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Total number of hits is 92 , and record(s) 1 to 92 are:
1   Sage family studies abstracts
2   Sage journals online
3   Sage public administration abstracts
4   Sage Publications/SRM database
5   Sarawak, its inhabitants and productions : being notes during a residence in that country with H. H. the Rajah Brooke
6   SC Attorney General opinions
7   SC restatement annotated case citations
8   Scenes taken in the Philippines, China, Japan, and on the Pacific, relating to soldiers
9   Scented isles and coral gardens : Torres Straits, German New Guinea, and the Dutch East Indies
10   Science (Washington, D.C. : Online)
11   Science citation index
12   ScienceDirect
13   SciFinder Scholar
14   Scitech lawyer
15   Scopus
16   SD Attorney General opinions
17   SD restatement annotated case citations
18   SEC filings
19   SEC Form 4, abstracts
20   SEC Form 8-K
21   SEC online database
22   SEC registration statements
23   SEC registration statements, abstracts
24   SEC releases/decisions and CFR titles 12 and 17
25   SEC Williams Act filings
26   SEC Williams Act filings, abstracts
27   Sequel to some glimpses into life in the Far East
28   Serial set maps
29   Setting standards and language variation : a dilemma for language education
30   A short account of the Prince of Wales's Island, or Pulo Peenang, in the East Indies : given to Capt. Light by the King of Quedah
31   A short account of the settlement, produce, and commerce, of Prince of Wales Island, in the Straits of Malacca
32   Short guide of Sumatra : with a more complete description of the Padang highlands
33   Siam
34   Siam 250 years ago : A description of the kingdom of Siam, written in 1636
35   Siam : its government, manners, customs, &c
36   Siam : on the Meinam from the gulf toAyuthia : together with three romances illustrative of Siamese life and customs
37   Siam : the land of the white elephant, as it was and is
38   Siam and China
39   Siam and Laos : as seen by our American missionaries
40   Siam and the Siamese as described by American missionaries
41   SIAM journals online
42   Siam, or, The heart of farther India
43   Signal transduction via protein tyrosine kinase receptors : structures, function, regulation, mechanisms and role in disease
44   The silken East : a record of life and travel in Burma
45   SIRS knowledge source
46   Six months among the Malays, and a year in China
47   Six months in British Burmah : or, India beyond the Ganges in 1857
48   A sketch of the services of the Madras European Regiment during the Burmese War : by an officer of the corps
49   Sketches of our life at Sarawak
50   Sketches, civil and military, of the island of Java and its immediate dependencies : comprising interesting details of Batavia, and authentic particulars of the celebrated poison-tree
51   Slavery, abolition and social justice, 1490-2007
52   Social science research network , Legal scholarship network
53   Social sciences citation index
54   Social services abstracts
55   Social theory
56   Social work abstracts
57   Society of Maritime Arbitrator Award decision
58   Sociological abstracts
59   Sociology : a SAGE full-text collection
60   Soft matter
61   Some glimpses into life in the Far East
62   SourceOECD
63   SourceOECD , Governance
64   South Africa : the making of U.S. Policy,1962-1989
65   South Asian newspapers
66   South Australian state reports
67   South Carolina journals & law reviews
68   South Carolina news publications
69   South Dakota journals & law reviews
70   Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu
71   The Soviet estimate : U.S. analysis of the Soviet Union, 1947-1991
72   Special Commissioners' decisions index
73   Specialist news analysis
74   Specialist tax regulatory materials
75   SPIE digital library
76   SPORT discus
77   Sport in British Burmah, Assam and the Cassyah and Jyntiah Hills : with notes of sport in the hilly districts of the northern division, Madras presidency, indicating the best localities in those countries for sport, with natural history notes, illustrations of the people, scenery, and game, together ...
78   Sports Medicine Journal References, All
79   SpringerLinK
80   Standard & poor's emerging & special situations
81   State and federal interrogatory filings multibase
82   State of the Philippine Islands
83   State Priority Issue Reporting Service - All States; Environmental Stories
84   Statistical methods for the analysis of genome-wide association studies : practical advice and guidance
85   Stem cells and regenerative medicine : fundamentals, therapeutic applications and ethical considerations
86   STMA-Z
87   The Straits of Malacca, Indo-China, and China, or, Ten years' travels,adventures, and residence abroad
88   Studies in brown humanity : being scrawls and smudges in sepia, white, and yellow
89   Sunny days in Burma
90   Superconductivity papers database
91   Surgery Journal References, All
92   Surveying and exploring in Siam