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  1. Labor and employment expert witness filings
  2. The lancet respiratory medicine
  3. Landmarks in French literature
  4. Language, cognition and neuroscience
  5. The Last governor online
  6. Law library journal
  7. LawNet  Core resource
  8. LawOf  Free resource
  9. Learning and media
  10. Lectures introductory to the theory of functions of two complex variables : delivered to the University of Calcutta during January and February 1913
  11. Lectures on the Republic of Plato
  12. The legacy of Greece
  13. Legal information institute of India  Free resource
  14. Legal library
  15. Legal newsletter multibase
  16. Legal scholarship network  Core resource
  17. LegalWorks newsletter multibase
  18.  Free resource
  19. Leviathan : or, The matter, forme & power of a commonwealth, ecclesiastical and civil
  20. Lexis HK  Core resource
  21. Libertas Academica
  22. Libraries & culture
  23. Library administration & management
  24. Library administrator's digest
  25. Library and information science abstracts  Core resource
  26. Library journal (1976)
  27. Library leadership & management
  28. Library literature & information science full text  Core resource Mobile enabled Mobile app available
  29. Library media connection
  30. Library mosaics
  31. Library of Congress information bulletin
  32. Library of Congress magazine
  33. Library personnel news
  34. Library resources & technical services
  35. Library trends
  36. Library, information science & technology abstracts  Core resource Mobile enabled Mobile app available
  37. Liebert online : Mary Ann Liebert Inc., publishers
  38. The life of Hiuen-tsiang
  39. The life of John Ruskin
  40. The life of Mazzini
  41. Life of Richard Cobden
  42. Life of Robert Burns
  43. The life of William Ewart Gladstone
  44. A life of William Shakespeare
  45. Linguistic approaches to bilingualism
  46. Linguistics abstracts online  Core resource
  47. Linguistics and language behavior abstracts  Core resource
  48. Lippincott advisor  Core resource
  49. Lippincott procedures  Core resource
  50. List of Indian treaties : a memorandum and accompanying information from the chairman of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, House of Representatives, to the members of the Committee, September 8, 1964
  51. Literary and philosophical essays
  52. Literary research guide : an annotated listing of reference sources in English literary studies
  53. Little data books
  54. LLA bulletin
  55. London dysmorphology database, London neurogenetics database & dysmorphology photo library on CD-ROM
  56. London low life : street culture, social reform and the Victorian underworld,
  57. Louisiana journals & law reviews
  58. Louisiana libraries
  59. LWW health library
  60. The lychee and lungan
  61. Lyra elegantiarum : a collection of some of the best social and occasional verse by deceased English authors