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引文数據来源于中国学术期刊(光盘版)电子杂志社出版的源数據库产品中的文献和参考文献, 如:中国期刊全文数據库、中国优秀博硕士学位论文全文数據库、中国重要会议论文全文数據库、中国重要报纸全文数据库、中国图书全文数据库、中国年鉴全文数据库等

Publisher 中国学术期刊(光盘版)电子杂志社
Frequency Continuously update
Language Chinese
Warning: Use of the files is restricted to purposes of research and education only. Other uses and excessive downloading are strictly prohibited. Violators will lose library privileges, face disciplinary actions and may be prosecuted.
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Authorized remote access from Current HKU staff and students
Format Citation reports
Location Web Mounted


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