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Census, statistics & surveys :

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  1. Annual abstract of statistics (Great Britain. Office for National Statistics : Online)
  2. Annual report (World Trade Organization : Online)
  3. Australian Bureau of Statistics
  4. Australian statistics on the internet  Free resource
  5. Bankruptcy DataSource , Plans of reorganization
  6. Britannica world data analyst
  7. China data online : 中国数据在线  Core resource
  8. County & city data books : Geostat Center  Free resource
  9. Date & statistics  Free resource
  10. Demographic and health surveys : quality information to plan, monitor and improve population, health and nutrition programs  Free resource
  11. EconData.Net : your guide to regional economic data on the web  Free resource
  12. Education statistics
  13. Fedstats  Free resource Core resource
  14. Gender statistics
  15. Graduate employment statistics  Free resource
  16. Health nutrition and population statistics
  17. Hong Kong annual digest of statistics  Free resource
  18. Hong Kong Audit Bureau of Circulations : 香港出版銷數公證會  Free resource
  19. Hong Kong economy : 香港經濟近況  Free resource
  20. Hong Kong statistics  Free resource Core resource
  21. Housing in figures  Free resource
  22. International Data Base (IDB)  Free resource
  23. International trade by commodity statistics
  24. International trade statistics
  25. Joint external debt hub
  26. KOSIS  Free resource Core resource
  27. Library statistics program  Free resource
  28. The little data book : 2011
  29. Main economic indicators database
  30. Monthly statistics of international trade
  31.  Free resource
  32. OECD agriculture statistics
  33. OECD ational accounts database
  34. OECD banking statistics
  35. OECD economic outlook , Statistics and projections
  36. OECD education statistics
  37. OECD employment and labour markets statistics
  38. OECD health statistics
  39. OECD institutional investors statistics
  40. OECD insurance statistics
  41. OECD international development statistics
  42. OECD International Development Statistics
  43. OECD international direct investment statistics
  44. OECD international migration statistics
  45. OECD science, technology and R&D statistics
  46. OECD social expenditures database
  47. OECD statistics on measuring globalisation
  48. OECD tax statistics , Taxing wages
  49. OECD tax statistics. Revenue statistics
  50. OECD telecommunications and internet statistics
  51. The portal site of statistical data in Japan  Free resource Core resource
  52. SDDS/QEDS data  Free resource
  53. SourceOECD , Indicators of industry and service
  54. STAN OECD structural analysis statistics
  55. Statistical abstract of the United States  Free resource
  56. Statistical report  Free resource
  57. Statistics (American Cancer Society)  Free resource
  58. Statistics Canada : Statistique Canada  Free resource
  59. Statistiques agricoles de l'OCDE
  60. Statistiques de l'OCDE sur le développement international
  61. Swiss statistics  Free resource
  62. United Nations commodity trade statistics database : UN comtrade
  63. World databank , Quarterly external debt statistics (QEDS/SDDS)
  64. 中國統計年鑑
  65. 中華民國統計資訊網  Free resource Core resource
  66. 前進中的寧夏農村
  67. 政府統計處 : Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong statistics. , 香港統計資料  Free resource
  68. 政府統計資訊網 = : Government statistics  Free resource