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  1. Halsbury's laws Of England monthly review , Bills
  2. Halsbury's SI citator
  3. Hawaii journals & law reviews
  4. Health and psychosocial instruments  Core resource
  5. Health reform hotfile
  6. HeinOnline : the modern link to legal history  Core resource
  7. HI restatement annotated case citations
  8. HighWire : library of the sciences and medicine  Free resource
  9. Hildebrandt ... law department survey
  10. Hindawi journals  Free resource
  11. Historia (Santiago, Chile : Online)  Free resource
  12. Historical abstracts  Core resource Mobile enabled Mobile app available
  13. Historical laws of Hong Kong online
  14. Historical war crimes trials in Asia  Free resource
  15. A history of chemistry
  16. History of English literature
  17. History of Europe during the Middle Ages
  18. A history of French architecture from the death of Mazarin till the death of Louis XV : 1661-1774
  19. A history of French architecture from the reign of Charles VIII till the death of Mazarin
  20. The history of western education
  21. HKUL ejournals
  22. Homeland security/patriot act presidential
  23. Hong Kong & the West until 1860
  24. Hong Kong - all materials
  25. Hong Kong Chinese judgments
  26. Hong Kong Civil Court practice
  27. Hong Kong current awareness , Legislation
  28. Hong Kong insolvency and bankruptcy cases
  29. Hong Kong insolvency legislation
  30. Hong Kong insurance cases
  31. Hong Kong insurance legislation
  32. Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre , Model clause
  33. Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre , Rules
  34. Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre - all
  35. Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre - guide
  36. Hong Kong international commercial arbitration , Legislation
  37. Hong Kong international commercial arbitration - all
  38. Hong Kong Journals Online  Core resource
  39. Hong Kong law reports
  40. Hong Kong Legal Information Institute  Core resource
  41. Hong Kong listed company papers online
  42. Hong Kong securities cases
  43. Hong Kong securities legislation
  44. Hong Kong stock market archives and artifacts collection
  45. Hong Kong table of contents database  Core resource
  46. Hong Kong Tourism Board Collection database
  47. Hong Kong's umbrella movement
  48. Hong Kong's war crimes trials collection
  49. Hong Kong-Macau-Pearl River Delta Development Information Net  Free resource
  50. Horn book magazine
  51. House of Commons parliamentary papers
  52. How HIV and AIDS affect populations
  53. Human genome abstracts
  54. Humanities index  Core resource