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  1. Action theory and the human condition
  2. Africa bibliography
  3. ALife bibliography  Free resource
  4. America
  5. Americans with Disabilities Act : annotated bibliography of resources
  6. Anarchism, and other essays
  7. Ancient Judaism
  8. Annotated bibliography and guide to archival resources on the history of Jewish women in America  Free resource
  9. Annotated bibliography of selected soprano saxophone repertoire
  10. Annual bibliography of English language and literature : ABELL
  11. Applied sociology : a treatise on the conscious improvement of society by society
  12. The archaeology of knowledge : and, the discourse on language
  13. Archives of natural history
  14. Art as a social system
  15. ARTbibliographies modern  Core resource
  16. Artemis literary sources  Core resource
  17. Aspects of sociology
  18. The Authoritarian personality
  19. Bach bibliography  Free resource
  20. Basic writings on politics and philosophy
  21. The Beethoven bibliography database  Free resource
  22. Behavior in public places : notes on the social organization of gatherings
  23. BHA and RILA
  24. Bibliography of American literature
  25. Bibliography of Asian studies  Core resource
  26. A bibliography of early English law books
  27. A bibliography of Hong Kong marine science, 1842-1990
  28. Bibliography of original meaning of the United States Constitution
  29. A bibliography of the English colonial treaties with the American Indians : including a synopsis of eachtreaty
  30. A bibliography of the writings of Roscoe Pound
  31. Bibliotheca legum angliae, or, A catalogue of the common and statute law books of this realm, and some others relating thereto : giving an account of their several editions, ancient printers, dates, and prices, and wherein they differ
  32. The biographical history of Sir William Blackstone and a catalogue of Sir William Blackstone's works : with a nomenclature of Westminster-Hall
  33. BIOSIS previews  Core resource
  34. Birth control, religion, and the unfit
  35. The birth of the clinic : an archaeology of medical perception
  36. Black folk, then and now : an essay in the history and sociology of the Negro race
  37. Bloomsbury Business Library , Information sources
  38. Book review digest plus  Core resource Mobile enabled Mobile app available
  39. Can we live together? : equality and difference
  40. Cartographies of struggle
  41. Catalog of U.S. government publications  Free resource
  42. Catalogue of books relating to the literature of the law
  43. The catechism of positive religion
  44. Causes and uses of the subjection of women
  45. The Charlemagne Tower collection of American colonial laws
  46. The Chinese-English glossary of legal terms : 汉英法律詞彙  Free resource
  47. Class and class conflict in industrial society
  48. Collected works of Karl Mannheim
  49. The coming of post-industrial society : a venture in social forecasting
  50. Communication and the evolution of society
  51. A comparative analysis of complex organizations : on power, involvement, and their correlates
  52. The conceptual practices of power : a feminist sociology of knowledge
  53. Concerning children
  54. The condition of the working-class in England in 1844
  55. Conflict, translated by Kurt H. Wolff : The web of group-affiliations
  56. The conquest of bread
  57. The consequences of modernity
  58. The constitution of Illinois : a selective bibliography
  59. The constitution of society : outline of the theory of structuration
  60. The consumer society : myths and structures
  61. Continuities in the study of social conflict
  62. Copyright in Congress, 1789-1904 : a bibliography and chronological record of all proceedings in Congress in relation to copyright from April 15, 1789, to April 28, 1904, First Congress, 1st session, to Fifty-eighth Congress, 2d session
  63. The creativity of action
  64. Critique of Stammler
  65. The crowd : a study of the popular mind
  66. Cultural reality
  67. Culture as praxis
  68. CURDS publications  Free resource
  69. Darkwater : voices from within the veil
  70. Das Erziehungssystem der Gesellschaft
  71. Das Recht der Gesellschaft
  72. Democracy and social ethics
  73. Democracy in America
  74. Der philosophische Diskurs der Moderne : zwölf Vorlesungen
  75. A descriptive discography of horn music based on the Curtiss Blake collection
  76. Die Einbeziehung des Anderen : Studien zur politischen Theorie
  77. Die Gesellschaft der Gesellschaft
  78. Die Kunst der Gesellschaft
  79. Die Politik der Gesellschaft
  80. Die postnationale Konstellation : politische Essays
  81. Die Religion der Gesellschaft
  82. Die Wirtschaft der Gesellschaft
  83. Die Wissenschaft der Gesellschaft
  84. Die Zukunft der menschlichen Natur : auf dem Weg zu einer liberalen Eugenik?
  85. The difficulty of being Christian
  86. Directory of published proceedings
  87. Discipline and punish : the birth of the prison
  88. A discourse on the positive spirit
  89. The division of labor in society
  90. Divorce and birth control
  91. Doctoral dissertations in musicology-online : DDM-online  Free resource Core resource
  92. Dusk of dawn : an essay toward an autobiography of a race concept
  93. Dynamic sociology
  94. Early essays on social philosophy
  95. Ecotourism bibliography : an annotated bibliography for researchers, planners and managers
  96. Edinburgh University Press journals
  97. Education and sociology
  98. The educational situation in the Chicago public schools
  99. The elementary forms of religious life
  100. The elementary structures of kinship
  101. Erkenntnis und Interesse : mit e. neuen Nachw
  102. Erläuterungen zur Diskursethik
  103. Eros and civilization : a philosophical inquiry into Freud
  104. An essay on the principle of population, as it affects the future improvement of society : with remarks on the speculations of Mr. Godwin, M. Condorcet, and other writers
  105. Essays in sociological theory
  106. The everyday world as problematic : a feminist sociology
  107. Evolutionary socialism : a criticism and affirmation
  108. Faktizität und Geltung : Beiträge zur Diskurstheorie des Rechts und des demokratischen Rechtsstaats
  109. Feminism and social progress
  110. Fields, factories and workshops
  111. Fin de siècle social theory : relativism, reduction, and the problem of reason
  112. Folkways : a study of the sociological importance of usages, manners, customs, mores, and morals
  113. For a critique of the political economy of the sign
  114. For Marx
  115. Foreign law guide  Core resource
  116. Formal organizations : a comparative approach
  117. Foundations of social theory
  118. Free speech bibliography : including every discovered attitude toward the problem, covering every method of transmitting ideas and of abridging their promulgation upon every subject-matter
  119. Frequently-cited treaties and other international instruments
  120. The functions of social conflict
  121. Further selections from the prison notebooks
  122. Gateway : your entrance to the knowledge resources of the National Library of Medicine  Free resource
  123. Genamics JournalSeek
  124. The genealogy of morals
  125. General economic history
  126. A general view of positivism
  127. Gesammelte Schriften : [in zwanzig Bänden]
  128. Glauben und Wissen : Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels 2001
  129. Harriet Martineau's autobiography
  130. His religion and hers : a study of the faith of our fathers and the work of our mothers
  131. Histoire de la folie à l'âge classique : suivi de Mon corps, ce papier, ce feu et La folie, l'absence d'oeuvre
  132. Histoire de la sexualité
  133. The history of indigenous agriculture in South East Asia : a bibliography
  134. The history of sexuality
  135. The home, its work and influence
  136. Homo sacer , Sovereign power and bare life
  137. Hong Kong education bibliographic database  Free resource
  138. Hong Kong slope safety : bibliography on geology & geotechnical engineering of Hong Kong  Free resource
  139. Hong Kong-Pearl River Delta Development bibliography  Free resource
  140. The housekeeper and the food problem
  141. How home conditions react upon the family
  142. How to lighten the labor of women
  143. Human nature and the social order
  144. ICE virtual library
  145. Ideals of child culture
  146. In Russian and French prisons
  147. Index to legal essays : English language legal essays in Festschriften, memorial volumes, conference papers, and other collections, 1975-1979
  148. Individualization : institutionalized individualism and its social and political consequences
  149. Industrial education, the working man and the school
  150. The instinct of workmanship : and the state of industrial arts
  151. Institutional repository bibliography
  152. Interaction ritual chains
  153. International bibliographic database on higher education : HEDBIB
  154. International bibliography of art  Core resource
  155. International bibliography of maps and atlases
  156. International philosophical bibliography : Répertoire bibliographique de la philosophie = Bibliografisch repertorium van de wijsbegeerte
  157. The Internet galaxy : reflections on the Internet, business, and society
  158. Itinerario (Leiden, Netherlands : Online)
  159. Journal of developmental origins of health and disease
  160. Journal of Hellenic studies
  161. Journal of roman studies
  162. Journey to America
  163. Journeys to England and Ireland
  164. Judicial administration and the legal profession : a bibliography
  165. Karl Marx, Frederick Engels : collected works
  166. Kleine politische schriften
  167. Kleine politische Schriften (I-IV)
  168. Knowledge and human interests
  169. L'Archéologie du savoir
  170. L'ordre du discours : leçon inaugurale au Collège de France prononcée le 2 décembre 1970
  171. Labor's library : a bibliography for trade unionists, educators, writers, students, librarians
  172. Language and symbolic power
  173. The lawyer's reference manual of law books and citations
  174. Le deuxiáme sexe
  175. The legacies of literacy : continuities and contradictions in western culture and society
  176. Legal bibliography, or A thesaurus of American, English, Irish, and Scotch law books
  177. Legitimationsprobleme im Spätkapitalismus
  178. Life forms and meaning structure
  179. List of works relating to the Supreme court of the United States
  180. Literature resource center  Core resource
  181. LitFinder  Core resource
  182. Macrohistory : essays in sociology of the long run
  183. Madness and civilization : a history of insanity in the age of reason
  184. Man, his nature and place in the world
  185. The man-made world : or, Our androcentric culture
  186. Maria, or, the wrongs of woman : a posthumous fragment
  187. The mechanism of social consciousness
  188. Memoir, letters, and remains of Alexis de Tocqueville
  189. The method of sociology
  190. The methodology of the social sciences
  191. The mind and society :
  192. The mirror of production
  193. Miscellanies
  194. MLA directory of periodicals  Core resource
  195. MLA international bibliography  Core resource
  196. Modernity and ambivalence
  197. Modernity and self-identity : self and society in the late modern age
  198. Modernity and the Holocaust
  199. Moral education : a study in the theory and application of the sociology of education
  200. Moralbewusstsein und kommunikatives Handeln
  201. Morals and manners among Negro Americans : report of a social study made by Atlanta university under the patronage of the trustees of the John F. Slater fund : with the Proceedings of the 18th annual Conference for the study of the Negro problems, held at Atlanta university, on Monday, May 26th, 191 ...
  202. Mortality, immortality, and other life strategies
  203. Les mots et les choses : une archéologie des sciences humaines
  204. Musical borrowing : an annotated bibliography  Free resource
  205. Mutual aid, a factor of evolution
  206. Nachmetaphysisches Denken : philosophische Aufsätze
  207. National Taiwan University Library Open Access E-books : 國立臺灣大學圖書館公開取用電子書  Free resource
  208. Natural rights and the theory of the political institution
  209. The nature of peace and the terms of it's perpetuation
  210. The Negro American family : report of a racial study made principally by the college classes of 1909 and 1910 of Atlanta university, under the patronage of the trustees of the John F.Slater fund; together with the Proceedings of the 13th annual Conference for the study of the Negro problems, held at ...
  211. The negro in the South : his economic progress in relation to his moral and religious development : being the William Levi Bull lectures for the year 1907
  212. New christianity
  213. A new conscience and an ancient evil
  214. New rules of sociological method : a positive critique of interpretative sociologies
  215. A new view of society, or, Essays on the principle of the formation of the human character, and the application of the principle to practice
  216. News from nowhere
  217. The nobler male
  218. NTIS bibliographic database
  219. The old regime and the Revolution
  220. On liberty
  221. On the penitentiary system in the United States and its application in France : with an appendix on penal colonies, and also, statistical notes
  222. On the shoulders of giants : a Shandean postscript
  223. On theoretical sociology : five essays, old and new
  224. One-dimensional man : studies in the ideology of advanced industrial society
  225. Online geographical bibliography : American Geographical Society Collection
  226. The order of things : an archaeology of the human sciences
  227. The origin of the family, private property and the state
  228. Outsiders : studies in the sociology of deviance
  229. Oxford bibliographies  Core resource
  230. Oxford bibliographies , African studies
  231. Oxford bibliographies , Anthropology
  232. Oxford bibliographies , Art history
  233. Oxford bibliographies , Atlantic history
  234. Oxford bibliographies , Chinese studies
  235. Oxford bibliographies , Cinema and media studies
  236. Oxford bibliographies , Education
  237. Oxford bibliographies , International law  Core resource
  238. Oxford bibliographies , Linguistics
  239. Oxford bibliographies , Music
  240. Oxford bibliographies , Philosophy
  241. Oxford bibliographies , Renaissance and reformation
  242. Oxford bibliographies , Sociology
  243. The past as future : Vergangenheit als Zukunft
  244. Pedigrees in the ownership of law books : an address delivered before the Philobiblon Club, January 28, 1915
  245. The perfect crime
  246. The Philadelphia Negro : a social study
  247. Philosophisch-politische Profile
  248. The philosophy of mathematics
  249. The philosophy of money
  250. PhilPapers : philosophical research online
  251. The Polish peasant in Europe and America
  252. Politics and social structure
  253. The positive philosophy of Auguste Comte
  254. Post-industrialism
  255. Postmodernity and its discontents
  256. The power elite
  257. Problems of a sociology of knowledge
  258. Professional ethics and civic morals
  259. Progress through birth control
  260. Property, women, and politics : subjects or objects?
  261. A protest against petticoats
  262. The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism
  263. The psychology of peoples
  264. The psychology of punitive justice
  265. The psychology of social consciousness implied in instruction
  266. Publications (Auburn University Computer Science and Engineering)  Free resource
  267. Pure sociology : a treatise on the origin and spontaneous development of society
  268. Questions of cultural identity
  269. Race, nation, class : ambiguous identities
  270. The rational and social foundations of music
  271. A rational position on suffrage : at the request of the New York Times, Mrs. Gilman presents the best arguments possible in behalf of votes for women
  272. The reactive lies of gallantry
  273. Reading Capital
  274. Recent ornithological literature  Free resource
  275. The recollections of Alexis de Tocqueville
  276. Reflections on violence
  277. Reification : a new look at an old idea
  278. The relation of play to education
  279. The religion of China : Confucianism and Taoism
  280. The religion of India : the sociology of Hinduism and Buddhism
  281. The reporters : arranged and characterized with incidental remarks
  282. The reproduction of mothering : psychoanalysis and the sociology of gender
  283. Research and scholarship
  284. Researching U.S. treaties and agreements
  285. Resident alien : feminist cultural criticism
  286. Retrospect of western travel
  287. Review of individualism : four lectures on the significance of consciousness for social relations by W. Fite
  288. Review of the psychology of socialism
  289. The right to die
  290. Roscher and Knies : the logical problems of historical economics
  291. The rules of sociological method
  292. The Russian revolutions
  293. Scholarly journals distributed via the World Wide Web  Free resource
  294. The school and society
  295. Scientific method and the moral sciences
  296. A scientific theory of culture, and other essays
  297. Selected articles from l'annee sociologique, 1901-1905
  298. Selected articles from l'annee sociologique, 1904-1912
  299. Selected articles from l'année sociologique, 1898-1901
  300. Selected bibliography of elder abuse resources  Free resource
  301. Selections from political writings (1910-1920)
  302. Selections from the prison notebooks of Antonio Gramsci
  303. Serials directory  Mobile enabled Mobile app available
  304. Sex and race progress
  305. Sex and society : studies in the social psychology of sex
  306. Situating the self : gender, community and postmodernism in contemporary ethics
  307. Social consciousness and the consciousness of meaning
  308. Social epistemology
  309. Social organization : a study of the larger mind
  310. Social process
  311. Social psychology as counterpart to physiological psychology
  312. Social research and the practicing professions
  313. The social self
  314. The social system
  315. Social systems
  316. Social theory and social structure
  317. Socialism, Utopian and scientific
  318. Society in America
  319. Sociological ambivalence and other essays
  320. The sociological imagination
  321. Sociological insight : an introduction to non- obvious sociology
  322. Sociological theory and modern society
  323. Sociological theory and social research
  324. Sociology
  325. Sociology and philosophy
  326. The sociology of Georg Simmel
  327. The sociology of religion
  328. Some light on the problem
  329. Song research tools  Free resource
  330. The souls of black folk : essays and sketches
  331. Sources of compiled legislative histories : a bibliography of government documents, periodical articles, and books, 1st Congress-113th Congress
  332. Soziale Systeme : Grundriss einer allgemeinen Theorie
  333. The spirit of youth and the city streets
  334. The state and revolution : Marxist teaching on the state and the task of the proletariat in the revolution
  335. Stigma : notes on the management of spoiled identity
  336. Structural anthropology
  337. The structure of social action : a study in social theory and special reference to a group of recent European writers
  338. Strukturwandel der Öffentlichkeit : Untersuchungen zu einer Kategorie der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft
  339. Studies in the theory of human society
  340. The study of the Negro problems
  341. The subjection of women
  342. A suggestion on the negro problem
  343. Suicide, a study in sociology
  344. Supplementum epigraphicum graecum
  345. Surveiller et punir : naissance de la prison
  346. Symbolic exchange and death
  347. System of economical contradictions : or, The philosophy of misery
  348. The system of objects
  349. System of positive polity
  350. Technik und Wissenschaft als "Ideologie"
  351. Texte und Kontexte
  352. Theorie des kommunikativen Handelns
  353. Theorie und Praxis : sozialphilosophische studien
  354. The theory of social and economic organization
  355. The theory of the leisure class : an economic study of institutions
  356. Thoughts on the education of daughters, with reflections on female conduct in the more important duties of life
  357. Toward a rational society : student protest, science, and politics
  358. Toward monogamy
  359. Towards a Christian sociology
  360. The transformation of intimacy : sexuality, love, and eroticism in modern societies
  361. The travels and adventures of serendipity : a study in historical semantics and the sociology of science
  362. Twenty years at Hull-House with autobiographical notes
  363. The twilight of the idols : or how to philosophise with a hammer
  364. U.S. declassified documents online  Core resource
  365. Unesco CD-ROM
  366. A vindication of the rights of woman : with strictures on political and moral subjects
  367. Vom sinnlichen Eindruck zum symbolischen Ausdruck : philosophische Essays
  368. Vorstudien und Ergänzungen zur Theorie des kommunikativen Handelns
  369. Wahrheit und Rechtfertigung : philosophische Aufsätze
  370. Wahrheit und Rechtfertigung : philosophische Aufsätze
  371. What is property : an inquiry into the principle of right and of government
  372. What social classes owe to each other
  373. What social objects must psychology presuppose
  374. White collar : the American middle classes
  375. Who's who in American politics
  376. Why women do not reform their dress
  377. A woman's party
  378. Women and economics : a study of the economic relation between men and women as a factor in social evolution
  379. Women, culture, and development : a study of human capabilities
  380. Working papers in the theory of action
  381. The works of Herbert Spencer
  382. World Health Organization Library & information networks for knowledge database (WHOLIS)
  383. Zeitdiagnosen : zwölf Essays 1980-2001
  384. Zur Logik der Sozialwissenschaften
  385. Zur Rekonstruktion des historischen Materialismus
  386. Zwischen Naturalismus und Religion : philosophische Aufsätze
  387. 中国哲学名著简介
  388. 中國伊斯蘭文獻著譯提要
  389. 中國佛敎史籍槪論
  390. 中國叢書综錄補正
  391. 中國旅游文獻書目選編
  392. 全国各级政协文史资料篇目索引 : 1960-1990
  393. 兩漢諸子硏究論著目錄資料庫  Free resource
  394. 古籍文獻資訊網  Free resource
  395. 孔子硏究論文著作目錄, 1949-1986
  396. 敦煌學硏究論著目錄資料庫  Free resource
  397. 新編漢文大藏經目錄
  398. 日本見藏中國叢書目錄 : Chinese Collectanea in Japanese Libraries
  399. 玄奘论集
  400. 西方名著提要 , 哲学、社会科学部分
  401. 西方哲學名著介紹
  402. 覞工程 : Project yao  Free resource