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CIA family jewels indexed

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Broad Subject American studies
Politics & Public administration
Subject Intelligence service - United States - History - 20th century - Sources
Espionage, American - History - 20th century - Sources
Summary "Among the most controversial documents ever compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency, the 'Family Jewels' represents the CIA's ownview, in 1973, of those domestic activities it had engaged in up to that time that were outside its charter, hence illegal. Totaling 703 pages and consisting of summary reports and supporting documents sent from CIA directorates and divisions to the agency's chief, the 'Family Jewels' contains chilling references to CIA contacts with the Mafia, denials of involvement in assassinations, materials on CIA interrogations, surveillance of journalists and the antiwar movement in the U.S., penetrations of other federal agencies, a break-in at the Chilean embassy, cooperation with local law enforcement authorities, support for White House political activities, responses to the leak of the Pentagon Papers, and much more"--Digital National Security Archive collections guide.
Publisher ProQuest
Language English
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