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American national standard minimum performance criteria for active interrogation systems used for homeland security

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ISBN/ISSN 9780738153902
Broad Subject Electrical & electronic engineering
General - Engineering & Technology
Subject Detectors - Standards - United States
Security systems - Measurement - Standards - United States
Radiation dosimetry - Standards
Summary The performance criteria for active interrogation systems in homeland security applications are described in this standard. These systems are intended for non-intrusive inspection of closed containers, vehicles, and packages of a wide range of types and sizes. In these systems, the contents of an inspection zone are irradiated with penetrating ionizing radiation to determine the presence of a hidden substance-of-interest by the analysis of stimulated secondary radiations or nuclear-resonance absorption spectra that are indicative of the chemical and/or nuclidic composition of the substance-of-interest.
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Language English
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