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Total number of hits is 23 , and record(s) 1 to 23 are:
1   VA restatement annotated case citations
2   Vermont journals & law reviews
3   Veterinary Medicine Journal References, All
4   Victorian popular culture
5   Views in the Eastern Archipelago : Borneo, Sarawak, Labuan, &c
6   Virginia company archives
7   Virginia journals & law reviews
8   Virginia journals & law reviews
9   Virginia news publications
10   Viruses and viral diseases : emerging threats to humans and animals
11   A visit to Java with an account of the founding of Singapore
12   Vocational and career collection
13   Voyage au Cambodge : l'architecture khmer
14   Voyage d'exploration en Indo-Chine : effectu� pendant les ann�es 1866, 1867 et 1868
15   A voyage from Calcutta to the Mergui Archipelago, lying on the east side of the Bay of Bengal : describing a chain of islands, never before surveyed... also, an account of the islands Jan Sylvan, Pulo Pinang, and the port of Queda; the present state of Atcheen; and directions for sailing thence to F ...
16   The voyage of Fran�ois Pyrard of Laval to the East Indies, the Maldives, the Moluccas and Brazil
17   A voyage to and from the island of Borneo, in the East Indies : with a description of the said island : giving an account of the inhabitants, their manners, customs,religion, product, chief ports, and trade. Together with the re-establishment of the English trade there, an. 1714, after our factory h ...
18   A voyage to New Guinea, and the Moluccas, from Balambangan : including an account of Magindano, Sooloo, and other islands ; and illustrated with thirty copperplates. Performed in the Tartar galley, belonging to the Honourable East India company, during the years 1774, 1775, and 1776
19   Voyages and travels, into Brasil, and the East-Indies , A most ample description of the most famous city of Batavia, in the East-Indies
20   Voyages au centre de l'Annam et du Laos et dans les r�gions sauvages de l'est de l'Indo-Chine
21   Voyages au Laos et chez les sauvages du sud-est de l'Indo-Chine
22   Voyages of the Dutch brig of war Dourga : through the southern and little-known parts of the Moluccan Archipelago, and along the previously unknown southern coast of New Guinea, performed during the years 1825 & 1826
23   VT restatement annotated case citations