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  1. Situation type, context coercion and the meanings of the Chinese aspect marker le
  2. Situation types and aspectual classes of verbs in mandarin Chinese (Chinese)
  3. Situation types and their temporal implicatures in Chinese
  4. Situation économique et sociale du fellah égyptien
  5. Situation- and task-specific motivation in foreign-language learning and teaching
  6. Situation-aware security for wireless ad hoc networks
  7. Situation-based intonation pattern distribution in a corpus of American English
  8. Situation-Dependent learning for interleaved planning and robot execution
  9. The situational activation of personality traits and its effect on adaptability : A theory for negotiation adaptability
  10. A situational analysis of the transitions of new counselor educators
  11. Situational and dispositional antecedents and consequences of impression management tactics : the role of political skill
  12. Situational and dispositional uncertainty as moderators of justice-to-outcome relationships : testing uncertainty management theory in virtual teams
  13. Situational considerations in information security : factors influencing perceived invasiveness toward biometrics
  14. Situational contexts of violent and non-violent disputes
  15. Situational crime prevention and residential burglary : a study in the New Territories (North) region in Hong Kong
  16. Situational factors in the purchase of burial caskets for spouses or parents and the post-consumption satisfaction of older surviving spouses and children
  17. Situational judgment and emotional intelligence tests : constructs and faking
  18. The Situational Leadership Approach Effects on Employee Motivation in Multi-Generational Information Technology Organizations
  19. Situational leadership in cross-cultural environments : the relationship between cross-cultural experience, culture training, leadership style, and leader-effectiveness in the United States foreign service
  20. Situational leadership style and employee turnover intent : A critical examination of healthcare organizations
  21. Situational leadership theory : An analysis within the European cultural environment
  22. A situational model of fast food restaurant consumption : Application of theory of reasoned action
  23. Situational self-awareness in the workplace
  24. Situational variation in ethnic identity and psychological well-being:A Palm Pilot study of Chinese-American students
  25. Situational, institutional, and dispositional barriers preventing or limiting participation in intramural programs by adult female students attending community colleges in Tennessee
  26. The situational-specificity of performance ratings : An application of trait activation theory
  27. Situations with ethical dimensions as described and addressed by California community college presidents
  28. Siu Sai Wan : life on and by water
  29. An SIV/Macaque model of HIV-induced peripheral nerve disease
  30. Six case studies of high school students' attitudes towards writing and how that affects their success in school
  31. Six case studies of secondary teachers implementing the Six-Trait Analytic Model for Writing Instruction and Assessment
  32. Six chapters of a utah social studies textbook for use in the junior highschools in utah
  33. Six Companies diplomacy : Chinese merchants and late Qing policy toward exclusion, 1848--1911
  34. Six degree of freedom optical sensor for dynamic measurement of linear axes
  35. Six degree-of-freedom Lorentz force actuators for vibration isolation and line of sight stabilization
  36. Six eyes gazing at the ghosts in the dark : Three novelists' explorations into the memories of the Vietnam War
  37. Six friendships : the social experiences of preschool-aged children with and without disabilities
  38. Six funny women : gender, body, sexuality and power in the stand-up comedy of judy tenuta, paula poundstone, ellen degeneres, roseanne barr pentland arnold thomas, adele givens and margaret cho
  39. Six mothers in search of a Swiss author : a critical exploration into Piaget's ideas of learning
  40. Six music compositions
  41. Six nations, one river : Testing a model of perceived effects of inter-governmental collaboration on sustainable tourism in the Greater Mekong Sub-region
  42. The six Paramitas : antidotes to fear
  43. Six potential industries : a study of competitiveness policy in Hong Kong
  44. Six religions' core views on god : a search for agreement and accord
  45. Six Sigma : Changing a culture
  46. Six Sigma and the university : Teaching, research, and meso-analysis
  47. Six sigma in action : A case study analysis
  48. Six Sigma methodology in automobile industry
  49. The Six Sigma strategy : A presentation to upper management
  50. Six Sigma training in preparing Black Belt leaders for conflict resolution
  51. Six-month-one-day employee stock option repricing : An examination of accounting considerations and incentive implications
  52. Six-year follow-up evaluation of a home visitation program: The prevention of child abuse/neglect in an Alaska Native population
  53. The sixteen lohans in the pai-miao style : From Sung to early Ch'ing
  54. Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) characteristics of parole agents
  55. The sixteenth-century motet : A comprehensive survey of the repertory and case studies of the core texts, composers,and repertory
  56. Sixteenth-century self-help : reception of the dialogue in Spain
  57. Sixth form general studies : some aspects of curriculum development in English schools foundation schools with particular reference to King George Vth School
  58. Sixth Generation films and national allegory (China)
  59. Sixth grade students' preinstructional problem-solving strategies for two step linear functions
  60. Sixth Grade Teachers' Perceptions of Training in Differentiation for English Language Learners
  61. Sixth-grade fitness levels and the FitnessGram assessment program
  62. Sixth-grade students' conceptions of magnets and magnetic phenomena before and after inquiry-based instruction
  64. Size and Agency Problems in Early Modern China and Japan
  65. Size and book-to-market effects in a regime-switching model
  66. The size and composition of commercial bank lending syndicates
  67. Size at birth and postnatal growth and development, morbidity and mortality
  68. Size change in pectoralis major myocutaneous flap after harvest and its associated factors
  69. Size control and characterization of colloidal magnetic cobalt nanoparticles
  70. Size dependence of strength of gold at the micron scale in the absence of strain gradients
  71. Size doesn't matter...or does it? Conundrums of power and personal experience in a non-dieting program
  72. Size effect and design safety in concrete structures under shear
  73. Size effect of quasibrittle materials and simulation of concrete decontamination using microwave heating
  74. Size effect on deformation of aluminum and duralumin micro-pillars
  75. Size effects and deformation mechanisms in nanoscale metallic multilayered composites
  76. Size effects on the thermo-mechanical behavior on nano-structures/ materials
  77. Size matters: parental satisfaction in a small school
  78. The size of processing unit of writing Chinese characters in normal primary students
  79. The size of the risk : An environmental history of the nuclear Great Basin
  80. Size, age composition, and upstream migration of American eels at the Millville Dam eel ladder, Shenandoah River, West Virginia
  81. Size, leverage, and risk-taking of financial institutions
  82. Size, risk, and returns in commercial banking
  83. Size- and Adhesion-Based Microfluidic Cell Separation for Tissue Engineering and Clinical Diagnostics
  84. Size-aware scheduling of TCP flows
  85. Size-Controlled Synthesis of Monodispersed Gold Nanoparticles via Carbon Monoxide Reduction
  86. Size-dependent metal-insulator transition in platinum-dispersed silicon dioxide thin film : A candidate for future non-volatile memory
  87. Size-dependent properties of semiconductor nanostructures
  88. A size-exclusion chromatography system for observing the transport and weak binding of Thermobifida fusca catalytic domains : Experimental and theoretical investigation
  89. Size-selectivity of British Columbia's sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) fisheries and implications for the economic losses associated with discarding
  90. Sizing and effort estimation model for information technology infrastructure projects
  91. Sizing router buffers
  92. Sizing Up the Principalship : The Relationship Between School Size and Principal Leadership in Elementary and Middle Schools
  93. Skate boot pressure analysis of elite and recreational ice hockey skaters during the execution of tight turns
  94. Skeletal maturation of Danish school children in relation to height, sexual development, and social conditions
  95. Skeletal muscle blood flow responses to exercise in metabolicsyndrome
  96. Skeletal muscle damage, delayed onset muscle soreness and performance after resistance training with leucine and carbohydrate or carbohydrate alone
  97. Skeletal muscle metabolic flexibility impairments in response to lipid with obesity : Effect of exercise training
  98. Skeletal muscle metabolism in growing foals and transition mares
  99. Skeletal muscle protein turnover in runners and endurance-trained adults consuming the RDA for protein
  100. Skeletal muscle trafficking and oxidation of fatty acids: animal and human models
  101. Skeletal muscle weakness and fatigue associated with chemotherapy
  102. Skeletal tissue as physiological agents in turtles (reptilia: testudines)
  103. Skeletal, dental and muscular effects in class II division 1 malocclusion treated by Herbst appliance
  104. Skeletonization and segmentation algorithms for object representation and analysis
  105. Skeletons in the cloister: Catholicism, sexual deviance, and the haunting of English national identity
  106. Skelettmessungen am Pferde als Beitrag zur theoretischen Grundlage der Beurteilungslehre des Pferdes
  107. Skeptical games
  108. Skeptical seductions : carpe diem,materialism, and doubt in English Renaissance literature
  109. Skepticism and externalist theories of thought content
  110. Skepticism and pluralism : Ways of living a life of awareness as recommended by the "Zhuangzi" (China)
  111. Skepticism and practical reasoning in hume's ethical theory (david hume)
  112. Skepticism between absurdity and idleness
  113. Sketch-based modeling of parametric surfaces using few strokes
  114. Sketches from the wilderness : 1680-1880. (Volumes I and II) (Landscape, photography, prints). : changing conceptions of nature in American natural history illustration
  115. Sketching spatial queries
  116. SketchUp validity modeling : A comparison between photographs and 3D models
  117. Skew minimized clock tree routing in vlsi (redundancy)
  118. Skew Pareto distributions
  119. The skewed subject a topological study of subjectivity in Bollywood films
  120. Skewness preference and measurement of abnormal returns : A comparative evaluation of current vs. proposed event study paradigm
  121. Skewness, idiosyncratic volatility, and expected returns
  122. Ski operations managers' decision making under uncertainty
  123. Skid Row : homelessness on the Bowery in the twentieth century
  124. Skill accumulation and international productivity differences across sectors
  125. Skill and organizational complementarities to CAD/CAM technology use in small and medium sized manufacturing firms
  126. Skill and will for learning : self-schemas, motivational strategies, and self-regulated learning
  127. Skill development among student affairs professionals in the national association of student personnel administrators region iii
  128. Skill level differences in lower extremity kinematics and neuromuscular characteristics of female gymnasts during drop landings
  129. Skill utilization and underemployment among expatriates : A relative deprivation approach
  130. Skill versus chance activity preference and locus of control : role of masculinity-femininity and activity level
  131. Skill-based routing in an inbound call center : applying data mining to compare alternative simulated systems
  132. Skill-based strategies and interventions for parents of children with special needs
  133. Skills and activities related to experienced life meaningfulness in four domains : socioemotional, cognitive, spiritual, and physical
  134. Skills and perceptions related to pure utilitarian mathematics among undergraduate students enrolled in courses for mathematics-based majors
  135. Skills for building organizational capacity in high schools : role of the principals' academy of western pennsylvania
  136. Skills management heuristics
  137. Skills opportunity schools in Hong Kong : a case study
  138. Skills prediction in early intensive education programs for children with autism spectrum disorder
  139. Skills, education, and lifetime earnings
  140. Skills, labor, and the structural dynamics of the economy
  141. Skilquewat : on the trail of property woman. the life story of freda diesing (British Columbia)
  142. Skin and bones : circumduction movement in joint structures
  143. Skin care practices in premature infants
  144. Skin deep : authorship, authenticity, and picturing a self in American art since the 1970s
  145. Skin Dose Measurements for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
  146. Skin sensations perceived in apparel wear under varying conditions
  147. Skip entry trajectory planning and guidance
  148. Skryabin, Rakhmaninov, and Prokofiev as composer-pianists : The Russian piano tradition, aesthetics, and performance practices
  149. Sky Univer-[CITY] : an architectural type of the new millenium urbanism in Shanghai
  150. A skyline view of our world : A study of geometry concerning volume and area in three-dimensional shapes
  151. Skyrise greenery development in the Hong Kong context
  152. A skyscraper-city almanac : search for a Hong Kong environmental ethic
  153. Skywalk : new elevated walkway system in Tsim Sha Tsui
  154. SLA characterization for surface finish improvement : Inverse design methods for process planning
  155. Slack and performance in group participative budgeting : the effects of individual and group performance feedback and task interdependence
  156. The SLAI Methodology : a systematic aspect-oriented identification process for functional and non-functional requirements
  157. Slat tonal noise mechanisms in a two-dimensional multi-element airfoil configuration
  158. Slavery's legacies : An investigation of trauma, attachment, parent-child relations, survival and resistance during African-American enslavement as understood through two female slave narratives
  159. Slavery's visual and literary legacy : trauma studies and recent reconfigurations of slave bodies (kara walker, glenn ligon, octavia e. butler, toni morrison, alex haley)
  160. The slaves of colonial New England : Discourses of colonialism and identity at the Isaac Royall House, Medford, Massachusetts, 1732--1775
  161. Slavic power and Turkic nations : a survey of western scholarship on the history of Russian Central Asia
  162. Sleek vs. stately : a comparison of the commercial practices employed by the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums
  163. Sleep and circadian rhythm disruptions in anxiety and depressive disorders among adolescents and young adults
  164. Sleep and cognitive deficits in older adults
  165. Sleep and daytime sleepiness in first-time mothers during early postpartum in Taiwan
  166. Sleep and food preferences
  167. Sleep and mood profiles of pre-adolescents and adolescents with bipolar disorder
  168. Sleep and sensorimotor learning in an oscine
  169. Sleep and sleep-related behaviors in chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)
  170. Sleep behaviors and sleep quality in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  171. Sleep characteristics of students referred for academic problems
  172. Sleep dependent memory consolidation during a daytime nap in adolescents
  173. Sleep deprivation in postpartum women
  174. Sleep differences in aerobically fit and unfit older adults
  175. Sleep disturbance among community living elderly persons in Hong Kong
  176. Sleep duration and cognitive function : a systematic review
  177. The sleep habits of NCAA Division II athletes and non-athletes
  179. Sleep patterns of secondary school students in Hong Kong : a cross-sectional study
  180. Sleep problems, sensory processing difficulties, and social participation in children with autism spectrum disorders
  181. Sleep quality versus sleep quantity : relationship between sleep and measures of health, well-being and sleepiness in University students
  182. Sleep regulation in old people : the role of bright light and melatonin
  183. Sleep related breathing disorders in children
  184. Sleep to learn after stroke : The role of sleep and instruction in off-line motor learning
  185. Sleep-wake disturbance in people with interepisode bipolar disorder
  186. The Sleeper's dream : asclepius ritual and early christian discourse
  187. Sleepwalkers in the cities of Dostoevsky and T.S. Eliot
  188. Sleight of hand : law, technology, and the moral deployment of authorship in the napster and decss copyright cases
  189. Slicing of 3D CAD models for mould design
  190. Sliding contacts and the dynamics of magnetic tape transport
  191. Sliding mode control applied to an underactuated fuel cell system
  192. Sliding mode control for singularly perturbed systems
  193. Sliding mode control of a reusable launch vehicle using sliding mode observers and gain adaptation
  194. Sliding mode control of discrete-time weakly coupled systems
  195. Sliding mode tracking control of output voltage in multiple modularDC-to-DC boost power converters
  196. Sliding wear behaviour of eutectic Aluminum-Silicon alloy under lubricated conditions : An investigation on the effect of ethanol (E85) addition
  197. Slim chance : A study of communication in the airline industry
  198. Slimming culture in Hong Kong : a sociological study
  199. Slip characteristics of San Andreas Fault transition zone segments
  200. Slip line modeling of machining with worn blunt cutting tools
  201. Slip, swim, mix, pack : Fluid mechanics at the micron scale
  202. Slippage: The hidden cost of trading
  203. Slippery bridge : Chinese Diaspora and narratives of self and community
  204. Slippery paths: the performance and canonization of turkic literature and uyghur muqam song in islam and modernity (China)
  205. A slippery slope : essays on income, wealth, and the health gradient
  206. Slipping backward: The Nebraska Supreme Court1938--1995
  207. Slipping from the stratosphere : British aerospace in the superpower era
  208. SLISORDAS : selective Laser Sintering Simulator Data Analysis System
  209. Sliver-Free three dimensional delaunay mesh generation
  210. Slope behaviour during excavation of the sarnia approach to the saint clair tunnel
  211. Slope estimation in a parametric measurement error model : A simulation study
  212. Slope failure probability based on performance history in Hong Kong
  213. Slope flows and thermal comfort for hospital natural ventilation
  214. Slope mainteannce [i.e. maintenance] and repair works in Hong Kong
  215. Slope stability analysis of a portion of Santa Clara County, California
  216. Slope stability analysis of Downie Slide : Numerical modelling and GIS data analysis for geotechnical decison support
  217. Slope stability analysis using rigid elements
  218. Slot coating flows : Feasibility, quality
  219. Slotting allowances, failure fees and asymmetric information in the grocery supply chain
  220. Slouching towards extimacy : symbolic exchange and monstrous appetites in "Beowulf"
  221. Slovakia from the downfall of Communism to its accession into the European Union, 1989-2004 : The re-emergence of political parties and democratic institutions
  222. Slow and fast light in semiconductors
  223. Slow and fast light using nonlinear processes in semiconductor optical amplifiers
  224. Slow and stored light in atomic vapor cells
  225. Slow career progress : the lack of mentors for women managers
  226. The slow dance : The therapists' experience of working with an Asian American client with a trauma history A transcendental phenomenological investigation
  227. Slow dynamics and aging in metastable systems
  228. Slow food : A globalized social movement with an anti-globalization mission
  229. Slow Motion : The Spaces of Waiting at the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal
  230. Slow space for musing
  231. The Slow Splintering : For string quartet, percussion quartet, and electronics
  232. Slow-light physics for all-optical tunable delay
  233. Slowing down teaching: Interviewing TIMSS course participants to understand the effects of guided lesson analysis on teacher understanding of math instruction
  234. Sludge management : oversea experience and application in Hong Kong
  235. Sludge management in Hong Kong
  236. Slugger or slacker : a sabermetric assessment of free agency on Major League Baseball player performance
  237. Slugging in the fast lane : a study of transient nonintimate relationships through public and private space
  238. Sluicing and stripping in Japanese and some implications
  239. Slum Dwellers, Bankers and Bureaucrats : A Historical Comparative Analysis of State Formation, Urbanization and the United Nations in East Africa
  240. Slum growth in the rapidly urbanizing developing world
  241. Slumming it in India : translating poverty for tourism
  242. Slums and children's disadvantage : The case of India
  243. Slurred speech : free speech rights and social media on the college campus
  244. Slurry transportation of ores and industrial minerals in a vertical pipe by centrifugal pumps : a pilot-plant investigation of hydraulic hoisting
  245. Smale's inequalities for polynomials and mean value conjecture
  246. Small allies, big challenges : The international politics of military access
  247. Small and large trader behavior : Reactions to information in financial markets
  248. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) : Financing, taxation and international trade. : the engine of Canada's economy. The legal framework of three sensitive spheres for SMEs' growth
  249. Small and smaller : information technology resources in rural and frontier nevada schools
  250. Small and stable descriptors of distributions for geometric statistical problems
  251. Small angle neutron scattering from complex systems
  252. Small area analyses of adverse pregnancy outcomes and deprivation in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
  253. Small area variations in surgical rates : Simulation as an aid in interpretation of findings
  254. Small Arts Organizations : Supporting their Creative Vitality
  255. Small Audit Firms and Earnings Manipulations
  256. Small ball estimates for the fractional brownian sheet
  257. Small bank planning practices, ownership characteristics and performance
  258. Small Boolean networks
  259. Small business and high-performance management practices
  260. Small business continuity planning : Using insurance as a resource, not a solitary means for recovery
  261. Small business development centers and vocational rehabilitation : Opening doors to entrepreneurship for people with disabilities
  262. Small business financing sources and self-employment trends of mainland and island-born Puerto Ricans
  263. Small Business Growth, Finance and Innovation
  264. Small business in the United States : a field study of three Chinese restaurants in Midland, Texas
  265. Small Business Leadership and Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction and Performance : Correlational Research
  266. Small business management and employee perceptions of disaster impact
  267. Small business modelling within the financial Accounting Conceptual Framework
  268. Small business recycling and buy-recycled programs in officebuildings
  269. Small business success : The roles planning, location, and government play in the entrepreneurship development
  270. Small business support of health-related causes
  271. Small business sustainability : It's more than appreciative inquiry and ADDIE methods
  272. Small Christian communities and religious education : a study of the movement in the Archdiocese of Seoul (Korea)
  273. Small city revitalization : an analysis of strategies utilized in Upstate New York
  274. The small clause in Russian : Structure and history
  275. Small Farmers and the Agro-industrial Production and Services Cooperative of Coronel Oviedo : opportunities for growth
  276. Small firm performance : the effects of two proposed strategies
  277. Small firm strategic planning : Strategy, environment, and performance
  278. Small firm-large firm relationships : When do they create value?
  279. Small footpring - A solution to reducing our impact on theenvironment
  280. Small force detection using microcantilevers : search for sub-millimeter-range deviation from Newtonian gravity
  281. Small graph decompositions
  282. Small group discussions : what students really say when they talk about expository text
  283. A Small group interaction via videoconferencing : users' perceptions and the effects of communication conditions on cohesiveness, social presence, and sense of presence
  284. Small group learning in an online asynchronous environment
  285. Small group learning in mathematics
  286. Small GTPases regulate breast epithelial differentiation andmigration
  287. Small high schools : transaction cost economics. the economizing school governance model
  288. Small Interfering RNA Imaging Probes for Neurological Applications
  289. Small interfering RNAs with a novel motif potently induce an early strong β-defensin 4 production which provides strong antiviraleffects
  290. A small island nation poor in resources : Natural and human resource anxieties in trans-World War II Japan
  291. Small linguistics : Phonological history and lexical loans in Nakijin dialect Okinawan (Japan)
  292. Small mammal populations and species habitat selection in the remnant tallgrass prairies of northwestern Arkansas
  293. Small mammals of the southeastern Amazon and the ecological consequences of selective logging
  294. Small manufacturing businesses in Hong Kong : an analysis of their economic significance, performance and management characteristics
  295. Small meat lockers working group : a participatory action research project to revitalize the decentralized meatpacking sector in Iowa
  296. Small molecule activation by diamidophosphine complexes of vanadium, niobium and tantalum
  297. Small molecule and self-assembled monolayer templating strategies
  298. Small molecule microarrays: A high-throughput tool for discovering protein-small molecule interactions
  299. Small molecule modulation of biological systems
  300. Small molecule rhenium carbonyl complexes : Model integrated-design technetium estrogen receptor ligands for tumor imaging
  301. Small molecule tools for probing glycosylation
  302. Small molecule-based synthetic ion channels modulate smooth muscle contraction and epithelial ion transport
  303. Small molecules, regeneration, and cell fate
  304. Small newspapers, big changes : awareness of market-driven journalism and consequences for community newspapers
  305. Small noncoding RNAs and their biogenesis in Tetrahymena thermophila
  306. Small open space in dense urban area : Wan Chai Road / Tai Yuen Street redevelopment project
  307. A small perturbation based optimization approach for the frequency placement of high aspect ratio wings
  308. Small plastic debris on beaches in Hong Kong : an initial investigation
  309. A small power's place in a big power's world : Turkeythe United Statesand the early Cold War
  310. Small prime solutions of cubic and quartic diagonal equations
  311. Small prime solutions of some ternary equations
  312. Small sample methods for the analysis of clustered binary data
  313. Small scale contact and adhesion of soft materials in nano- and bio-systems
  314. Small scale contact behavior in metallic films : indentation and adhesion experimental studies
  315. Small scale renewable energy storage system using hydrogen combustion
  316. Small scale solar powered drip irrigation
  317. Small scale stochastic dynamics for particle image velocimetry applications
  318. Small scale structure in uniform wind tunnel turbulent shear flow
  319. A small scale study evaluating allelic frequencies of human neutrophil antigens in Hong Kong Chinese population
  320. Small school reform : the perceptions of principals regarding the degree of school autonomy realized in five key areas of small school reform
  321. Small signal model of an HVDC terminal for stability analysis of AC-DC power systems
  322. A small state constructing a lead role : the netherlands and climate change
  323. Small states, the Internet and development : Pathways to power in a global information society
  324. Small strain behavior of compressible Chicago glacial clay
  325. Small strain shear modulus of unsaturated, compacted soils during hydraulic hysteresis
  326. Small tourism business development : A developing country perspective
  327. Small traders and increased price volatility after stock splits
  328. Small wind/photovoltaic hybrid renewable energy system optimization
  329. Small World, Big Ideas, and Smart Companies -- A Qualitative Study of Academic Spin-off Companies and Knowledge Creation
  330. Small, high-technology firms and their larger strategic alliance partners : Entrepreneurial and resource-based perspectives
  331. Small-angle X-ray scattering of RNA, proteins, and membrane protein-detergent complexes
  332. Small-business incubators : Assessing their role in economic development
  333. Small-business owners' attitudes towards tourism and capacity for innovation : A case study in rural northwestern Ontario
  334. Small-farm rabbit meat production and consumer demands in South Texas
  335. Small-for-size graft injury in adult living donor liver transplantation
  337. Small-molecule organic thin film transistors
  338. The small-sample distribution of parameter estimators in a spatial ARAR(1,1) model : A Monte Carlo study
  339. Small-scale coastal dynamics and mixing from a Lagrangian perspective
  340. Small-scale community structure and trophic ecology of groundfishes in the stellwagen bank national marine sanctuary under two anthropogenic disturbance regimes
  341. Small-scale electricity generation using cow manure microbial fuel cells
  342. A small-scale industrial communications network using a power line modem
  343. Small-scale industrialization in the Guatemalan Western Highlands
  344. Small-scale sediment transport processes and bedform dynamics
  345. Small-scale tourism development in Communist Cuba
  346. Small-scale variability in benthic food webs in the northeastern Chukchi Sea
  347. Small-signal modeling of rf cmos
  348. Small-world characteristics in geographic, epidemic, and virtual spaces : A comparative study
  349. Smallholder land interests, political opportunities and farmer organization : A case study of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union
  350. The Smallholder Project
  351. Smallholder resource management strategies : A framework for building sustainability in the Cameroon rainforest
  352. Smallpox and the disintegration of the Roman economy after 165 AD (Roman Empire)
  353. Smart antenna : adaptive beamforming algorithms and slot allocation schemes
  354. Smart antennas at handsets for the 3G wideband CDMA systems and adaptive low-power rake combining schemes
  355. A SMART approach to THRIVE in mathematics : A study of the relationship of attitude and achievement
  356. Smart arts : applying digital technology to increase engagement and value in museums and historic sites
  357. Smart base isolation systems for seismic response control of plan-asymmetric buildings
  358. Smart boards to chalkboards : Professional development for early childhood teachers in rural East Africa
  359. Smart buildings : Synergy in structural control, structural health monitoring and environmental systems
  360. Smart by (perceived) association : Cognitive social networks and teacher academic judgments
  361. Smart card application development using Web services
  362. A smart card based authentication system for peer and group model
  363. Smart card business strategy in Hong Kong
  364. The smart card technology in the financial services
  365. Smart card, weak effort? Consultation in the Ontario Smart Card Project
  366. Smart card-enabled security services to support secure telemedicine applications
  367. A smart clustering-based contention free protocol in wireless sensor networks
  368. Smart communities: Defining factors and the influence of team leadership on their development
  369. Smart Compilers for Reliable and Power-efficient Embedded Computing
  370. A smart controller for a fuel cell-operated home
  371. Smart cookies : a Girl Scout learning community
  372. Smart drilling of advanced fiber reinforced composite materials
  373. Smart energy dissipation systems for protection of civil infrastructures from near-field earthquakes
  374. Smart foam for active vibration and noise control
  375. Smart Grid Adoption Likeliness Framework : Comparing Idaho and National Residential Consumers' Perceptions
  376. Smart Grid Functionality of a PV-Energy Storage System
  377. Smart growth and age-friendly communities : Evaluating EPA's active aging award-winning programs
  378. Smart growth and the scaling of community interest in an older suburb : a case study of revitalization in Baltimore County, MD
  379. Smart growth for strong communities : Which existing smart growth features lead to highly desirable neighborhoods?
  380. Smart growth policies and the public sector costs of growth (Maryland,Virginia)
  381. Smart growth policies in the United States : what tools are most successful and under what conditions
  382. Smart growth, sustainability and self-sufficiency for owings mills, maryland : an overview
  383. Smart helicopter rotor with piezoelectric bender actuated trailing-edge flaps
  384. A Smart Home Networking Simulation for Energy Saving
  385. A Smart material from oligomers and polymers
  386. Smart memories : a reconfigurable memory system architecture
  387. Smart microplates : integration of photodiode within micromachined silicon pyramidal cavity for detecting chemiluminescent reactions and methodology of passive RFID-type readout
  388. Smart Phones and Dietary Tracking : A Feasibility Study
  389. Smart polymer materials
  390. Smart sensors for utility assets
  391. Smart students struggling in school : survey of national programs for gifted students with special education exceptionalities
  392. Smarthinking : An action research study measuring the effect of on graduate student writing
  393. Smartphone Apps on the Mobile Web : An Exploratory Case Study of Business Models
  394. SmarTrip route planner : an Internet application using various computer technologies
  395. Smectic Liquid Crystal Freely Suspended Films : Testing Beds for the Physics in Thin Membranes
  396. Smelling and tasting are believing : A studio inquiry into an intersensorial practice
  397. Smile you are being monitored : A study of video surveillance monitoring privacy issues
  398. Smiley Face
  399. Smiling and lying : corporate evasions of responsibility regarding global sweatshops
  400. Smokers' thinking regarding their future quitting behavior their future quitting behavior
  401. A smokin' good ad : How efficacy and emotional tone interact in anti-smoking messages
  402. Smoking and its relations with eating attitudes, body satisfaction and mood among female adolescents in Hong Kong
  403. Smoking and liver enzymes in older Chinese men : the Guangzhou biobank cohort study (GBCS)
  404. Smoking bans in psychiatric hospitals
  405. The smoking behavior of young Hong Kong female flight attendants in major airline in Hong Kong
  406. Smoking cessation among adolescents and young adults in Hong Kong
  407. Smoking cessation experience survey
  408. Smoking cessation guideline for the management of patients hospitalised with acute coronary syndrome
  409. A smoking cessation intervention for patients undergoing elective surgery
  410. Smoking cessation programme in Hong Kong
  411. Smoking habits, knowledge, and attitudes towards quitting among Filipino adults in Hong Kong and Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
  412. Smoking in patients with type II diabetes mellitus : what do we know and how can we help?
  413. Smoking in the age of clean air
  414. The smoking of dagga (Indian hemp) among the native races of South Africa, and the resultant evils
  415. Smoking or not smoking? A logit model analysis
  416. Smoking out the enemy : the national goods movement and the advertising of nationalism in China, 1880--1937
  417. Smoking typewriters: The New Left's print culture, 1962--1969 (Marshall Bloom)
  418. Smoking, drinking, and binge drinking: An empirical study of the role of price on consumption by high school seniors
  419. Smoking, obesity, depression and mortality in a Chinese elderly cohort in Hong Kong
  420. Smoking, occupational exposures and lymphocyte DNA damage in Chinese workers
  421. Smooth Densities For Solutions To Differential Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion
  422. Smooth inference for survival functions with arbitrarily censoreddata
  423. Smooth orthonormal wavelet libraries : design and application
  424. Smooth structures on 4-manifolds with small Euler characteristics
  425. Smooth subdivision for mixed volumetric meshes
  426. Smooth tame Frechet algebras and lie groups of pseudodifferential operators
  427. Smooth test and its applications in economics and finance
  428. Smoothing a probablistic lexicon via syntactic transformations
  429. Smoothing analysis of variance for general designs and partitioning degrees of freedom in hierarchical and other richly-parameterized models
  430. Smoothing of pension costs, choice of expected rate of return and capital market consequences
  431. Smoothing out the rough edges : Postcolonial spaces and postcolonial subjectivities in "Le petit prince de Belleville" and "The Celestial Jukebox"
  432. Smoothing schemes for inhomogeneous linear and semilinear parabolic problems with nonsmooth data
  433. Smoothing the information seeking path : Removing representational obstacles in the middle school digital library environment
  434. Smoothing the silhouettes of polyhedral meshes by boundary curve interpolation
  435. Smoothness spaces via wavelets on the closed interval (0,1)
  436. SMS for bird hazard : assessing airlines pilots' perceptions
  437. SMS gener@tion : a study on the language of text messaging in Hong Kong
  438. Smudging the book : The role of cultural authority in tribal historical narratives and revitalization at Rocky Boy
  439. The smugglers' landscape : Geography, route selection and the global heroin trade
  440. The SN2 mechanism in aromatic nucleophilic substitution
  441. The snake that swallowed an egg : A network of parks for Houston's wasted spaces (Texas)
  442. A snapshot of advanced high school students' understanding of continuity
  443. A snapshot of philosophical practice : how executives frame openness in public higher education
  444. A snapshot of school information support systems in Nassau and Suffolk counties of New York State : to what degree are information support systems in place in these school districts?
  445. Snapshots into stories : examining the wine tourism experience in the South Okanagan
  446. Snapshots of the complex world of research-based reading instruction : a case study of first-grade teachers
  447. Snapshots of the earthquake cycle : An approach to subduction zone paleo-seismicity
  448. Snow avalanche disturbance in intermountain spruce-fir forests and implications for the spruce bark beetle (coleoptera : scolytidae)
  449. Snow Level Elevation over the Western United States : An Analysis of Variability and Trend
  450. Snowfall derivative pricing: Index and daily modeling for the snowfall futures
  451. Snowpack spatial variability : Towards understanding its effect on remote sensing measurements and snow slope stability
  452. SNS use in teaching and learning in China
  453. So close, so far away : understanding satisfaction in long distance romantic relationships
  454. So fo e'l temps c'om era iays : Novelle von Raimon Vidal, nach den vier bishergefundenen Handschriften zum ersten Mal herausgegeben
  455. So I know I'm not alone : the role of story in teachers' professional development
  456. So many measures of trade openness and policy : do any explain economic growth?
  457. So much to do, so little time: Term limits and state fiscal policy
  458. So very hard to go : An action research project on cultural affirmation
  459. So you want to be a TV news reporter
  460. So, what can we do? : we are coming here to work. Human security and the agricultural worker program (Mexico, Canada)
  461. Soane at westminster : civic architecture and national identity, 1789-1834 (england, sir john soane)
  462. Soap operas as a matchmaker : A cultivation analysis of the effects of South Korean TV dramas' on Vietnamesewomen's marital intention
  463. Soar Checkers : an intelligent checkers playing agent in Soar
  464. Sobolev trace inequality and logarithmic sobolev trace inequality
  465. SOC test scheduling with hot-spot avoidance based on user-defined constraints
  466. Soccer fans, language politics, and the ambivalence of nationalism in Galicia, Spain
  467. Soccer fields of cultural [re]-production? An ethnographic explication of the "soccer mom"
  468. The Soccer World Cup 2010 as sub-creation : An analysis of human play through a theological grid of creation-fall-redemption
  469. Sociability and The Coffee Shack : testing Oldenburg's concept of the third place (Ray Oldenburg, Ontario)
  470. Social acceptance of cross border grid integration in Hong Kong
  471. Social Accessibility for Students with Visual-Impairments : A Mixed-Methodological Study of Current Students at a Land-Grant and Regionally-Known University in Western Virginia
  472. Social accounting for international oil companies : A judicial critique
  473. The Social Act of Bicycling Designing Bicycle Facilities to Foster Social Interaction
  474. Social action in practice : Yaumatei boat people as a case study
  475. Social action, rogue reaction : United States post-Cold War nuclear counterproliferation strategies (Korea, Iran)
  476. Social address and the modernist word in Louis Zukofsky, BruceAndrews, P. Inman (Ezra Pound)
  477. Social adjustment, self-concept and the performance IQ of children with hearing impairment in mainstream and special schools
  478. Social aftershocks : Rent seeking, state failure, and state-civil society relations in Turkey
  479. Social agency and deaf communities : A Nicaraguan case study
  480. Social aggression : a study of Internet harassment
  481. Social and academic predictors of success for gifted children
  482. The social and artistic context of the baptistery of siena (italy, vecchietta)
  483. Social and communicative determinants of psychological depression : a case of Shanghai
  484. Social and cultural bases of corporate expansion : The formation of business groups (Jituan) in Taiwan
  485. Social and cultural capital across contexts : mandarin-speaking English language learning children's first and second language literacy learning at home, in the community, and in multiple classrooms
  486. Social and cultural communications in advertising : the case of China
  487. The Social and Cultural Conditions for Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Students in a Rural Community : A Case Study of Educators' Perspectives
  488. Social and cultural construction of elder mistreatment : definition, perception, and help-seeking behavior among elderly Korean immigrants
  489. Social and cultural factors and support systems of mental distress in contemporary China
  490. Social and cultural history of northeastern thailand from 1868-1910 : a case study of the huamuang khamenpadong (surin, sangkha and khukhan)
  491. Social and ecological risks of domestic and non-domestic violence against women in New York City
  492. The social and economic background of philippine nationalism, 1830-1892
  493. Social and economic conditions of the Meghval untouchables of Bombay City : with special reference to thecommunity-centre at Valpakhadi
  494. Social and economic correlates of female labor force participation in west malaysia
  495. The social and economic determinants of child health during China's economic growth
  496. The social and economic development of the kiaochou leasehold (shantung, china) under german administration, 1897-1914
  497. Social and economic dynamics
  498. The social and economic forces involved with child labor : A cross-national analysis
  499. The social and economic impact of Native American casinos
  500. The social and economic impacts of day laborers