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  1.  Core resource
  2. APA style central
  3. Apple pie music : music of American history, history of American music
  4. Bach cantatas : Sir John Eliot Gardiner conducts cantatas BWV 179, 199 & 113 and takes his Monteverdi Choir on an historic Bach pilgrimage
  5. Bankruptcy DataSource , Company profiles, news and reorganization plans
  6. Bates' visual guide to physical examination
  7. BrowZine  Mobile app available
  8. Charles Darwin's Beagle library  Free resource
  9. Chicago manual of style
  10. China beat  Free resource
  11. Chopin's Harmony
  12. A classical tour through Italy and Sicily : tending to illustrate some districts, which have not been described by Mr. Eustace, in his Classical tour
  13. Clinical skills
  14. Confidential print : 1824-1961 , North America
  15. The correspondence of Isaac Basire, D.D., Archdeacon of Northumberland and Prebendary of Durham, in the reigns of Charles I. and Charles II : with a memoir of his life, by W.N. Darnell
  16. Descrittione di tutta Italia
  17. Descrizione delle prime scoperte dell'antica città d'Ercolano : ritrovata vicino a Portici, villa della maest del re delle Due Sicilie
  18. The diary of an invalid : being the journal of a tour in pursuit of health, in Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, and France, in the years 1817, 1818, and 1819
  19. A diary of the journey of Michael de Montaigne into Italy, through Switzerland and Germany, in the years 1590 and 1591
  20. Dictionary of British and Irish travellers in Italy, 1701-1800
  21. A direction for such as shall travell unto Rome : how they may with most ease and conveniency view all thoserarities, curiosities, and antiquities which are to be seene there
  22. Discourse of a peregrination in Europe, Asia, and Affricke
  23. Doing psychotherapy : different approaches to comorbid systems of anxiety and depression : comparing treatment approaches. . Disc 3 of 3
  24. Doing psychotherapy : different approaches to comorbid systems of anxiety and depression : using an integrated psychotherapy approach when treating a client with anxiety and depression. . Disc 2 of 3
  25. e-Pubs
  26. Edward Webbe, Chief Master Gunner : his trauailes, 1590
  27. Epistolæ Ho-Elianæ : familiar letters, domestick and foreign : divided into four books, partly historical, political, philosophical, upon emergent occasions
  28. Excursions in Italy
  29. Filme B
  30. Foreign Office files for China
  31. Formosa  Free resource
  32. The frauds of Romish monks and priests : set forth in eight letters
  33. Gartner  Core resource
  34. Global plants  Core resource
  35. The grand tour
  36. The grand tour art gallery
  37. Healthy people  Free resource
  38. Historical photographs of China  Free resource
  39. The historie of Italie : London, 1549
  40. History of country music
  41. History of the blues
  42. The Holy Year of Jubilee : an account of the history and ceremonial of the Roman Jubilee
  43. Hong Kong Academy of Law : 香港法律專業學會
  44. Hong Kong image database = : 香港印象
  45. Három hiányzó oldal
  46. Information and directions for travellers on the continent
  47. International offshore financial centres
  48. Italy
  49. Italy
  50. An itinerary vvritten by Fynes Moryson, Gent., first in the Latine tongue, and then translated by him into English : containing his ten yeeres travell through the twelue dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmarke, Poland,Italy, Turky, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland ...
  51. Jarvis physical examination and health assessment video series
  52. Journal of a tour in Italy, and also in parts of France and Switzerland : the route being from Paris, through Lyons, to Marseilles, and thence to Nice, Genoa, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Mount Vesuvius, and then by Rome, Terni, Perugia, Arezzo, Florence, Bologna, Ferrara, Padua, Venice, Verona ...
  53. Journal of a tour in Italy, in 1850 : with an account of an interview with the Pope, at the Vatican
  54. Journal of the conversations of Lord Byron : noted during a residence with his lordship at Pisa, in the years 1821 and 1822
  55. Journal of travels made through the principal cities of Europe : wherein the time employed in going from post to post is marked in hours and minutes, the distances in English miles measured by means of a perambulator fastened to the chaise, produce of the different countries, population of the towns ...
  56. Letters from a young painter abroad to his friends in England
  57. Letters from Italy, describing the customs and manners of that country in the years 1765, and 1766 : to which is annexed, An admonition to gentlemen who pass the Alps, in their tour through Italy
  58. Letters from the north of Italy : addressed to Henry Hallam, Esq
  59. Letters on Italy : illustrated by engravings
  60. Lettres familières écrites d'Italie à quelques amis en 1739 et 1740
  61. Lettres sur l'Italie, en 1785
  62. Literary manuscripts : 17th and 18th century poetry from the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds
  63. Literary manuscripts : Victorian manuscripts from the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of the New York Public Library
  64. Luke Him Sau architectural collection
  65. Masters of architecture
  66. Les merveilles de la ville de Rome : où est traité des églises, stations, et reliques des corps saints qui ysont : avec la guide qui enseigne aux estrangers à aysement trouver les choses plus remarquables de Rome : ensemble les noms des papes, empereurs, & autres princes chrestiens
  67. Mirabilia Romae
  68. Multimedia Mozart : the dissonant quartet
  69. Naples and the campagna felice : in a series of letters, addressed to a friend in England, in 1802
  70. A new voyage to Italy : with curious observations on several other countries, as Germany, Switzerland, Savoy, Geneva, Flanders and Holland, together with useful instructions for those who travel thither
  71. A new voyage to Italy : with curious observations on several other countries, as Germany, Switzerland, Savoy, Geneva, Flanders, and Holland, together with useful instructions for those who shall travel thither
  72. Newfound Press
  73. Ohio State University Press , Open access initiative
  74. The Open Library  Free resource
  75. OpenBook publishers
  76. Openi : an open access biomedical image search engine  Free resource
  77. Perdita manuscripts : women writers, 1500 -1700  Core resource
  78. Phoney
  79. PRDLA archive
  80. The private diary of Richard, Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, K.G
  81. Quo vadis? : a just censure of travell
  82. Rambles in Italy : in the years 1816--17
  83. Rankings : doctoral programs in America
  85. Relatione, o più tosto reguaglio, dell'isola d'Inghilterra
  86. Remarks on antiquities, arts, and letters : during an excursion in Italy, in the years 1802 and 1803
  87. Remarks on several parts of Europe : relating chiefly to the history, antiquities and geography, of those countries through which the author has travel'd, as France, the Low Countries, Lorrain, Alsatia, Germany, Savoy, Tyrol, Switzerland, Italy andSpain
  88. Remarks on several parts of Europe : relating chiefly to their antiquities and history : collected upon the spot in several tours since the year 1723, and illustrated by upwards of forty copper plates, from original drawings, among which are the ruins of several temples, theatres, amphitheatres, tri ...
  89. Remarks on several parts of Italy, &c. in the years 1701, 1702, 1703
  90. Retrun of sea turtles
  91. Ritratto di Roma moderna : nel quale sono effigiati chiese, corpi santi, reliquie, indulgenze, monasterij, hospedali, oratorij, compagnie de' secolari, collegij, seminarij, palazzi, fabbriche, architetture, pitture, scolture, librarie, musei, giardini, fontane, e ville sì dentro la città, come fuo ...
  92. Roma ristaurata : et Italia illustrata
  93. Rāg Bhūpāl toṛī ; Rāg paṭdīp
  94. Says I am not an eligible user even with proper authentication
  95. Selections from the letters of de Brosses
  96. Some observations made in travelling through France, Italy, &c. in the years 1720, 1721, and 1722
  97. Standoff in Scarborough
  98. STATdx
  99. Survey of western art
  100. TAIR : the Arabidopsis information resource
  101. Teaching tools in plant biology
  102. Three letters concerning the present state of Italy, written in the year 1687 : being a supplement to Dr. Burnet's letters
  103. A tour through Italy : exhibiting a view of its scenery, its antiquities, and its monuments; particularly as they are objects of classical interest and elucidation : with an account of the present state of its cities and towns; and occasional observations on the recent spoliations of the French
  104. Transplant library
  105. Travels in France and Italy
  106. Travels in the two Sicilies by Henry Swinburne, Esq., in the years 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780
  107. Travels through France and Italy : containing observations on character, customs, religion, government, police, commerce, arts, and antiquities : with a particular description of the town, territory, and climate of Nice : to which is added, a register of the weather, kept during a residence of eight ...
  108. Travels through Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, and Lorrain : giving a true and just description of the present state of those countries, their natural, literary, and political history, manners, laws, commerce, manufactures, painting, sculpture, architecture, coins, antiquities, curio ...
  109. Travels through the Low-countries, Germany, Italy and France : with curious observations, natural, topographical, moral, physiological, &c. : also, a catalogue ofplants, found spontaneously growing in those parts, and theirvirtues
  110. The unfortunate traveller, 1594
  111. University of Adelaide Press
  112. The view of Fraunce, 1604
  113. A view of society and manners in Italy : with anecdotes relating to some eminent characters
  114. Visible body  Mobile app available
  115. VisualDx : [visual diagnostic decision support]
  116. Voyage d'Italie, ou, Recueil de notes sur les ouvrages de peinture & de sculpture, qu'on voit dans les principales villes d'Italie
  117. Voyage de Monsieur le prince de Condé en Italie depuis son partement du camp de Montpellier, jusques à son retour en sa maison de Mouron : ensembles les remarques des choses les plus notables qu'il a veuës en sondit voyage
  118. The voyage of Italy, or, A compleat journey through Italy : in two parts : with the characters of the people, and the description of the chief towns, churches, monasteries, tombs, libraries, pallaces, villas, gardens, pictures, statues, and antiquities : as also of the interest, government, riches, ...
  119. Wasting to tasting
  120. The works of the Honourable Robert Boyle : in six volumes ; to which is prefixed the life of the author
  121. Ye oldest diarie of Englysshe travell : being the hitherto unpublished narrative of the pilgrimage of Sir Richard Torkington to Jerusalem in 1517
  122. Yen : Analysts head-2-head
  123. [Grand tour travel manuscripts from the British Library]
  124. [Grand tour travel manuscripts from the James Marshall and Marie- Louise Osborn Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University]
  125. [Grand tour travel manuscripts from UK record offices and local archives]
  126. 中国上市公司首次公开发行研究数据库(A股) : China stock market initial public offering research database A share
  127. 中国上市公司首次公开发行研究数据库(B股) : China stock market initial public offering research database B share
  128. 中藥材圖像數據庫 : Chinese medicinal material images database  Free resource
  129. 中藥標本資料庫 = : Chinese medicine specimen database  Free resource
  130. 南畫莞香
  131. 古典籍総合データベース : Japanese & Chinese classics  Free resource
  132. 少年十五, 二十時
  133. 影・後
  134. 抗爭到底 : 司徒華 ; [「飛哥與你」嘉賓李柱銘 ; 法定最低工資水平]
  135. 政治考慮令空氣污染難以改善 : 「飛哥與你」嘉賓 : 程翔 ; 區議會新選區劃界 ; 政黨新星 : 任亮憲 ; 「政壇回憶錄」: 鍾士元力勸英方重回「中英聯合聲明」精神
  136. 方劑學
  137. 日佔香港
  138. 月餅百味 : 黃三角經濟區
  139. 淡然回味
  140. 破曉
  141. 經濟部智慧財產局  Free resource
  142. 藥用植物圖像數據庫 = : Medicinal plant images databases  Free resource
  143. 西關情憶
  144. 跨世紀禮賓府 : 155周年特輯
  145. 離・留
  146. 香港動畫 : 優勢互補
  147. 香港口述歷史檔案 : 集體記憶的採集