and British women, 1797-1813
  257. Sisyphe For Ensemble
  258. The Sisyphusian predicament : Existentialism and a grounded theory analysis of the experience and practice of public administration
  259. The sit-down flush toilet revisited
  260. Site geology of Tung Chung reclamation area 56
  261. Site interaction and political geography in the upper usumacinta region during the late classic : a gis approach
  262. Site interpretation of the Lei Yue Men Fort
  263. Site investigation and human health risk assessment at Prince Albert National Park : A study of DDT contamination
  264. A Site Maintenance Care (SMC) guideline to reduce the occurrence of phlebitis among the adults with peripheral intravenous therapy
  265. Site principals' leadership strategies for changing high school staff cultures to support successful restructuring of curriculum and instruction
  266. Site response and attenuation analyses using strong motion and short-period data
  267. Site security team changeover transportation methods: An alternative
  268. Site selection methods of small ethnic minority businesses : A case study of the Bronx Terminal Market merchants; Bronx, New York
  269. Site specificity and the problematics of public art: recent transformations at the intersection of art and architecture
  270. Site Specifics : Modernist Mediums in Modern Places
  271. Site, nonsite, website : Technologies for perception
  272. Site-based management : A design perspective
  273. Site-based voices : Dilemmas of educators who engage in activism against student-to-student sexual harassment
  274. Site-directed mutagenesis studies of Escherichia coli biotin carboxylase
  275. Site-Resolved Imaging with the Fermi Gas Microscope
  276. Site-selective bioconjugations for the development of biomolecular devices
  277. Site-specific computing : for a data-based place
  278. Site-specific incorporation of synthetic amino acids into functioning ion channels
  279. Site-specific quantitative risk assessment in the slope safety system in Hong Kong
  280. Sites of lost dwelling : The figure of the archaic city in the discourses of urban design, 1938--1970
  281. Sites of meaning: ordinary language philosophy and the teaching of writing
  282. Sites of memory : Soviet myths in post-Soviet culture
  283. Sites of normalcy : Online writing education, prosthetic technology, and pedagogic violence
  284. Sites of production : An examination of Jeremy Deller's "It Is What It Is : Conversations about Iraq"
  285. Sites of struggle : articulations and deformations of power in marginal literature
  286. Siting noxious facilities as an n-person game
  287. Siting of waste treatment facilities : a case study of Hong Kong
  288. Sitting at the piano, cradled by speakers : developing a rhythmic performance practice in music for piano and "tape"
  289. Sitting on the African renaissance. Realizing and releasing the economic potential of the informal micro-enterprise sector in South Africa : A study of the impact of the South African metropolitan Johannesburg government policies towards the informal micro-enterprise sector
  290. Sittliches Bewusstsein als Handlungsmotiv bei römischen Historikern
  291. Situacion y perspectivas de la agricultura de Zacatecas, Mexico, bajo el neoliberalismo (1990--2000) (Spanish text)
  292. Situated cognition in a technology-based learning environment
  293. Situated evaluation of an interorganizational collaboration
  294. Situated Humanitarianism : Doing Good in the Aftermath of Disaster in Sri Lanka
  295. Situated intercultural communication : Domestic and international student interaction
  296. Situated knowledge in classical tibetan medicine : psychiatric aspects
  297. Situated language learning practices in an EFL reading class : case studies of six college students
  298. Situated learning in cyberspace : a study of an American online school
  299. Situated Learning in virtual worlds
  300. Situated modernities : Geographies ofidentity, urban space and globalization
  301. Situated networks : In [re]search of the public
  302. Situated representation: Solving the handcoding problem with emergent structured representation
  303. Situated student learning and spatial informational analysis for environmental problems
  304. Situating and transforming technology integration professional development for language teachers : a comparative multiple case study
  305. Situating Cindy Sherman : artisticcommunities, critical agendas and cultural allegiances, 1975-1984 (Robert Longo, Douglas Crimp)
  306. Situating Complexity : Relational Epistemologies and Complex Systems Thinking
  307. Situating digital tools through ubiquitous virtuality : Confluences of art, architecture, and activity in HCI
  308. Situating global ideas in local discourses : a comparative study of the transferability of values, norms, and cultures of liberal democratic governance in contemporary Malaysia and Singapore
  309. Situating linguistic landscape in time and space : A multidimensional study of the discursive construction of Washington, DC Chinatown
  310. Situating male fertility : A demographic analysis of male and female fertility in the United States
  311. Situating Simone de Beauvoir : a re-reading of "The Second Sex"
  312. Situating simulators : the integration of simulations in medical practice
  313. Situating social cognition : context effects on "implicit" processing
  314. Situating the concept of surplus repression within the principal-agent model : An exploratory study
  315. Situating traumatic memory in social value creation : an exploratory study in Liberia
  316. Situation assessment in information retrieval interaction (social interaction)
  317. The situation calculus : decidability and an approach based on the logic for non-monotone inductive definitions
  318. La situation d'emploi et d'embauche des jeunes adultes de Sudbury : Le point de vue des employeurs (Frenchtext, Ontario)
  319. Situation esthetique du cinema
  320. Situation Normal, All FAHQT Up : Language, Materiality & Machine Translation
  321. The situation of field supervision in physical education : A personal and empirical investigation
  322. Situation schemas, thematic roles and grammatical morphemes
  323. Situation theory and the semantics of propositional expressions
  324. Situation type, context coercion and the meanings of the Chinese aspect marker le
  325. Situation types and aspectual classes of verbs in mandarin Chinese (Chinese)
  326. Situation types and their temporal implicatures in Chinese
  327. Situation économique et sociale du fellah égyptien
  328. Situation- and task-specific motivation in foreign-language learning and teaching
  329. Situation-aware security for wireless ad hoc networks
  330. Situation-based intonation pattern distribution in a corpus of American English
  331. Situation-Dependent learning for interleaved planning and robot execution
  332. The situational activation of personality traits and its effect on adaptability : A theory for negotiation adaptability
  333. A situational analysis of the transitions of new counselor educators
  334. Situational and dispositional antecedents and consequences of impression management tactics : the role of political skill
  335. Situational and dispositional uncertainty as moderators of justice-to-outcome relationships : testing uncertainty management theory in virtual teams
  336. Situational considerations in information security : factors influencing perceived invasiveness toward biometrics
  337. Situational contexts of violent and non-violent disputes
  338. Situational crime prevention and residential burglary : a study in the New Territories (North) region in Hong Kong
  339. Situational factors in the purchase of burial caskets for spouses or parents and the post-consumption satisfaction of older surviving spouses and children
  340. Situational judgment and emotional intelligence tests : constructs and faking
  341. The Situational Leadership Approach Effects on Employee Motivation in Multi-Generational Information Technology Organizations
  342. Situational leadership in cross-cultural environments : the relationship between cross-cultural experience, culture training, leadership style, and leader-effectiveness in the United States foreign service
  343. Situational leadership style and employee turnover intent : A critical examination of healthcare organizations
  344. Situational leadership theory : An analysis within the European cultural environment
  345. A situational model of fast food restaurant consumption : Application of theory of reasoned action
  346. Situational self-awareness in the workplace
  347. Situational variation in ethnic identity and psychological well-being:A Palm Pilot study of Chinese-American students
  348. Situational, institutional, and dispositional barriers preventing or limiting participation in intramural programs by adult female students attending community colleges in Tennessee
  349. The situational-specificity of performance ratings : An application of trait activation theory
  350. Situations with ethical dimensions as described and addressed by California community college presidents
  351. Siu Sai Wan : life on and by water
  352. An SIV/Macaque model of HIV-induced peripheral nerve disease
  353. Six case studies of high school students' attitudes towards writing and how that affects their success in school
  354. Six case studies of secondary teachers implementing the Six-Trait Analytic Model for Writing Instruction and Assessment
  355. Six chapters of a utah social studies textbook for use in the junior highschools in utah
  356. Six Companies diplomacy : Chinese merchants and late Qing policy toward exclusion, 1848--1911
  357. Six degree of freedom optical sensor for dynamic measurement of linear axes
  358. Six degree-of-freedom Lorentz force actuators for vibration isolation and line of sight stabilization
  359. Six eyes gazing at the ghosts in the dark : Three novelists' explorations into the memories of the Vietnam War
  360. Six friendships : the social experiences of preschool-aged children with and without disabilities
  361. Six funny women : gender, body, sexuality and power in the stand-up comedy of judy tenuta, paula poundstone, ellen degeneres, roseanne barr pentland arnold thomas, adele givens and margaret cho
  362. Six mothers in search of a Swiss author : a critical exploration into Piaget's ideas of learning
  363. Six music compositions
  364. Six nations, one river : Testing a model of perceived effects of inter-governmental collaboration on sustainable tourism in the Greater Mekong Sub-region
  365. The six Paramitas : antidotes to fear
  366. Six potential industries : a study of competitiveness policy in Hong Kong
  367. Six religions' core views on god : a search for agreement and accord
  368. Six Sigma : Changing a culture
  369. Six Sigma and the university : Teaching, research, and meso-analysis
  370. Six sigma in action : A case study analysis
  371. Six Sigma methodology in automobile industry
  372. The Six Sigma strategy : A presentation to upper management
  373. Six Sigma training in preparing Black Belt leaders for conflict resolution
  374. Six-month-one-day employee stock option repricing : An examination of accounting considerations and incentive implications
  375. Six-year follow-up evaluation of a home visitation program: The prevention of child abuse/neglect in an Alaska Native population
  376. The sixteen lohans in the pai-miao style : From Sung to early Ch'ing
  377. Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) characteristics of parole agents
  378. The sixteenth-century motet : A comprehensive survey of the repertory and case studies of the core texts, composers,and repertory
  379. Sixteenth-century self-help : reception of the dialogue in Spain
  380. Sixth form general studies : some aspects of curriculum development in English schools foundation schools with particular reference to King George Vth School
  381. Sixth Generation films and national allegory (China)
  382. Sixth grade students' preinstructional problem-solving strategies for two step linear functions
  383. Sixth Grade Teachers' Perceptions of Training in Differentiation for English Language Learners
  384. Sixth-grade fitness levels and the FitnessGram assessment program
  385. Sixth-grade students' conceptions of magnets and magnetic phenomena before and after inquiry-based instruction
  387. Size and Agency Problems in Early Modern China and Japan
  388. Size and book-to-market effects in a regime-switching model
  389. The size and composition of commercial bank lending syndicates
  390. Size at birth and postnatal growth and development, morbidity and mortality
  391. Size change in pectoralis major myocutaneous flap after harvest and its associated factors
  392. Size control and characterization of colloidal magnetic cobalt nanoparticles
  393. Size dependence of strength of gold at the micron scale in the absence of strain gradients
  394. Size doesn't matter...or does it? Conundrums of power and personal experience in a non-dieting program
  395. Size effect and design safety in concrete structures under shear
  396. Size effect of quasibrittle materials and simulation of concrete decontamination using microwave heating
  397. Size effect on deformation of aluminum and duralumin micro-pillars
  398. Size effect on micro-metal strength simulated by discrete dislocation and dislocation density-function dynamics
  399. Size effects and deformation mechanisms in nanoscale metallic multilayered composites
  400. Size effects on the thermo-mechanical behavior on nano-structures/ materials
  401. Size matters: parental satisfaction in a small school
  402. The size of processing unit of writing Chinese characters in normal primary students
  403. The size of the risk : An environmental history of the nuclear Great Basin
  404. Size, age composition, and upstream migration of American eels at the Millville Dam eel ladder, Shenandoah River, West Virginia
  405. Size, leverage, and risk-taking of financial institutions
  406. Size, risk, and returns in commercial banking
  407. Size- and Adhesion-Based Microfluidic Cell Separation for Tissue Engineering and Clinical Diagnostics
  408. Size- and Speed-Scaling of Turbulent Premixed Combustion in a Spark- Ignition Engine
  409. Size-aware scheduling of TCP flows
  410. Size-Controlled Synthesis of Monodispersed Gold Nanoparticles via Carbon Monoxide Reduction
  411. Size-dependent metal-insulator transition in platinum-dispersed silicon dioxide thin film : A candidate for future non-volatile memory
  412. Size-dependent properties of semiconductor nanostructures
  413. A size-exclusion chromatography system for observing the transport and weak binding of Thermobifida fusca catalytic domains : Experimental and theoretical investigation
  414. Size-selectivity of British Columbia's sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) fisheries and implications for the economic losses associated with discarding
  415. Sizing and effort estimation model for information technology infrastructure projects
  416. Sizing router buffers
  417. Sizing Up the Principalship : The Relationship Between School Size and Principal Leadership in Elementary and Middle Schools
  418. Skate boot pressure analysis of elite and recreational ice hockey skaters during the execution of tight turns
  419. Skeletal and tissue response to automated, continuous, curvilinear distraction osteogenesis : a clinical and histological study
  420. Skeletal maturation of Danish school children in relation to height, sexual development, and social conditions
  421. Skeletal muscle blood flow responses to exercise in metabolicsyndrome
  422. Skeletal muscle damage, delayed onset muscle soreness and performance after resistance training with leucine and carbohydrate or carbohydrate alone
  423. Skeletal muscle metabolic flexibility impairments in response to lipid with obesity : Effect of exercise training
  424. Skeletal muscle metabolism in growing foals and transition mares
  425. Skeletal muscle protein turnover in runners and endurance-trained adults consuming the RDA for protein
  426. Skeletal Muscle Sympathetic Vasoconstrictor Control Following Short- Term Mild- and Heavy-Intensity Exercise Training
  427. Skeletal muscle trafficking and oxidation of fatty acids: animal and human models
  428. Skeletal muscle weakness and fatigue associated with chemotherapy
  429. Skeletal tissue as physiological agents in turtles (reptilia: testudines)
  430. Skeletal, dental and muscular effects in class II division 1 malocclusion treated by Herbst appliance
  431. Skeletonization and segmentation algorithms for object representation and analysis
  432. Skeletons in the cloister: Catholicism, sexual deviance, and the haunting of English national identity
  433. Skelettmessungen am Pferde als Beitrag zur theoretischen Grundlage der Beurteilungslehre des Pferdes
  434. Skeptical games
  435. Skeptical seductions : carpe diem,materialism, and doubt in English Renaissance literature
  436. Skepticism and externalist theories of thought content
  437. Skepticism and pluralism : Ways of living a life of awareness as recommended by the "Zhuangzi" (China)
  438. Skepticism and practical reasoning in hume's ethical theory (david hume)
  439. Skepticism between absurdity and idleness
  440. Sketch-based modeling of parametric surfaces using few strokes
  441. Sketches from the wilderness : 1680-1880. (Volumes I and II) (Landscape, photography, prints). : changing conceptions of nature in American natural history illustration
  442. Sketching spatial queries
  443. SketchUp validity modeling : A comparison between photographs and 3D models
  444. Skew minimized clock tree routing in vlsi (redundancy)
  445. Skew Pareto distributions
  446. The skewed subject a topological study of subjectivity in Bollywood films
  447. Skewness and dispersion of opinion and the cross section of stock returns
  448. Skewness preference and measurement of abnormal returns : A comparative evaluation of current vs. proposed event study paradigm
  449. Skewness, idiosyncratic volatility, and expected returns
  450. Ski operations managers' decision making under uncertainty
  451. Skid Row : homelessness on the Bowery in the twentieth century
  452. Skill accumulation and international productivity differences across sectors
  453. Skill and organizational complementarities to CAD/CAM technology use in small and medium sized manufacturing firms
  454. Skill and will for learning : self-schemas, motivational strategies, and self-regulated learning
  455. Skill development among student affairs professionals in the national association of student personnel administrators region iii
  456. Skill level differences in lower extremity kinematics and neuromuscular characteristics of female gymnasts during drop landings
  457. Skill utilization and underemployment among expatriates : A relative deprivation approach
  458. Skill versus chance activity preference and locus of control : role of masculinity-femininity and activity level
  459. Skill-based routing in an inbound call center : applying data mining to compare alternative simulated systems
  460. Skill-based strategies and interventions for parents of children with special needs
  461. Skilled Birth Attendance Improves Pregnancy Outcomes : exploring Why Some Angolan Women Chose Home Birth
  462. The Skilled Labor Market, Growth, and Income Inequality : a Theoretical and Empirical Examination
  463. Skills and activities related to experienced life meaningfulness in four domains : socioemotional, cognitive, spiritual, and physical
  464. Skills and perceptions related to pure utilitarian mathematics among undergraduate students enrolled in courses for mathematics-based majors
  465. Skills for building organizational capacity in high schools : role of the principals' academy of western pennsylvania
  466. Skills management heuristics
  467. Skills opportunity schools in Hong Kong : a case study
  468. Skills prediction in early intensive education programs for children with autism spectrum disorder
  469. Skills, education, and lifetime earnings
  470. Skills, labor, and the structural dynamics of the economy
  471. Skilquewat : on the trail of property woman. the life story of freda diesing (British Columbia)
  472. Skin and bones : circumduction movement in joint structures
  473. Skin care practices in premature infants
  474. Skin deep : authorship, authenticity, and picturing a self in American art since the 1970s
  475. Skin Dose Measurements for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
  476. Skin sensations perceived in apparel wear under varying conditions
  477. Skip entry trajectory planning and guidance
  478. Skryabin, Rakhmaninov, and Prokofiev as composer-pianists : The Russian piano tradition, aesthetics, and performance practices
  479. Sky Univer-[CITY] : an architectural type of the new millenium urbanism in Shanghai
  480. A skyline view of our world : A study of geometry concerning volume and area in three-dimensional shapes
  481. Skype as a Scaffolding Tool for Underprepared Freshmen English Composition Students
  482. Skyrise greenery development in the Hong Kong context
  483. A skyscraper-city almanac : search for a Hong Kong environmental ethic
  484. Skywalk : new elevated walkway system in Tsim Sha Tsui
  485. SLA characterization for surface finish improvement : Inverse design methods for process planning
  486. Slack and performance in group participative budgeting : the effects of individual and group performance feedback and task interdependence
  487. The SLAI Methodology : a systematic aspect-oriented identification process for functional and non-functional requirements
  488. Slat tonal noise mechanisms in a two-dimensional multi-element airfoil configuration
  489. Slavery and the Civil War in Cultural Memory
  490. Slavery's legacies : An investigation of trauma, attachment, parent-child relations, survival and resistance during African-American enslavement as understood through two female slave narratives
  491. Slavery's visual and literary legacy : trauma studies and recent reconfigurations of slave bodies (kara walker, glenn ligon, octavia e. butler, toni morrison, alex haley)
  492. The slaves of colonial New England : Discourses of colonialism and identity at the Isaac Royall House, Medford, Massachusetts, 1732--1775
  493. The Slavic dual : Morphosyntactic feature economy as a factor in language change
  494. Slavic power and Turkic nations : a survey of western scholarship on the history of Russian Central Asia
  495. Sleek vs. stately : a comparison of the commercial practices employed by the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums
  496. Sleep and circadian rhythm disruptions in anxiety and depressive disorders among adolescents and young adults
  497. Sleep and cognitive deficits in older adults
  498. Sleep and daytime sleepiness in first-time mothers during early postpartum in Taiwan
  499. Sleep and food preferences
  500. Sleep and mood profiles of pre-adolescents and adolescents with bipolar disorder