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Total number of hits is 12526 , and record(s) 1 to 500 are:
1   An a priori resource-based classification methodology for specialty/secondary ambulatory patients
2   The A+ partnership : a strategy to enhance asthma management and prescribing practices among primary care providers
3   The A+ Schools Program and School Improvement
4   A-branes and mirror symmetry
5   A-class genitive subject effect : A pragmatic and discourse grammar approach to a- and o-class genitive subject selection in Hawaiian
6   The a-design invention machine : a means of automating and investigating conceptual design
7   A-posteriori finite element output bounds for the electro-osmotic flow in microchannels
8   The A-series for the tangent bundles of Flag manifolds and a generalization of Hori-Vafa conjecture
9   A-type granites of the Permian Emeishan large igneous province (SW China) : implications for the formation of the giant magmatic oxide deposits
10   A-type lamins and nuclear architecture
11   A-type potassium currents in gastrointestinal smooth muscle
12   A. N. Whitehead's process metaphysics and Hua-Yen buddhism on interpenetration : a critical analysis
13   A. P. Giannini, Marriner Stoddard Eccles, and the changing landscape of American banking
14   A. R. Ammons and the forms of identity
15   An a/r/tographic study of multicultural children's book artists : developing a place-based pedagogy of pleasure
16   AAA road improvement demonstration program : Combining the public and private sectors to improve traffic safety at urban signalized intersections in Michigan
17   AANET : aerial ad-hoc networking
18   Aaron Copland's "Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson"
19   Aaron Douglas and Hale Woodruff : the social responsibility and expanded pedagogy of the Black artist
20   Ab initio and DFT calculations of TNT and its interaction with clay minerals: Changes on TNT spectroscopic signature
21   Ab initio and nuclear magnetic resonance probes of molecular structure and dynamics
22   Ab initio and semiempirical studies of molecules adsorbed on surfaces
23   Ab initio calculations : an extension of Sankey's method
24   Ab initio calculations for transition metal clusters
25   Ab initio calculations of optical constants from ultraviolet to X-rays
26   Ab initio calculations of optical rotation
27   Ab initio calculations of silicon clusters
28   Ab initio configuration interaction (CI) calculation of the charge-density susceptibility of molecular hydrogen and higher-ordervan der Waals interactions from perturbation theory
29   Ab initio density functional theory
30   Ab initio electronic structure investigation of adsorption, coadsorption and reactions on selected transition metal surfaces
31   Ab initio molecular dynamics study of ferroelectric phasetransitions
32   Ab initio relativistic-consistent calculations and charge density and experimental mass-spectroscopic analysis of mono and poly-nuclear clusters of group 11 and 12 transition metals and metal chlorides : y Seyedabdolreza Sadjadi
33   The ab initio search for oxygen-rich molecules
34   Ab initio studies of electron correlation and relativistic effects in actinide ion spectra
35   Ab initio studies of intermolecular interactions : hydrogen bonding,van der Waals interactions, and the multicentered approach to integrated quantum mechanical calculations
36   Ab Initio Studies of Surfaces and Interfaces
37   Ab initio studies of the chemistry at ferroelectric surfaces and interfaces
38   Ab-initio calculation of elastic constants of oxide and nitride crystals
39   Ab-initio calculation of quantum ac transport in nanoscale structures
40   Ab-initio modeling of electrochemistry in proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells
41   Abaco Bush medicine : essential oil composition of aromatic herbal medicines from Abaco Island, Bahamas
42   Abandoned spaces in Canadian writing : Constructing "the country of our defeat"
43   Abandoned to lust : the politics of sexual slander in early christian discourse
44   Abandoned train station redevelopment
45   Abandoning traditional news? Examining factors influencing the displacement effects of online news on traditional news media
46   Abandonment and revitalization of central city retailing : the case of grocery stores
47   Abbot samson's brethren : benedictine monastic leadership in later twelfth century england
48   The ABC's of early intervention : assessing the Arkansas Better Chance for School Success Pre-school Program
49   The ABC's of perimenstrual symptomatology : affect, beliefs, and coping
50   Abdolkarim Soroush and the discourse of Islamic revivalism
51   Abdominal muscle characteristics of elite male golfers with and without chronic low back pain
52   Abdominal wound infection after caesarean delivery in a district hospital
53   Abduction and computation
54   Aberglaube und Zauberei bei Theokrit
55   Aberrant activation of ERK/FOXM1 signaling axis promotes cell migration/invasion in ovarian cancer
56   Aberrant DNA methylation in human non-small cell lung cancer
57   Aberrant epigenetic silencing of tumor suppressor genes in human cancer: The roles of DNA hypermethylation and the histone code
58   Aberrant epigenetics in the molecular pathogenesis of human acute myeloid leukemia
59   Aberrant methylation of E-cadherin gene (ECAD) in invasive ductal breast carcinoma
60   Aberration sensitivity reduction of alternating phase-shifting mask in photolithography
61   Aberrations in the heartland of the real : A cultural history of the avant-garde in twentieth-century America
62   Ability and achievement variables of average, low average, and borderline students
63   The ability of earnings management models to detect and predict public discovery of accounting-fraud
64   The ability of elderly pedestrians to use traffic signal controlled crossroads in Hong Kong : environmental demand and other associated factors
65   Ability of leaders to effectively communicate and influence employees'commitment to organizational goals
66   The ability of learning-disabled students to successfully negotiate academic demands and its affects on academic success in a physical therapy curriculum
67   The ability of self-construals to predict psychological distress, satisfaction with life, and help-seeking in ethnically diverse american college students
68   Ability of the California State University, Fullerton Physical Activity Questionnaire to assess physical activity in older individuals
69   The Ability to taste 6-n-propylthiouracil (prop) and its relation to a parent's emotional investment in the infant
70   Ability Underneath : Bodies in the Literary Imagination
71   Ability-factors and familial psychosocial circumstances : Chinese and Malays of Singapore
72   Abiotic and biotic influences on the composition of nearshore marine communities of the bahamas
73   Abiotic reductive dechlorination of chlorinated ethylenes by soil minerals and soil
74   Abl : Mechanism of activation by Nck
75   Ablation plasma ion implantation
76   Able-bodied inclusion in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association
77   The ableist city unveiled : disabled people, social injustice and urban space in Hong Kong
78   Abloos: an evolving hierarchical design framework
79   Abnormal chondrocyte differentiation : a transgenic model
80   Abnormal hieratic and early demotic texts collected by the Theban Choachytes in the reign of Amasis : papyri from the Louvre Eisenlohr lot
81   Abnormal returns associated with selected financial profiles of leveraged buyouts : an empirical analysis
82   Abnormal returns in emerging equity markets
83   Abnormalities in automatic and strategic encoding of emotional information in current and remitted major depression : an ERP investigation
84   Abode-right seekers in Hong Kong
85   Abolishing child labor in the Philippines : Political history and prospects for the future
86   Abolishing jim crow: a history of public argument and the reversal of the separate but equal doctrine (plessy v. ferguson, brown v. board of education)
87   Abolition of the Municipal Councils : an examination to the policy making process
88   The abolition of the slave trade and plantation management in Jamaica,1800--1838
89   Aboriginal community economic development : Overcoming barriers to Aboriginal entrepreneurship
90   Aboriginal identities at Galiwin'ku and the conundrum of Christian practices
91   Aboriginal identity and knowledge within Canada's social gradient in health
92   Aboriginal identity development, language knowledge, and school attrition : an examination of cultural continuity
93   Aboriginal partnerships for sustainable 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games : A framework for cooperation
94   Aboriginal people and discrimination in the justice system : a survey of Manitoba inmates and related literature
95   Aboriginal people, aboriginal rights, and protected areas : an investigation of the relationship between the Nuu-chah-nulth people and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
96   Aboriginal presence in the mainstream media : Issues and journalists
97   Aboriginal self-government in Aotearoa/New Zealand : a view through the Canadian lens
98   Aboriginal tourism in the Southern Interior of British Columbia : Identities, representations, and expectations
99   Aboriginal traditional knowledge and the COSEWIC species assessment process : a study of northern Canada wolverines
100   Aboriginal voices and the politics of representation in Canadian introductory sociology textbooks
101   Aborigines saved yet again : settler nationalism and hero narratives in a 2001 exhibition of Taiwan Aboriginal artifacts (China)
102   Abort trajectories for manned lunar missions
103   Aborted discourse? Identity, marginalization, and the politics of reproductive and sexual health in New York City
104   Abortion issues in christianity and buddhism
105   The abortion narrative in American film : 1900--2000
106   Abortion policy and teen reproductive behavior in the U.S : The case of parental involvement laws
107   Abortion restrictions : "Undue burden" to women and society
108   About face : altered states of subjectivity in Levinas
109   About face : Social networks and prestige politics in contemporary Shanghai villages
110   About face : the transformation of the hero in post-war Japanese literature for youth
111   Above and below : peasants and miners in Oruro and northern Potosi, Bolivia (1899--1929)
112   Above average ability, creativity and self-efficacy as predictors of success for honors students
113   Above ground or under ground : The emergence and transformation of "Sixth Generation" film-makers in MainlandChina
114   Above Sea : Modern and Contemporary Art from the Ruins of Shanghai's New Heaven on Earth
115   Above the influence : A value analysis ofanti-drug public service announcements
116   Aboveground biomass and nutrients in developing northern hardwood stands in New Hampshire, United States
117   Abraham in the canonical Hebrew Bible : a study of the Abrahamic narrative of Genesis with a view toward the reading of that text by the later canonical authors
118   Abraham Stanyan 1705-1714 : Die englische Diplomatie in der Schweiz zur Zeit des spanischen Erbfolgekrieges
119   Abraham's dialogue with God over the destruction of Sodom : chapters in the history of the interpretation of Genesis 18
120   Abraham, land, and stewardship : reading the abraham narratives for their contribution to israel's land ethic
121   Abrahamic blessing motif as reflected in the Papua New Guinean Christian Revival Crusade movement : Blesim bilong papa God
122   Abrasion resistance screening of fibers for woven materials using atomic force microscopy
123   Abrogating thep53 response : implications for tumor promotion and drug resistance
124   Abrupt climate change : North Atlantic volatility during the last ice age and modern Arctic sea ice retreat
125   Abschätzungen bei unsymmetrischen Gitterpunktproblemen
126   Absence et presence de l'Indien : identite, nationalite et indianite dans "Le Confessionnal" (1995) de Robert Lepage
127   The absence of collective bargaining legislation in Hong Kong : an examination of its impact on public sector employees
128   Absence of jump of complex structures on Fano hypersurfaces under certain conditions
129   The absence of successful exit strategies in the United States industrial-design consulting profession
130   The absence of technology in undergraduate sport management curriculum and its relationship to intercollegiate and professional athletics
131   Absences as causes : A defense of negative causation
132   The absent empire : The United States and the South American regional subsystem
133   The absent presence of whiteness in 19th century didactic texts : Julia McNair Wright's 'hidden curriculum'
134   Absenteeism and presenteeism as related to self-reported health status and health beliefs of Tennessee safety and health professionals
135   Absenteeism in market labor, nonmarket labor, and leisure model : a comparative analysis of elementary school teachers with the United States population
136   Absenteeism on nonprofit boards : a relationship between board size, attendance policies, training programs, and meeting types
137   Absenteeism predictors and intervention in an applied setting
138   Absenteisme au travail : l'absence comme moyen de retablir l'equite au travail lors d'iniquites percues
139   An absolute 3D measurement method using a 2D pattern based on digital moire
140   Absolute and relative satellite-to-satellite navigation using gps (kalman filtering)
141   Absolute beauty in the healthcare chaos
142   The absolute intensities of cosmic-ray muon
143   Absolute markers of the continuity and change of world orders : The framework of evolutionary archetypes
144   Absolute nodal coordinate formulation : elastic forces and application to wheel/rail interaction
145   Absolute or relative? : which standards do credit rating agencies follow?
146   Absolute photoluminescence yield in color converters for organiclight-emitting diodes
147   Absolute value versus relative positional concern : an ultimatum bargaining game
148   Absolutely fabulous : Fabulation in the works of David Arnason, Robert Kroetsch, Tomson Highway and Thomas King
150   Absorption and scattering of single plasmonic nanoparticles
151   Absorptive and secretory functions of the rat cauda epididymidis
152   Absorptive capacity and open source software project performance
153   Abstinence curriculum in black churches : a critical examination of the intersectionality of race, gender, andSES
154   Abstinence education : Creating evaluation criteria and evaluating curriculum (A. C. Green)
155   Abstract binding models in visual cad programming
156   Abstract case and its morphological realization in Japanese with a focus on genitive case
157   Abstract Expressionism in San Francisco, 1945-1950
158   Abstract Expressionism, Art Informel, and modern Korean art, 1945--1965
159   Abstract No. 1 for Orchestra
160   Abstract reasoning for multiagent coordination and planning
161   Abstract right, reason, and the state in Hegel's "Philosophy ofRight"
162   Abstracted realizations
163   Abstraction and simulation for strategic design-space exploration in reconfigurable computing
164   Abstraction and theories of lei (classification, kinds) : A response to Chad Hansen's mereological interpretation of ancient Chinese philosophy
165   Abstraction and visualization in graphical debuggers
166   Abstraction of reasoning for problem solving and tutoring assistants
167   Abstraction-Based deductive-algorithmic verification of reactive systems (temporal logic, formal methods)
168   Abstractions and algorithms for active multidatabases
169   Abstractions and algorithms for control of extensible and heterogeneous virtualized network infrastructures
170   The abundance and distribution of zooplankton in and about Hudson Canyon
171   Abundance and scarcity mental models in leaders
172   Abundance, biomass and habitat use of moray eels in Barbados, West Indies, determined by a modified visual census method
173   Abundance, distribution, reproduction and growth of five selected fish species in the lower Tittabawassee River, a tributary to Saginaw River (Michigan)
174   Abundant life : matildthurston, wu yifang and ginling college, 1915--1951 (China)
175   Abuse in teen dating: a multi-factorial analysis of the association between child maltreatment and abuse in subsequent intimate relationships
176   Abuse of dominance : What New Zealand can learn from Australia and the United States' approaches to legitimate business justifications
177   Abuse of Wushi powder in old China : archival analysis using qualitative approach
178   Abuse potential and discipline beliefs in parents of children with behavior problems
179   Abuse, trauma, and social bonding in the etiology of female delinquency
180   Abused women in Hong Kong : the nature of their abuse and the effect of abuse on their quality of life
181   The abuser and the abused : Impropriety in selected texts by Jane Austen
182   Abusive supervision and subordinates' coping strategies
183   Abusive supervision in the workplace : a restorative justice perspective
184   Abwandlungsprodukte der Nitrosochloride semicyklischer Kohlenwasserstoffe
185   Abyss of God : flesh, love and language in Paul Tillich
186   Abū Isḥāq al-Shāṭibī's reformulation of the concept of bid'a : a study of his al-Itiṣām
187   Ac and noise analysis of deep-submicron mosfets
188   The AC Hall effect in single crystal bismuth strontium calcium copper oxide
189   AC impedance study of electrode surfaces
190   AC loss in superconducting composites : Continuous and discrete models for round and rectangular cross sections, and comparisons to experiments
191   AC mains voltage regulation by solid-state power conversiontechniques
192   An ac motor drive with power factor control for low cost applications
193   AC to DC conversion improvement techniques in switching converters and their applications
194   An ac-ac inverter for high-frequency power distribution system
195   The AC-responses of flux motion in High-Tc superconductors
196   AC/DC power system small-signal impedance measurement for stability analysis
197   ACACLS : a tool for examining and modifying file and directory security on NTFS volumes in a Windows NT environment
198   Academia and industry perspectives on leadership and human resource development competencies required for agricultural leadership graduate students pursuing industry careers
199   The Academia Leonardi Vinci : Visualizing dialectic in Renaissance Milan, 1480--1499
200   Academic achievement among Dominican English language learners at Bronx Community College of the City University of New York
201   Academic achievement among secondary school students : the effects of language of instruction during primary school years
202   Academic Achievement and Acculturation in English Language Learners
203   Academic achievement and life in an immigrant, poor, and single mother household : A personal narrative
204   Academic achievement and the self-regulation of study time : quantitative and qualitative dimensions
205   Academic achievement differences between majors in Computer Science--Business Option and majors in the College of Business
206   Academic achievement differences between Title I students enrolled in music classes and Title I students who are not
207   Academic Achievement in First Nations Adolescents : The Role of Parental and Peer Attachment in Promoting Successful Outcomes
208   Academic achievement in the context of poverty : Examining the effects of family risk on children's math and reading achievement over the elementary school years
209   Academic achievement motivation in african American college football players : an investigation of educational expectations and values
210   Academic achievement of foster children : Child welfare workers' perceptions and practices
211   The academic achievement of high school female athletes in comparison to high school female nonathletes
212   Academic achievement of intercollegiate student-athletes compared to nonathletes (intercollegiate athletics)
213   Academic achievement of rural students as they transition from elementary school to middle school
214   Academic achievement of second generation Filipino and Korean Americans : a look at immigrant families and communities
215   Academic achievement trajectories of adolescents from Mexican and East Asian immigrant families
216   Academic achievement, attitudes, and retention : application of whole brain instruction in the Principles of Accounting course in central Taiwan (China)
217   Academic achievement, self-concept, and dance in 8 to 12 year olds
218   Academic activism : Conceptions of power and dissent in the English professionfrom the Cold War to the new world economic order
219   Academic adaptation : Mainland Chinese students in graduate programs at a Canadian university
220   Academic adjustment of Chinese graduate students in United States institutions of higher education
221   Academic adjustment of gifted fifth, sixth, and seventh grade children placed in accelerated math courses
222   Academic administrator influence on institutional commitment to open access of scholarly research
223   Academic advising : meeting the advising needs of first year non-traditional students enrolled at a two year community college
224   Academic advising, engagment with faculty, course load, course type, and course completion rates for urban community college students with learning disabilities
225   Academic and athletic excellence : a sports model for schools
226   Academic and athletic motivation as predictors of academic performance of Division I college student-athletes
227   Academic and behavioral characteristics of adolescents with conduct disorder and comorbid depression
228   An academic and industry partnership : A case study of the evolving role of continuing education at the University of Minnesota
229   Academic and professional training of business journalists at west coast newspapers
230   Academic and public librarians in Canada : a study of the factors which influence graduates of canadian library schools in making their first career decision in favor of academic or public libraries
231   Academic and social accommodation of S.1 hearing-impaired students in an ordinary secondary school
232   Academic attitudes and psychological well-being of African-American psychology graduate students
233   Academic authors' perception on copyright protection
234   Academic background characteristics and prediction of job performance
235   Academic capitalism and accountability in higher education
236   Academic capitalism in the social sciences : Faculty responses to the entrepreneurial university
237   Academic capitalism, organizational change, and student workers : a case study of an organized research unit in a public research university
238   Academic change and innovation : Obstacles and strategies for overcoming barriers Major barriers and strategies for overcoming them in initiating and implementing organizational change : The case of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI)
239   Academic characteristics of student retention in college using logistic regression analysis
240   Academic Concept Mapping (ACM) : a critical thinking tool in academic advising for improving academic performance in college freshmen
241   Academic culture, business culture, and measuring achievement differences : Internal auditing views
242   Academic deans' perspectives on the effectiveness of responsibility center management
243   Academic difficulties among East Asian international graduates : Influences of perceived English language proficiency and native educational/socio-cultural background
244   The academic discipline of nonprofit organization management : past, present and future
245   Academic discourse in two disciplines : Professional writing and student development in biology and history
246   Academic dishonesty : The link between academics and the law
247   Academic dishonesty and cognitive dissonance
248   Academic dishonesty and the international student : are international students different from domestic students?
249   Academic dishonesty in a digital age
250   Academic dishonesty in traditional and online courses as self-reported by students in online courses
251   Academic economics : Scholarship, publishing, capital
252   Academic enablers, social support, and academic achievement related to externalizing behaviors in elementary-school children
253   Academic engagement and involvement in first-year seminar : pedagogical practices and student interactions
254   The academic English literacy acquisition experiences of deaf college students
255   Academic English readiness: A qualitative study on the thoughts, perceptions, and experiences of current and former ESOL graduate students from six American universities
256   Academic entrepreneurship in higher education : institutional effects on performance of university technology transfer
257   Academic entrepreneurship in instructional technology
258   An academic evaluation of the Dimensions of Learning model as a tool for curriculum integration
259   Academic failure and education quality. Function and efficiency of schools : Education as a way of personal fulfilment and social transformation
260   Academic freedom and autonomy : walter C. Eells and the Red Purge in universities during the Allied Occupation of Japan
261   Academic freedom in cyberspace : AAUP guidelines and Internet-use policies
262   Academic freedom in public higher education : For the faculty or institution?
263   The academic gap between the "real-world" and theatre and film
264   Academic giftedness as a protective factor in three resilient self-determined successful adults
265   Academic growth in kindergarten : the effects of child-level and school-level factors on learning outcomes
266   Academic honesty : Is what students believe different from what they do?
267   Academic identity in middle childhood : exploring developmental trajectories in social-cultural context
268   The academic impact of infusing character education into the curriculum
269   Academic influence : the politics of higher education
270   Academic integration and self-efficacy : An exploratory study of at-risk student persistence
271   Academic integrity and the Internet
272   Academic knowledge from elite closure to professional service : the rise of high-growth fields in American higher education
273   Academic language and young emergent bilinguals : Patterns of contextualizing discourse in personal narratives and classroom literacy events
274   Academic language development and transfer for mexican-American students studying college-level spanish
275   Academic Language Knowledge and Comprehension of Science Text for English Language Learners and Fluent English-Speaking Students
276   Academic learning standards as reform in an elementary school setting:One school's journey
277   Academic librarians participation in shared governance: Effects of faculty leaders' motivational type
278   Academic libraries and distance learners : study of graduate student perceptions of the effectiveness of library support for distance learning
279   Academic libraries at the center of instructional change : faculty and librarian experience of library leadership in the transformation of teaching and learning
280   Academic libraries in saudi arabia : a comparative study of the performance of their information services and support facilities
281   Academic library administration : a case examination of faculty-librarian perceptions of journal cancellations and the decision-making process in a largeurban institution
282   The academic library building in the digital age : A study of new library construction and planning, design,and use of new library space
283   The academic library director : a content analysis of nationally advertised job advertisements for academic library directors in 2002 and 2003
284   Academic library directors in the eyes of hiring administrators : a comparison of the attributes, qualifications, and competencies desired by chief academic officers with those recommended by academic library directors
285   Academic library service consumer (user) motivation study based on expectancy theory
286   Academic library Web portals : does the use of images influence users' perception of the use experience
287   The academic literacy socialization of Mexican exchange students at a Canadian university
288   Academic markets and policy arrangements : International students in Japanese higher education
289   Academic medical faculty and their complex roles
290   Academic misconduct : a comparison of two general theories
291   The academic mission of the university and corruption in intercollegiate athletics: A case study of their coexistence
292   Academic motivation among college students
293   Academic motivation and academic self-concept : Military veteran students in higher education
294   The academic motivation of Hong Kong secondary school students : a developmental perspective
295   Academic motivation, coping indicators, receptivity to student support services and the first-year university experience
296   Academic needs of EFL learners in the intensive English language program at Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman
297   Academic needs of non-traditional nursing students at California State University, Fullerton
298   The academic offering and the labor market of professionals in Puerto Rico
299   Academic oral language development in Spanish-speaking English Language Learners : the effect of teacher talk
300   Academic orientation : the effects of attributional styles and motivation on achievement in collegestudents
301   Academic outcomes of academic success programs
302   Academic performance among children of immigrant families from the Dominican Republic : The influence oflanguage
303   Academic performance and engagement of Educational Opportunity Program students in a college algebra extended class at the State University of New York, New Paltz
304   Academic performance and persistence among international students with and without participation in an intensive english as a second language program
305   Academic performance of college students in financial management and related prerequisite courses : a comparison of senior high school and commercial high school graduates attending Tamsui Oxford University College in Taiwan
306   Academic performance of immigrant students : roles of generation status, race/ethnicity, and school environment
307   The academic performance of introverted and extroverted students in traditional and online business courses : An analysis based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
308   Academic performances of children with incarcerated mothers : results from Chicago public schools
309   Academic persistence of at-risk students
310   Academic preparation for counseling in athletic training programs : two views
311   The academic preparation of beginning computer science students
312   Academic press in kindergarten classrooms : teachers' responses to high-stakes testing and the resulting reading curriculum change
313   The academic profession in Palestine : A survey
314   Academic professional development strategies to facilitate educational changes in universities
315   Academic publishing in a digital world and the future of the university press
316   Academic readiness and taking of college admission tests
317   Academic reading strategies used by Chinese EFL learners : Five case studies
318   Academic research and public policy : Rhetorical lessons from the Sophonow Inquiry
319   Academic self-concept formation in students with learningdisabilities
320   Academic self-concept in adolescents : causes,correlates and consequences
321   Academic self-efficacy and college achievement : similarities and differences as a function of family educational background and age
322   Academic self-efficacy for sophomore students in living-learning programs
323   Academic self-efficacy, career self-efficacy, and psychosocial identity development : a comparison of female college students from differing socioeconomic status groups
324   Academic self-regulation explains persistence and attrition in Web-based courses : a grounded theory
325   Academic socialization and the transition to elementary school : Parents' conceptions of school readiness, practices, and children's academic achievement trajectories
326   Academic spoken English strategy use of non-native English speaking graduate students
327   Academic staff perspectives on comprehensive higher education reform in Hong Kong
328   Academic subject guides: A case study of use at San Jose State University (California)
329   Academic Success and Well-Being Following OEF/OIF Deployment
330   Academic success through group work : linking social skills, achievement, learning behaviors and collaboration
331   Academic Support Experiences and Perceptions of Postsecondary Students with Disabilities : A Public and Private University Comparison
332   Academic support from parents, teachers, and peers : relation to Hong Kong adolescents' academic behavior and achievement (China)
333   Academic tracking and post-secondary education outcomes : evidence from romania
334   Academic transfer shock and social integration : A comparison of outcomes for traditional and nontraditional students transferring from 2-year to 4-year institutions
335   Academic vocabulary at the word and formula level : an examination of test-taker discourse
336   Academic writing and the pedagogical practices of effective teachers
337   Academic writing development through dialogues between tutors and second-language learners
338   Academic writing motivation : A qualitative study of adolescents' perspectives
339   The academic writing of Chinese graduate students in sciences and engineering : Processes and challenges
340   Academic, institutional, and family factors affecting the persistence of Black male STEM majors
341   Academic, social and general self-concepts of students with learning disabilities
342   Academic, social, and economic challenges faced by Latinos to attain a college degree
343   Academically capable students who drop out of large suburban high schools
344   Academically engaged behaviors during literacy instruction for three Haitian English language learners in a sheltered English immersion first grade classroom
345   The academically gifted female student in science
346   Academics and economics : the Yin and Yang of for-profit higher education. A case study of the University of Phoenix (Arizona)
347   Academy in the Capital : Intellectual and Politics of National Central University in Republican China, 1927--1949
348   Academy of design
349   Academy of fine arts
350   Accelerated ageing tests and long-term prediction models for durability of FRP bars in concrete
351   Accelerated circuit simulation via Faber series and hierarchical matrix techniques
352   Accelerated corrosion testing, evaluation and durability design of bonded post-tensioned concrete tendons
353   Accelerated Culture : Exploring Time and Space in Cinema, Television and New Media in the Digital Age
354   Accelerated decomposition of peroxynitrite by Ketones and Aldehydes
355   Accelerated degradation test planning and optimization
356   Accelerated Failure Time Model for Correlated Survival Data : Efficient Estimation and Inference
357   Accelerated learning : a study of the impact on adult learning, attention, and attitudes
358   Accelerated life regression modelling of dependent bivariate time-to-event data
359   Accelerated Life Testing of Electronic Circuit Boards with Applications in Lead-Free Design
360   Accelerated Mathematics and High-Ability Students' Math Achievement in Grades Three and Four
361   Accelerated nursing education : studypatterns, behaviors and learner characteristics
362   Accelerated process for nonprofit foundations for health services organizations or family
363   Accelerated Reader : optimal conditions for reading achievement using a computer information system
364   Accelerated Reader and High School Students' Standardized Test Scores : A Correlational Study
365   Accelerated Reader and its effect on fifth-grade students' reading comprehension
366   The Accelerated Reader Program and students' attitude towards reading
367   Accelerated recovery from cyclophosphamide-induced leukopenia in mice administered a traditional Chinese medicine, Bu-zhong-yi-qi-tang
368   Accelerated ripening by enzyme modified application in Swiss cheese
369   Accelerated shelf-life test of alkamides in Echinacea purpurea root aqueous ethanol Soxhlet extracts
370   Accelerated strategies of evolutionary algorithms for optimization problem and their applications
371   Accelerated thermal fatigue of tin-lead and lead-free solder joints : effect of temperature range and rate of change
372   Accelerated thought : electronic cognition. digital image creation and analysis as a means to examine learning and cognition
373   Accelerated vehicle retirement : Toward a conceptualized framework for design and implementation
374   Accelerated weathering performance of natural fiber plastic composites and its effect on the efficacy of the maleated anhydride coupling agents
375   Accelerating commercialization of environmental technology in the United States : theory and case studies
376   Accelerating evolution in FDTD simulations with distributed model order reduction techniques
377   The accelerating expansion of the universe
378   Accelerating innovation via industry-scale open innovation networks : A case study in the US automotive industry
379   Accelerating molecular docking and binding site mapping using FPGAs and GPUs
380   Accelerating Pattern Recognition Algorithms On Parallel Computing Architectures
381   Accelerating personalized Web content delivery using edge services
382   Accelerating reading trajectories: the effects of dynamic research-based instruction
383   Accelerating receptive language acquisition in kindergarten students : An action research study
384   Accelerating reinforcement learning through imitation
385   Accelerating scientific applications on reconfigurable computing systems
386   Accelerating simulation and visualization on graphics hardware
387   Accelerating the convergence of the LMS adaptive algorithm
388   Acceleration and kinematics of the lower extremity during running on treadmills of different surface stiffness
389   Acceleration constraints in modeling and control of nonholonomic systems
390   Acceleration of aircraft-level Traffic Flow Management
391   Acceleration of coherent structures in free shear layer
392   Acceleration of Monte Carlo methods using low discrepancy sequences
393   The acceleration of structural microarchitectural simulation via scheduling
394   Acceleration techniques for ray-tracing systems in wireless radio wave propagation prediction
395   Accelerator-based architectures for wireless sensor network applications
396   Accent and intelligibility : an investigation of self-perceived communication abilities of non-native English speakers
397   Accent markings in Schubert's piano sonatas
398   Accentuate the positive, obfuscate the negative : complexity in United States supreme court opinions, 1953--1995
399   Acceptabilite d'un mecanisme de vente aux encheres pour les bois de la foret publique quebecoise
400   The acceptability of different conceptualizations and treatment elements for disordered gambling among college students
401   Acceptability of food products containing almond oil in place of soybean oil
402   Acceptability of human papillomavirus vaccination among Chinese women in Hong Kong
403   Acceptability of perceived control in individuals undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery
404   Acceptability of treatment strategies for hyperactivity and attention problems of elementary grade students : a study of kindergarten, third, and fifth grade teachers
405   The acceptability of writing by second language engineering students : Acculturating to a profession
406   Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to reduce the distress of delusional beliefs
407   The acceptance and effectiveness of federal and state information security regulations in multi-branch community banks : A phenomenological analysis conducted in central California
408   Acceptance level in using multisource feedback for managers' performance appraisals in an information technology company
409   Acceptance of acquaintance rape : Attitude and personality characteristics of athletes
410   The acceptance of domestic technology : TAM as applied to a proposed classification scheme
411   Acceptance of foreign language films in the United States : Analysis of problems and recommendations for solutions
412   The acceptance of peer coaching and its relationship with school contextual factors and teachers' individual factors
413   Acceptance of personal health record technology : A survey analysis of the elderly
414   The acceptance of sms advertising : a cross-cultural study of young american and taiwanese consumers
415   Acceptance of systems development methodologies : Testing a theoretically integrated model
416   Acceptance of technology, quality, and customer satisfaction with information technology department in a community college : a case study
417   The acceptance of Western piano music in Japan and the career of Takahiro Sonoda
418   An acceptance sampling method utilizing acceptance numbers of one,two, and three based on the AOQL's of Nicholas L. Squeglia's Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plans
419   Acceptance-based emotion regulation, perceptions of control, state mindfulness, anxiety sensitivity, and experiential avoidance : predicting response to hyperventilation
420   Accepting and adjusting to chronicity of hypertension : a grounded theory study in Thai people
421   Acceptor defects in P-type gallium antimonide materials
422   Acces et representation dans l'organisation du verbe chez le dysphasique francophone
423   Access and equality : it's NOT all about the numbers. An exploratory study of Asian Pacific American aspirations for academic careers
424   Access and utilization of transitional care services by the elderly according to payer source
425   Access attitudes : measuring and conceptualizing support for press access to government records
426   Access barriers for the low-income elderly : the impact of Medicaid prescription drug utilization management policies on medication nonadherence
427   Access control administration with adjustable decentralization
428   Access control and buffer management at the edge of the Internet for multimedia communications
429   Access control for ad-hoc collaboration
430   Access control for the web via proof-carrying authorization
431   Access control for XML documents
432   Access control in a distributed database system with local site autonomy
433   Access control in decentralized, distributed systems
434   Access control in manufacturing infrastructure and design automation system
435   Access control management and security in multi-domain collaborative environments
436   Access control models for XML data and provenance metadata in scientific workflows
437   An access control scheme for partially ordered set hierarchy with provable security
438   Access methods for next-generation database systems
439   Access of phonological information from reading Chinese characters : position vs. function
440   Access patterns of ADHD students utilizing campus disability services supports
441   Access pricing
442   Access schemes for multi-attribute-record structure and color-content-based image retrieval (query efficiency)
443   Access to antiviral medication for HIV and HCV infected drug users
444   Access to behavioral health services for children within the juvenile justice system : enabling and barrier factors
445   Access to cancer education and screening : a long and difficult journey for Chinese immigrants in New York City
446   Access to capital in rural Thailand : an estimated model of formal vs. informal credit
447   Access to care : the experience of community-dwelling older adults receiving Medicare and Medicaid
448   Access to care among elderly Medicare and Medicaid (dual) enrollees
449   Access to care for military members enrolled into TriCare Prime
450   Access to care for the indigent in Los Angeles County's public health system : Impact of 1115 waiver-related restructuring program
451   Access to care in the nine federally funded hemophilia treatment centers in Michigan
452   Access to care prior to the emergency department visit
453   Access to consumer credit : Impact on low vs. high-income groups
454   Access to credit by hawkers : what is missing?: theory and evidence from India
455   Access to credit, remittances, and household welfare : The case of Viet Nam
456   Access to employment or access to employers : A descriptive study of employers' attitudes and practices in hiring newcomer job seekers
457   Access to essential medicines : Analysis of the TRIPs amendment and Canada's Jean Chretien Pledge to Africa act
458   Access to free care for the uninsured and its effect on private health insurance coverage
459   Access to health care among children in the United States : use of health inequalities measures to evaluate progress in reduction of disparities from 1997 to 2005
460   Access to health care services in Nigeria : a case study of Imo State
461   Access to health information and health care decision-making of women in a rural Appalachian community
462   Access to housing credit : a study of minority women
463   Access to information : a multidisciplinary theoretical framework (information, communication)
464   Access to Justice and the Institutional Limits of Independent Courts
465   Access to knowledge created by information technology vendors and client staff work performance
466   Access to law-related information in Canada in the digital age
467   Access to liver transplantation : Gender, race and geographic disparities
468   Access to medical care in community-dwelling elderly with dementia : the role of caregiver emotional health
469   Access to Medicare home health care in the wake of the Balanced Budget Act
470   Access to mental health care : Clients perception of services provided by Agape Clinic and Community Care
471   Access to resources and food production among small-scale farm households in southern Zambia
472   Access to state-funded long-term care services among low-income older Latinos : from perspectives of political economy and habitus
473   Access to the archives? Art museum websites and online archives in the public domain
474   Access to the environmental legislation : do the local manufacturers understand their legal obligations?
475   Access to the general early childhood curriculum : an investigation of participation in the general early childhood curriculum and provided instructional supports
476   Access to treatment as a human right : A discussion of the aspects of the right to health under national and international law in Venezuela. Cruz Bermudez, et al v. Ministry of Health Supreme Court of Venezuela, July 1999
477   Access, choice, and opportunity : three studies of educational inequality
478   Access, engagement, networks, and norms : dimensions of social capital at work in a first grade classroom
479   An access-based energy-efficient protocol for ad hoc wireless sensor network
480   Access-based optimization and planning : an application of genetic algorithms to facility and network planning in Ferkessedougou Departement, Cote d'Ivoire
481   Accessibility and attitudinal barriers encountered by travelers with physical disabilities in China
482   Accessibility and attitudinal barriers encountered in sectors of travel and tourism by travelers who have disabilities
483   The accessibility and subsequent influence of social capital on academic achievement in children identified as at-risk and/or confirmed victims of maltreatment in the United States
484   The accessibility of American Catholic secondary schools to the various socioeconomic levels of Catholic families in the 21st century
485   Accessibility of information and credibility of source as they affect school choice
486   The accessibility of lottery products to underage youth
487   Accessibility of open space : a study of urban morphology and its relation to open space use in the Wanchai District of Hong Kong
488   The accessibility of public housing residents to transit services in Hong Kong
489   Accessibility of rural Missouri library media centers
490   The accessibility of universal grammar in language acquisition : a cross-linguistic perspective
491   Accessible and green manufacturing of magnetite (ferrous ferric oxide)nanocrystals and their use in magnetic separations
492   Accessible design for library web sites : an online handbook and technology guide
493   Accessible futures? Disability, feminist and queer theory, and progressive politics
494   Accessible housing for low-income tenants with physical disabilities following the 1988 Fair Housing Act amendments : outcomes and processes in four cities
495   Accessible technology and accommodations for postsecondary students with disabilities
496   Accessing and affording child care and low-income mothers' employment over time : An ecological approach
497   Accessing current research in the classroom : computational tools for exploring physical Chemistry
498   Accessing dance materials : an evaluation of library archival methods and dance preservation methods with applications for ritual dance
499   Accessing Geospatial Services in Limited Bandwidth Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Environments
500   Accessing information on the Web : Predicting usage based on involvement