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Oxford reports on International law in domestic courts

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Broad Subject International law
Subject Domestic relations (International law) - Cases
Domestic relations - Cases
International law - Cases
International and municipal law - Cases
Law reports, digests, etc
Summary ILDC covers international law as applied in the domestic courts of around 70 jurisdictions. The geographical scope is intended to be as broad as possible; ILDC currently reports on countries from every continent in the world and continues to add new reporters and new jurisdictions.

The policy for ILDC has been to focus first on relevant cases from 2000 to the present for each jurisdiction, and then to work back through decisions earlier years to boost increase the size of the archive. Occasionally, ILDC reports on much earlier cases if they are very important for the development of international law jurisprudence in a particular jurisdiction.

ILDC policy is to cover case law not only from states but also from certain territorial entities that are not generally classified as states. This is done in recognition of the fact that judicial decisions of such entities can be of interest to internationallawyers, as recognized by the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights, amongst others. Publication of judicial decisions from such territorial entities does not reflect an opinion as to whether these entities should or should not be classified as states.

Publisher Oxford University Press
Frequency Updated bi-monthly
Language English
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