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  1. An a priori resource-based classification methodology for specialty/ secondary ambulatory patients
  2. The A+ partnership : A strategy to enhance asthma management and prescribing practices among primary care providers
  3. A-FABP potentiates obesity-related cardiac dysfunction and cardiomyopathy
  4. A-type granites of the Permian Emeishan large igneous province (SW China) : implications for the formation of the giant magmatic oxide deposits
  5. A. P. Giannini, Marriner Stoddard Eccles, and the changing landscape of American banking
  6. Ab initio calculations : an extension of Sankey's method
  7. Ab initio calculations of silicon clusters
  8. Ab initio relativistic-consistent calculations and charge density and experimental mass-spectroscopic analysis of mono and poly-nuclear clusters of group 11 and 12 transition metals and metal chlorides : y Seyedabdolreza Sadjadi
  9. Ab initio studies of electron correlation and relativistic effects in actinide ion spectra
  10. Ab-initio calculation of quantum ac transport in nanoscale structures
  11. Abandoned train station redevelopment
  12. Abdominal wound infection after caesarean delivery in a district hospital
  13. Abduction and computation
  14. Aberrant activation of ERK/FOXM1 signaling axis promotes cell migration/invasion in ovarian cancer
  15. Aberrant methylation of E-cadherin gene (ECAD) in invasive ductal breast carcinoma
  16. Aberration sensitivity reduction of alternating phase-shifting mask in photolithography
  17. The ability of earnings management models to detect and predict public discovery of accounting-fraud
  18. The ability of elderly pedestrians to use traffic signal controlled crossroads in Hong Kong : environmental demand and other associated factors
  19. Ability of leaders to effectively communicate and influence employees' commitment to organizational goals
  20. The ableist city unveiled : disabled people, social injustice and urban space in Hong Kong
  21. Abnormal chondrocyte differentiation : a transgenic model
  22. Abnormal returns associated with selected financial profiles of leveraged buyouts : An empirical analysis
  23. Abnormal returns in emerging equity markets
  24. Abode-right seekers in Hong Kong
  25. Abolition of the Municipal Councils : an examination to the policy making process
  26. The abolition of the slave trade and plantation management in Jamaica, 1800--1838
  27. Aboriginal community economic development : Overcoming barriers to Aboriginal entrepreneurship
  28. Abortion policy and teen reproductive behavior in the U.S : the case of parental involvement laws
  29. Abortion, income, wantedness : Evidence from the American Community Survey
  30. Above and below : peasants and miners in Oruro and northern Potosi, Bolivia (1899--1929)
  31. Above the influence : A value analysis of anti-drug public service announcements
  32. The absence of collective bargaining legislation in Hong Kong : an examination of its impact on public sector employees
  33. Absence of jump of complex structures on Fano hypersurfaces under certain conditions
  34. Absence of Nucks1 enhances mesenchymal stem cells mediated cardiac protection
  35. The absence of successful exit strategies in the United States industrial-design consulting profession
  36. The absence of technology in undergraduate sport management curriculum and its relationship to intercollegiate and professional athletics
  37. Absenteeism and presenteeism as related to self-reported health status and health beliefs of Tennessee safety and health professionals
  38. Absenteeism in market labor, nonmarket labor, and leisure model : A comparative analysis of elementary school teachers with the United States population
  39. Absenteeism on nonprofit boards : A relationship between board size, attendance policies, training programs, and meeting types
  40. Absenteeism predictors and intervention in an applied setting
  41. Absenteisme
  42. Absenteisme au travail : l'absence comme moyen de retablir l'equite au travail lors d'iniquites percues
  43. The absolute intensities of cosmic-ray muon
  44. Absolute or relative? : which standards do credit rating agencies follow?
  45. Absolute value versus relative positional concern : An ultimatum bargaining game
  46. Absorptive and secretory functions of the rat cauda epididymidis
  47. Absorptive capacity and open source software project performance
  48. Absorptive capacity, commitment, and internationalization: Implications for SMEs' performance in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates
  49. Abundance and scarcity mental models in leaders
  50. Abuse of older Chinese with varying degree of cognitive and physical impairment : examining the roles of caregiver and contextual variables using a structural equation modeling approach
  51. Abuse of Wushi powder in old China : archival analysis using qualitative approach
  52. Abused women in Hong Kong : the nature of their abuse and the effect of abuse on their quality of life
  53. Abusive supervision and subordinates' coping strategies
  54. Abusive supervision in the workplace : A restorative justice perspective
  55. AC mains voltage regulation by solid-state power conversion techniques
  56. The AC-responses of flux motion in High-Tc superconductors
  57. Academic achievement among secondary school students : the effects of language of instruction during primary school years
  58. Academic achievement, attitudes, and retention : Application of whole brain instruction in the Principles of Accounting course in central Taiwan (China)
  59. Academic and professional training of business journalists at west coast newspapers
  60. Academic and social accommodation of S.1 hearing-impaired students in an ordinary secondary school
  61. Academic authors' perception on copyright protection
  62. Academic background characteristics and prediction of job performance
  63. Academic capitalism and accountability in higher education
  64. Academic capitalization : a case study of two universities in Guangzhou, China
  65. Academic continuity plans and strategic fit within Tennessee public universities
  66. Academic entrepreneurship in higher education : institutional effects on performance of university technology transfer
  67. Academic medical centers : A framework for strategic repositioning
  68. The academic motivation of Hong Kong secondary school students : a developmental perspective
  69. The academic offering and the labor market of professionals in Puerto Rico
  70. The academic performance of introverted and extroverted students in traditional and online business courses : An analysis based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  71. An academic research study on the influential role of brand dependence in purchases and the associated significance of the age differential
  72. Academic staff perceptions of improving higher education evaluation : a case-study in the University of Hong Kong
  73. Academic staff perspectives on comprehensive higher education reform in Hong Kong
  74. Academic staff's perceptions of implementing performance-based review system in a tertiary institution : a case study
  75. Academic, social and general self-concepts of students with learning disabilities
  76. Academy of design
  77. Academy of fine arts
  78. Accelerated circuit simulation via Faber series and hierarchical matrix techniques
  79. Accelerated decomposition of peroxynitrite by Ketones and Aldehydes
  80. Accelerated New Product Development in Credit Card Industry
  81. Accelerated recovery from cyclophosphamide-induced leukopenia in mice administered a traditional Chinese medicine, Bu-zhong-yi-qi-tang
  82. Accelerating commercialization of environmental technology in the United States : theory and case studies
  83. Accelerating innovation via industry-scale open innovation networks : A case study in the US automotive industry
  84. Acceleration of coherent structures in free shear layer
  85. Acceleration of Monte Carlo methods using low discrepancy sequences
  86. Accent markings in Schubert's piano sonatas
  87. Accentuate the positives : the effects of a signature strength intervention in the workplace
  88. Acceptabilite d'un mecanisme de vente aux encheres pour les bois de la foret publique quebecoise
  89. Acceptability of human papillomavirus vaccination among Chinese women in Hong Kong
  90. The acceptance and effectiveness of federal and state information security regulations in multi-branch community banks : A phenomenological analysis conducted in central California
  91. Acceptance level in using multisource feedback for managers' performance appraisals in an information technology company
  92. Acceptance of influenza vaccine in healthcare workers in New Territories East cluster using a health belief model
  93. The acceptance of peer coaching and its relationship with school contextual factors and teachers' individual factors
  94. Acceptance of personal health record technology : A survey analysis of the elderly
  95. Acceptance of systems development methodologies : testing a theoretically integrated model
  96. An acceptance sampling method utilizing acceptance numbers of one, two, and three based on the AOQL's of Nicholas L. Squeglia's Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plans
  97. Acceptor defects in P-type gallium antimonide materials
  98. Access of phonological information from reading Chinese characters : position vs. function
  99. Access pricing
  100. Access to capital in rural Thailand : An estimated model of formal vs. informal credit
  101. Access to care in the nine federally funded hemophilia treatment centers in Michigan
  102. Access to care prior to the emergency department visit
  103. Access to consumer credit : Impact on low vs. high-income groups
  104. Access to credit by hawkers : what is missing? : theory and evidence from India
  105. Access to employment or access to employers : A descriptive study of employers' attitudes and practices in hiring newcomer job seekers
  106. Access to free care for the uninsured and its effect on private health insurance coverage
  107. Access to health care services in Nigeria : A case study of Imo State
  108. Access to housing credit : A study of minority women
  109. Access to justice in a bilingual legal system : a case study of unrepresented litigants in Hong Kong
  110. Access to medical care in community-dwelling elderly with dementia : the role of caregiver emotional health
  111. Access to resources and food production among small-scale farm households in southern Zambia
  112. Access to the environmental legislation : do the local manufacturers understand their legal obligations?
  113. Access to treatment as a human right : a discussion of the aspects of the right to health under national and international law in Venezuela : Cruz Bermudez, et al v. Ministry of Health Supreme Court of Venezuela, July 1999
  114. Accessibility and destination choices : a study of recreational activities in Hong Kong country parks
  115. The accessibility of lottery products to underage youth
  116. Accessibility of open space : a study of urban morphology and its relation to open space use in the Wanchai District of Hong Kong
  117. The accessibility of public housing residents to transit services in Hong Kong
  118. Accessing organizational resources and pursuing value through international promotional alliances
  119. Accessing resources in a global economy : three essays on outsourcing and immigration
  120. Accident versus essence : Investigating the relationship among information systems development and requirements capabilities and perceptions of enterprise architecture
  121. Accidental conservation : the making of SoHo, a case study on how property prices have driven gentrification to be a mean of conserving post-war Tong Lau
  122. Accidental efficiency : inter-program competition and the Higher Education Act
  123. Accommodating deaf employees in the workplace : Communication assistance via note-taking by hearing co-workers
  124. Accommodating disability in the workplace
  125. Accommodating street enterprises in the urban built environment of Bangladesh : the case of Khulna City
  126. Accommodation for small industry : a Hong Kong case study with special reference to the rural areas
  127. Accomplishing career changes : the role of social networks and individual adaptation
  128. Accomplishment of dual focus in exploration and exploitation : the influential role of the customer relationship management (CRM) process
  129. Accountability as it influences ethical behavior
  130. Accountability in health care in Canada : An analysis of its meaning and the development of a conceptual framework for its application
  131. Accountability in Hong Kong secondary education : the attitudes of principals and vice-principals in anglican schools
  132. Accountability in organizations : An examination of antecedents and consequences
  133. Accountability in public administration : the case of Hong Kong
  134. Accountability in public-private partnerships
  135. Accountability in street-level bureaucracy : the case of frontline government social worker in the field of domestic violence
  136. The accountability of a non-government organisation : an analysis of a neighbourhood level community development project
  137. Accountability of a non-government organisation in Hong Kong : an analysis of the children and youth centre services
  138. Accountability of social work programmes : a case study of outreaching social work service
  139. Accountability of statutory bodies : a case study of the Provisional Airport Authority
  140. The accountability of the HKSAR government : issues, developments and prospects
  141. The accountability of the principal officials accountability system in Hong Kong : progress and prospects
  142. The accountability of voluntary social welfare organizations : a case study of the Community Chest of Hong Kong
  143. Accountability or secrecy : a study of the government's access to information policy
  144. The accountability system for senior officials in HKSAR
  145. Accountability versus school development : self-evaluation in an international school in Hong Kong
  146. Accountable care organizations: Effects on health care organizations
  147. The accountant's role in bankruptcy
  148. Accounting and financial reporting for development-stage enterprises : An empirical investigation of SFAS No. 7
  149. Accounting and stock performance of initial public offerings and seasoned equity offerings : evidence inChina
  150. Accounting as an instrument of control over state enterprises in mainland China
  151. Accounting choices and firm-specific conservatism measures
  152. Accounting conservatism among firms : cross- sectional tests of the litigation and contracting cost hypothesis
  153. Accounting conservatism, firm growth, earnings persistence, and earnings-based valuation
  154. Accounting curriculum revision : stakeholder perceptions regarding prioritization of AICPA Core Competencies in Nebraska
  155. Accounting disclosure and information environment : A comparative study of United States and Japanese security markets with dynamic modelling
  156. Accounting disclosures of derivative securities in the insurance industry
  157. Accounting expertise and ill-structured problems : Cognitive reasoning abilities and performance in business valuation tasks
  158. Accounting flexibility and managers' forecast behavior prior to seasoned equity offerings
  159. Accounting for asset securitizations: fair values and earnings management
  160. Accounting for business combinations : A test for long-term market memory
  161. Accounting for business cycles in emerging market economies
  162. Accounting for culture : A social cost-benefit analysis of the Stan Rogers Folk Festival (Nova Scotia)
  163. Accounting for disparity : Essays on agricultural development and racial earnings inequality
  164. Accounting for globalization : National statistics, international comparisons and the emergence of the global economy
  165. Accounting for human resources : implications for theory and practice
  166. Accounting for legitimacy : leading retailers, petty shopkeepers, and itinerant vendors in Halifax, Nova Scotia, c. 1871 to 1901
  167. Accounting for natural capital in British Columbia : forestry and conflict in the Slocan Valley
  168. Accounting for rater credibility when evaluating construction industry service providers
  169. Accounting for risk aversion in the valuation of employee stock options and credit derivatives
  170. Accounting for space in intrametropolitan household location choices
  171. Accounting for spatial substitution patterns and bioeconomic feedback loops : An economic approach to managing inland recreational fisheries
  172. Accounting for territory and representative heterogeneity in sales force performance evaluation
  173. Accounting for the environment
  174. Accounting for the horizon
  175. Accounting for the relationship of agricultural land to economic and ecological welfare : conceptual framework and case study in the Grand River Basin of Ontario, Canada
  176. Accounting information and the valuation of loss firms
  177. Accounting information, individual differences, and attributions in the performance evaluation process
  178. Accounting numbers and the perceived risk class of Hong Kong companies
  179. Accounting, auditing and accountability in Canada's national parks
  180. Accounting-Based and market-based trading strategies
  181. Accounting-based debt covenant tightness and management voluntary disclosure
  182. Accounting-based value metrics and the informational efficiency of IPO market prices
  183. Accreditation in the BC private sector of social service delivery
  184. Acculturation : Hispanic women in the workplace and what makes them stay?
  185. Acculturation and adjustment of teenage immigrants from China
  186. Acculturation and food retailer store type : determining Hispanic consumers' attitudes toward store attributes in the San Antonio market
  187. Acculturation and resilience of mainland Chinese postgraduate students in Hong Kong
  188. Acculturation effects on preference for English and Spanish-language TV commercials among Hispanic audiences of Mexican descent
  189. The acculturation experiences and adaptation of Pakistanis and Nepalese in Hong Kong
  190. Acculturation in a newly merged organization : how the implementation of an acculturation process assists individuals in adaptation to a merger
  191. Acculturation, acculturative stress and their relationship with work and non-work outcomes
  192. Acculturation, assimilation, leadership styles and its consequences on job satisfaction
  193. Acculturation, ethnic conflict and equity theory : the American Jewish consumer
  194. The acculturative stress/employee withdrawal relationship
  195. Accumulating, Preserving and Sharing Knowledge in Law Enforcement : Active and Retired Officer Perspectives
  196. Accumulation and European unemployment
  197. The accumulation of information by line managers within a business environment and the resulting cognitive savings account
  198. The accumulation of social capital : Implications for the dynamics of inequality and the management of shocks (Ethiopia)
  199. Accuracy in communicating emotion in the workplace : A field research investigation
  200. Accuracy of medical coding algorithms to identify complex conditions in United States hospitals : the case of Sepsis
  201. The accuracy of personality judgments and the role of interviewer bias in the multiple applicant and one on one interview formats
  202. Accuracy testing of a linked administrative database of malignant spinal cord compression in Ontario cancer patients
  203. Accuracy, confidence, and calibration of consumer knowledge : roles of product type, product involvement,and general self-efficacy
  204. The Accuracy, Precision, and Implementation Challenges of Three Different Poverty Measurement Tools in El Salvador and Guatemala
  205. Achievement of accounting students relative to individual learning styles and locus of control : An experiment involving internet-based instructional technology
  206. Achievement of expectations in leisure travel satisfaction : An application of expectation-disconfirmation theory
  207. Achievement of psychomotor skills through Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Requiring Immersive Presence (CSCLIP)
  208. Achievement orientation and academic causal attribution of Chinese students in Hong Kong
  209. Achieving a Competitive Advantage through Ethical Business Practices : An Ethnographical Case Study
  210. Achieving a professional image : A series of four workshops for women
  211. Achieving collaborative advantage through IOS-enabled supply chain collaboration : An empirical examination
  212. Achieving congruence between individual commitment to policing and organizational objectives in police departments
  213. Achieving consensus on secondary marketing education curriculum and instruction---A Delphi study
  214. Achieving corporate sustainability through environmental education and training
  215. Achieving cost-effectiveness and equity : Analysis of the international emissions trading system
  216. Achieving global competitiveness and local poverty reduction? : examining the public-private partnering model of governance in Bangalore, India
  217. Achieving HR-firm performance linkage through organizational strategy implementation : Qualitative case studies of four U.S. based firms
  218. Achieving late-mover advantage : the effects of enhancing and distinctive strategies
  219. Achieving quality education : a study of secondary school principals' and teachers' perception and strategies for promoting quality in their schools
  220. Achieving Realistic Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions in U.S. Cities
  221. Achieving recruiting goals : Applying what we know about person-organization fit across a range of organizational image
  222. Achieving solution success : An investigation of user participation approaches
  223. Achieving success through adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning : A quantitative analysis of SAP users in North and South America
  224. Achieving superior results from the mature market through e-marketing planning
  225. Achieving sustainable development through corporate sustainability : An assessment of environmental and social performance in the Caribbean tourism industry (Cuba, Dominican Republic)
  226. Achiving objectives of the national transport policy of Sri Lanka at the urban level : transport issues and options
  227. Acid glycosaminoglycans : ion binding and electrophoretic mobility
  228. Acker through the looking glass : exploring gendered sub-structures as a method for understanding the gendering of organizations
  229. Acoustic analysis of contour tones produced by Cantonese dysarthric speakers
  230. An acoustic analysis of the Cantonese whispered tones
  231. An acoustic analysis of the variation in alveolar fricative /s/ production in Hong Kong Cantonese
  232. Acoustic analysis of word-initial stop consonants in profoundly hearing impaired speakers
  233. Acoustic and electroglottographic (EGG) characteristics of tracheoesophageal speech of Cantonese
  234. An acoustic and perceptual analysis of /s/ before and after orthognathic surgery
  235. Acoustic and perceptual analysis of modal and falsetto registers in females with dysphonia
  236. Acoustic correlates of hypernasal fricatives
  237. Acoustic cues for the perception of aspiration in Cantonese initial stops
  238. Acoustic cues to the perception of the aspiration contrast in Cantonese initial stops
  239. Acoustic emission and crack development in rocks
  240. Acoustic measure of fundamental frequency during three speech tasks in vocally healthy children
  241. Acoustic patterns of the acquisition of aspiration in Cantonese
  242. Acoustic properties of aspect markers & their homonymous lexical counterparts
  243. Acoustic properties of Cantonese final alveolar and velar nasals
  244. Acoustic study of the Cantonese diphthongs
  245. Acoustic surveys of the sea floor near Hong Kong
  246. Acoustical differences in vocal characteristics between Cantonese and English produced by Cantonese-English bilingual adult speakers
  247. The acquirer and the performance of targets in partial acquisitions : the case of Japanese acquisitions in the United States, 1980--2000
  248. Acquirer systematic risk : Evidence on corporate mergers and acquisitions
  249. Acquiring a better English accent by second language adolescence learners : what can passive exposure do?
  250. Acquiring and exploiting knowledge : the two faces of diversification
  251. Acquiring communicative competence : a case study of language socialization
  252. Acquiring firm long-term performance and governance characteristics
  253. Acquiring growth
  254. Acquiring internet communication concepts through computer supported collaborative learning
  255. Acquisition accounting method choice and regulatory capital in the banking industry : Are they related?
  256. Acquisition and diffusion of technology innovation
  257. Acquisition channels and price discrimination in a customer equity framework
  258. An Acquisition Model to Emulate: An evaluation of the 1988 Packard Commission report
  259. The acquisition of aspect in Cantonese-speaking children : a longitudinal study
  260. The acquisition of Cantonese classifiers
  261. Acquisition of Cantonese sortal classifiers in Cantonese-English bilinguals
  262. Acquisition of Cantonese verbs in ostensive and non-ostensive contexts in three and four years old children
  263. Acquisition of Chinese characters with interactive multimedia for children with specific learning difficulties
  264. The acquisition of color terms in normally developing Cantonese- speaking children
  265. The acquisition of deictic terms in Chinese children
  266. The acquisition of English articles by Mandarin-speaking learners : an optimality-theoretic syntax account
  267. The acquisition of English passives by Cantonese ESL learners
  268. Acquisition of English speech rhythm by Hong Kong Cantonese learners
  269. The acquisition of English subject-verb agreement by Cantonese speakers
  270. The acquisition of French as a third language in Hong Kong : interlanguage and typology
  271. Acquisition of Japanese tense and aspect by Cantonese speakers
  272. Acquisition of knowledge and knowledge of acquisitions
  273. The acquisition of Korean as third language : the roles of typological distance and language proficiency
  274. The acquisition of linguistic politeness phenomena in Hong Kong bilingual children
  275. The acquisition of managerial performance feedback skills through the use of a knowledge-based expert system : An empirical evaluation
  276. Acquisition of negation in a Mandarin-speaking child
  277. Acquisition of negation in Cantonese-speaking children
  278. Acquisition of nominal compounds and category structure in Cantonese- speaking children
  279. The acquisition of relative clause constructions by Cantonese-speaking learners of English
  280. The acquisition of relative clauses by Cantonese children : an experimental approach
  281. Acquisition of subject-verb agreement in pre-pubertal Cantonese students in Hong Kong
  282. Acquisition of technological knowledge from alliance partners : the role of the organizational knowledge interface
  283. The acquisition of verb argument structures in young Cantonese- speaking children
  284. Acquisition of voice output communication aid by children with severe mental handicap : a case study
  285. The acquisition process of Cantonese phonology : a case study
  286. Acquisition stock performance : Do ownership and outside directors matter?
  287. Acquisition versus dissolution : can capabilities tell the story
  288. Acquisition, mergers, and the effect it has on the quality of the product
  289. Acquisition, storage and reconstruction of multidimensional surgical information in a digital operation room environment
  290. Acquisitions : Evidence of behavioral decision making from the North American oil and gas industry
  291. Acquisitions of public versus private firms : Causes and consequences
  292. Acquisitions, depository institutions and the creation of value
  293. Across contexts comparison of emotional intelligence competencies : A discovery of gender differences
  294. Across organizational boundaries : Horizontal expertise in instructional design
  295. Across the miles : exploring the relationship between perceptions of trust and perceptions of organizational justice in a geographically dispersed organization
  296. The act and impact of whistle-blowing on the Los Angeles Police Department
  297. Actin-based propulsion and entropic forces generated by single filament
  298. Acting ethically : the experience of top leaders
  299. Acting ethically in the face of threat : the effects of identity and personality
  300. Acting on what others know : distributed knowledge and team performance
  301. Action dialogue : developing leadership effectiveness at the individual and organizational levels through action learning
  302. Action learning : patterns in the practice of program design
  303. Action learning : set member learning experiences
  304. Action learning at the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board
  305. Action learning factors perceived by action learning participants in companies in South Korea
  306. Action research in an e-business blur : the development of a charismatic leader and his organization
  307. An action research on a developmental guidance programme in a Hong Kong Secondary School
  308. An action research on home-school cooperation : case study in a local secondary school
  309. An action research on improving communication satisfaction among teachers in a local secondary school
  310. An action research on the introduction of the use of authentic tasks in assessment to support a new integrated curriculum
  311. An action research project to explore the effects of collaborative learning on students' writing quality and their conceptions ofwriting
  312. An action research study : the development of an action learning model for the transformation of leadership in the California Conservation Corps
  313. An action research study of the relationship between leadership development programs and financial performance of a retail business
  314. Action sensemaking : making sense of technology using action research principles
  315. Action simulation in acquisition cost estimates
  316. Action, authority and approach : treatises on "Zen"/"Chan", radical interpretation, and the Linji Lu
  317. An action-based perspective of firm heterogeneity : source of competitive advantage
  318. Action-based reasoning : the cost of learning and the benefit of thinking less
  319. Actions of chlorhexidine and silver diamine fluoride on cariogenic biofilm and root caries
  320. Actions of estrogen and estrogen-related compounds on prostate cancer cell growth
  321. Actions of silver diamine fluoride on dentine caries and its caries preventive effect with laser irradiation
  322. Activation of affective gambling outcome expectancies : An exploratory study
  323. The activation of early phonological code before access to meaning in written Chinese
  324. Activation of grammatical representations during the reading of Chinese compound words
  325. Activation of lytic cycle of Epstein-barr virus of histone deacetylase inhibitors
  326. Activation of NRG1-ERBB4 signaling potentiates mesenchymal stem cell- mediated myocardial repairs
  327. Activation of TORC1 transcriptional coactivator through MEKK1- introduced phosphorylation and ubiquitination
  328. Active and passive deterrence of income tax evasion
  329. Active equity portfolio management by institutional investors
  330. Active mandibular forward positioning : a molecular and biochemical study
  331. Active modeling in cost-sensitive environments
  332. Active negotiation support with a software agent
  333. Active versus passive investing : evidence from the 1995--2002 market cycle
  334. Active water-wave control by a submerged pitching plate
  335. Active-passive margin transition in the Cathaysia Block : thermochronological and kinematic constraints
  336. Activist buddhism in Japan and Thailand : a comparative study of political involvement by the Soka Gakkai and Thammakaai
  337. Activists in the umbrella movement : a phenomenology study of students in the University of Hong Kong
  338. Activite et propriete maritimes dans la region du Bas-Saint-Laurent (1874--1920)
  339. Activites agricoles et perspectives de developpement socio-economique : Cas de Lubudi au Zaire (French text)
  340. Activities used in the adult graduate business classroom : Analysis of environmental scanning and teaching
  341. Activity of Bu-zhong-yi-qi-tang (補中益氣湯) fractions on cyclophosphamide-induced leukopenia in mice
  342. An activity theoretical analysis of synchronous electronic discourse : a case study
  343. Activity-based costing model to cost academic programs and estimate costs for support services in California community colleges
  344. Activity-based value-chain analysis for United States college student vacation travelers' hotel room experience
  345. Actopaxin : a novel regulator of cell migration and invasion in human hepatocellular carcinoma
  346. The actual and ideal status of undergraduate business communication instruction
  347. The actual and potential roles played by Chinese NGOs in human rights promotion and protection in China
  348. Actual business networks behind the virtual networks
  349. Actual effect of implementation of Hong Kong Island south sewerage master plan (SMP)
  350. Actual insider trading returns and determinants of short term returns
  351. The actualities of regional health board work : Implications for decision support design
  352. Actualizing the power of learning : teacher autonomy in response to curriculum reform
  353. Actualizing the value statement of the Personnel Community Correctional Service of Canada, Pacific Region
  354. Acuity-based staffing in long term care : does it influence quality?
  355. Acupoints sensations in laser acupuncture : De Qi
  356. Acupuncture and autism spectrum disorders : an assessor-blinded randomized controlled trail
  357. Acupuncture for insomnia : a systematic review and randomized placebo-controlled trials
  358. Acute actions of osthole in the modulation of the vascular system
  359. Acute and chronic impact of pressure on vascular responsiveness
  360. The acute and subchronic toxic effects of dichloroacetonitrile in mice
  361. Acute care length of stay and post-acute discharge destination following hip fracture, Thames Valley District Health Council, 1991/92--1994/95
  362. Acute decompensated heart failure with preserved ejection fraction : haemodynamic changes, cardiorenal syndrome and short-termprognosis
  363. Acute effects of PPAR agonists, Wy14643 and fenofibrate, on contractions in aortae of aged, diabetic and hypertensive rats
  364. Acute gastroenteritis outbreak in elderly home in Hong Kong
  365. Acute myocardial infarction in the Chinese in Hong Kong
  366. Acute stroke patients age 65 years and older : outcome and predictors
  367. Ad Hoc routing and time-slot scheduling in bluetooth networks
  368. Ad slotting and pricing : New media planning models for new media
  369. Ad the "proximity effect" : How distance influences evaluations and choice
  370. Ad-hoc recovery in workflow systems : Formal model and a prototype system
  371. Adam Smith and the circles of sympathy
  372. Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Thorstein Veblen, Peter Kropotkin, and Catholic Social Teaching on work, wages, and the role of technology
  373. ADAMTS13 assays in thrombotic microangiopathy
  374. Adaptability of the government bureaucracy to economic reform in dongguan county
  375. Adaptable home : a sustainable alternative to housing in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta
  376. Adaptable housing in Hing Wah Estate II
  377. Adaptation and innovation during technology transfer : the perspective of receiving and giving engineers and managers in a high tech multi-cultural joint venture
  378. Adaptation and normalization of the Amsterdam inventory for auditory disability and handicap : Chinese version
  379. Adaptation and validation of intelligibility in context scale as a screening tool for Hong Kong preschoolers
  380. Adaptation d'un modele d'equilibre general calculable aux politiques pour lutter contre les changements climatiques
  381. Adaptation des prix sur les marches d'exportation pour la viande porcine
  382. Adaptation in knowledge-based teams : An examination of team composition, leader sensegiving, and cognitive, behavioral, and motivational mechanisms
  383. Adaptation learning : An ambidextrous perspective
  384. The adaptation of a parental report instrument : words and gestures in Cantonese infants
  385. Adaptation of a simplified method for urinary iodine for studying the iodine status of local Chinese
  386. The adaptation of building consultancy firms in Hong Kong for handling PRC projects
  387. Adaptation of Cantonese Hearing in Noise Test (CHINT) scoring methods for testing in cochlear implant patients
  388. Adaptation of closed form regularization parameters with prior information to the radial basis function neural network for high frequency financial time series
  389. Adaptation of Hong Kong films in 1990's
  390. Adaptation of housewives in Tuen Mun new town : a study on stress and social support
  391. The adaptation of Mainland Chinese research postgraduates to the Universities of Hong Kong
  392. Adaptation of trailing spouses : Does gender matter?
  393. The adaptation process in the National Hockey League
  394. Adaptation strategies of contractors in response to recession
  395. Adaptation to funding changes achieved with resilient organizational qualities in two Pennsylvania nonprofit health care organizations
  396. Adaptation to salinity changes of the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica : metabolic changes and the role ofhormones
  397. Adaptation to the stepparenting role : an exploratory study
  398. Adaptation, assets, and aspirations. Three essays on the economics of subjective well-being
  399. Adaptation, performance and organizational learning in Japanese commercial banking
  400. Adapting British human services economic evaluation methodology to Ontario
  401. Adapting laws of contract, tax, and IP to accommodate e-commerce in Thailand : problems and recommendations
  402. Adapting masking techniques for estimation problems involving non- monotonic relationships in privacy-preserving data mining
  403. Adapting organizational strategies to evolving external environment : A multiple-case study of United States apparel manufacturers
  404. Adapting textbooks for the primary classroom : tensions between theory and practice
  405. Adapting the Quality Function Deployment model to health plan design
  406. Adapting to changing workscapes : exploring the experiences of people making adjustments to changing work situations
  407. Adapting to climate change : Global agriculture and trade. A structural approach
  408. Adapting to land reform : self-selection, production and the response of subsistence farmers to land restitution in post-Socialist Romania
  409. Adaption of the booklet category test for application in a Chinese culture
  410. Adaptive behavior and sales performance : An international study in healthcare sales
  411. Adaptive behavior in intercultural environments : the relationship between cultural intelligence factors and Big Five personality traits
  412. Adaptive capacity in Israeli social change nonprofits
  413. Adaptive channel equalisation technique for wideband time-division multiple access digital mobile radio communications systems
  414. Adaptive clutter filter design for micro-ultrasound color flow imaging of small blood vessels
  415. An adaptive distributed virtual computing environment (ADViCE) : Design and evaluation
  416. Adaptive Dynamic Personal-Modeling Environment for ill-structured problems
  417. Adaptive efficiency of futures and stock markets : Analysis and tests using a genetic programming approach
  418. Adaptive FEM preprocessing for electro magnetic field analysis of electric machines
  419. Adaptive finite element analysis for 2D elastostatic problems
  420. Adaptive finite element methods for variational inequalities : theory and applications in finance
  421. Adaptive finite element refinement analysis of shell structures
  422. Adaptive flow detector and estimator for ultrasound high frame rate vector flow imaging
  423. An adaptive information retrieval environment for collaborative architectural design work
  424. Adaptive interleaving for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
  425. Adaptive Layer-based machining
  426. Adaptive leadership : Leadership theory or theoretical derivative?
  427. Adaptive learning long-horizon expectations and monetary policy
  428. Adaptive live VM migration over WAN : modeling and implementation
  429. Adaptive mechanisms of superior judgment under uncertainty : rational choices from simple heuristics and elaborative strategies
  430. Adaptive motion and force control of robot manipulators with uncertainties
  431. Adaptive packet scheduling in OFDM systems
  432. Adaptive parallel rendering
  433. Adaptive re-use of urban industrial heritage buildings for cultural and creative industries in Hong Kong
  434. Adaptive recovery with hierarchical checkpointing on workstation clusters
  435. An adaptive reputation-based trust model for intelligent agents in E- marketplace
  436. Adaptive reuse for historical buildings in Hong Kong : a case study : the former Marine Police headquarters
  437. Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings in Hong Kong
  438. Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings in Hong Kong : a case study of Wing Lee Street and Lui Seng Chun
  439. Adaptive reuse of industrial buildings and creative spaces in Hong Kong : a comparison of Fotanian Artist Village and Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre
  440. Adaptive social underground linkages urban interface for Mass Transit Railway
  441. An adaptive software transactional memory support for multi-core programming
  442. Adaptive stream filters for entity-based queries with non-value tolerance
  443. Adaptive unequal error protection for wireless video transmissions
  444. Adaptive video defogging base on background modeling
  445. An adaptive weighting algorithm for limited dataset verification problems
  446. Adaptive word-of-mouth behavior : A conceptual framework and empirical tests
  447. Adaptor protein APPL1 counteracts streptozotocin-induced diabetes and ß cells loss in mice
  448. The added-value of online word-of-mouth (eWOM) to advertising in new product adoption : An empirical analysis of the movie industry
  449. Adding by Subtracting: The Impact of Performance Feedback on Divestitures
  450. Adding learning to performance management
  451. The addition and deletion effects of the Standard & Poor's 500 index on both stock and option markets
  452. Addition of organic materials to soil in Hong Kong and their effects on crop growth, microbial activity and the soil-nitrogen status
  453. Addition reactions of 3H-indoles and their N-oxides
  454. Addition reactions of some substituted indoles with dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate and methyl propiolate
  455. Additions to John L
  456. Additive, adversative and causal discourse markers : their use, abuse and remediation in the writing of trainee teachers of English
  457. Addressing climate change in the developing world : The role of core competency-aligned corporate social responsibility in building adaptive capacity
  458. Addressing dark corporate histories in Germany and the United States. Discourses of historical responsibility between organizational apologia and reconciliation
  459. Addressing human factors in green office building design : occupant indoor environment quality survey in China
  460. Addressing the nursing shortage in southwestern Pennsylvania through steward leadership : A phenomenological study
  461. Addressing the Undersupply of Local and Organic Food to Mid-Level Institutions : A Model for Successful Agricultural Cooperatives
  462. Addressing the waiting time for elective surgeries in Hong Kong's public healthcare : a review of best practices from other developed countries
  463. Adducin 3 and temozolomide resistance in glioblastoma multiforme
  464. The adenohypophyseal cell types and their relationships to reproduction in the soft-shelled turtle, Trionyx sinensis Wiegm
  465. Adeology : Advertising as a battlefield of rival ideologies in transitional China
  466. Adequacy of graduate curricula in United States business colleges : teaching competencies important for successful managerial performance in the global economy
  467. The adequacy of high school preparation to meet local employer entry- level hiring needs in Madina and Accra, Ghana
  468. Adequacy of public facilities and services planning in a new town : a case of Tseung Kwan O
  469. Adhesion of carbon and carbon related hard films
  470. Adhesion of diamond-like carbon thin films on various substrates
  471. AdIkBa-mediated apoptosis in Epstein-Barr virus positive nasopharyngeal carcinoma C666-1 cells
  472. Adios to the long-bond : will we miss it?
  473. Adios, memories : a reconstruction of identity and memory : a case study of L2
  474. Adipocyte fatty acid binding protein acts as a suppressor of autophagy contributing to foam cell formation
  475. Adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein : a link between inflammation and vascular dysfunction
  476. Adipocyte- and epidermal-fatty acid-binding proteins in relation to obesity and its medical complications
  477. Adiponectin limits autoimmune encephalomyelitis by suppressing the differentiation of CD4+ cells into Th17 cells
  478. Adjunct faculty : branding ourselves in the new economy
  479. Adjunctive effect on hormone replacement therapy on periodontal treatment responses in postmenopausal women
  480. Adjunctive effects of a low-power laser on the healing of periodontal tissue
  481. Adjunctive orthodontic treatment of pathologically migrated incisors in adults with periodontitis
  482. Adjunctive use of a Chinese herbal medicine in the non-surgical mechanical treatment of advanced periodontal disease on smokers : a randomized clinical trial
  483. Adjuncts in Cantonese noun phrases
  484. Adjusting a forecasting model when some future demands are known in advance
  485. Adjusting self-in-role : influences on personal engagement and disengagement at work
  486. Adjusting the Volume: Essays on Asset Trading Volume
  487. Adjusting to economic integration with the United States : Mexico's exchange rate policy and business cycle features since 1980
  488. Adjustment costs, location choice, and regional integration
  489. Adjustment difficulties of some elderly immigrants from mainland China to life in Hong Kong
  490. The adjustment made by S1 girls in the primary-secondary school transition : a case study
  491. Adjustment of adolescents in divorced/separated families
  492. Adjustment of children in single parent families : the mediating effect of self-disclosure
  493. Adjustment of Chinese immigrant adolescents
  494. The adjustment of common stock prices to announced changes in the money supply
  495. Adjustment of local service rates and universal service : An empirical study of Florida local telephone customers
  496. Adjustment of patients with burns on face and hands
  497. Adjustment of prices for quality change : A hedonic analysis of domestic passenger airfare
  498. The adjustment process of patients suffering from neoplasm of nasopharynx throughout the course of illness : a panel study in Hong Kong
  499. Administering the mental health service in Hong Kong : a critical perspective
  500. Administering the port of Hong Kong