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1   ABA publications bibliography
2   Africa bibliography
3   ALife bibliography
4   Annotated bibliography and guide to archival resources on the history of Jewish women in America
5   Annual bibliography of English language and literature : ABELL
6   Archives of natural history
7   ARTbibliographies modern
8   ARTEL project : Tr�sor de la langue fran�aise
9   ATSIhealth : aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health bibliography
10   AUSThealth
11   Bach bibliography : serving scholars all over the world
12   The Beethoven bibliography database
13   Bibliography of American literature
14   Bibliography of Asian studies
15   A bibliography of early English law books
16   A bibliography of Hong Kong marine science, 1842-1990
17   Bibliography of metaphor & metonymy
18   Bibliography of pragmatics online
19   A bibliography of the English colonial treaties with the American Indians : including a synopsis of eachtreaty
20   A bibliography of the writings of Roscoe Pound
21   BiblioLine
22   Bibliotheca legum angliae, or, A catalogue of the common and statute law books of this realm, and some others relating thereto : giving an account of their several editions, ancient printers, dates, and prices, and wherein they differ
23   The biographical history of Sir William Blackstone and a catalogue of Sir William Blackstone's works : with a nomenclature of Westminster-Hall
24   BIOSIS previews
25   Bloomsbury Business Library , Information sources
26   Catalog of U.S. government publications
27   Catalogue of books relating to the literature of the law
28   The Charlemagne Tower collection of American colonial laws
29   The Chinese-English glossary of legal terms : 汉英法律詞彙
30   Cognitive linguistics bibliography
31   Copyright in Congress, 1789-1904 : a bibliography and chronological record of all proceedings in Congress in relation to copyright from April 15, 1789, to April 28, 1904, First Congress, 1st session, to Fifty-eighth Congress, 2d session
32   CURDS publications
33   Declassified documents reference system : DDRS
34   Directory of music collections in Canada
35   Directory of published proceedings
36   Doctoral dissertations in musicology-online : DDM-online
37   Ecotourism bibliography : an annotated bibliography for researchers, planners and managers
38   Environmental law reporter law review bibliogrpahy
39   Faulkner & Gray Publications
40   Free speech bibliography : including every discovered attitude toward the problem, covering every method of transmitting ideas and of abridging their promulgation upon every subject-matter
41   Gateway : your entrance to the knowledge resources of the National Library of Medicine
42   Global books in print
43   The Hague Academy collected courses online
44   The history of indigenous agriculture in South East Asia : a bibliography
45   Hong Kong education bibliographic database
46   Hong Kong slope safety : bibliography on geology & geotechnical engineering of Hong Kong
47   Hong Kong-Pearl River Delta Development bibliography
48   ICE virtual library
49   Informit
50   Institutional repository bibliography
51   International bibliographic database on higher education : HEDBIB
52   International bibliography of art
53   International bibliography of maps and atlases
54   International business & trade directories
55   International philosophical bibliography : R�pertoire bibliographique de la philosophie = Bibliografisch repertorium van de wijsbegeerte
56   The lawyer's reference manual of law books and citations
57   Legal bibliography, or A thesaurus of American, English, Irish, and Scotch law books
58   Literature resource center
59   Marine, oceanographic & freshwater resources
60   MLA directory of periodicals
61   Musical borrowing : an annotatedbibliography
62   National Educational Research and Development Centers : research literature
63   NTIS bibliographic database
64   OCLC CATCD for Windows , Music
65   Online geographical bibliography : American Geographical Society Collection
66   Pedigrees in the ownership of law books : an address delivered before the Philobiblon Club, January 28, 1915
67   Publications
68   Publications (Auburn University Computer Science and Engineering)
69   Recent ornithological literature
70   The reporters : arranged and characterized with incidental remarks
71   Research and scholarship
72   Scholarly journals distributed via the World Wide Web
73   Selected bibliography of elder abuse resources
74   Serials directory
75   Serials in Australian libraries
76   Song research tools
77   Unesco CD-ROM
78   Who's who in American politics
79   中国哲学名著简介
80   中國伊斯蘭文獻著譯提要
81   中國佛敎史籍槪論
82   中國叢書综錄補正
83   中國旅游文獻書目選編
84   全国各级政协文史资料篇目索引 : 1960-1990
85   兩漢諸子硏究論著目錄資料庫
86   孔子硏究論文著作目錄, 1949-1986
87   敦煌學硏究論著目錄資料庫
88   新編漢文大藏經目錄
89   日本見藏中國叢書目錄 : Chinese Collectanea in Japanese Libraries
90   玄奘论集
91   西方名著提要 , 哲学、社会科学部分
92   西方哲學名著介紹
93   覞工程 : Project yao