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Broad Subject Agriculture
Subject Agricultural biotechnology - Abstracts
Agricultural biotechnology - Indexes
Summary Website provides agricultural biotechnology and biosafety information for researchers and policy makers world-wide. Includes a subset of the CAB Abstracts database providing citations and abstracts to research papers, books and conferences in the field of agricultural biotechnology. The database covers industrial and laboratory applications of molecular genetics, genetic engineering and in vitro culture, including pathogens and beneficial micro-organisms. Research at the DNA and RNA level, including genetic markers, genomic analysis,nucleotide sequences and gene expression is included, as are techniques of relevance to agricultural biotechnology, including cloning, sequencing and marker techniques that are of general application. The database also covers the social, ethical, economic, biosafety, legal, planning and policy aspects of biotechnology, including intellectual property rights relating to products and business and governmental aspects relevant to agriculture.
Publisher CABI Pub
Frequency Updated semimonthly
Language English
Warning: Use of the files is restricted to purposes of research and education only. Other uses and excessive downloading are strictly prohibited. Violators will lose library privileges, face disciplinary actions and may be prosecuted.
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