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ISBN/ISSN 9629840014
Broad Subject China studies
Chinese language & literature
General - Arts and Humanities
Summary "The Sikuquanshu (Complete Library in Four Branches of Literature) was compiled during the years 1773-1782 by edit from Emperor Qianlong. It includes 3,460 works, with a total of some 79,300 juan, comprising more than 36,000 volumes. The works included in Sikuquanshu were classified according to the four recognized divisions of Chinese literature, namely, Classics, History, Philosophy, Belles-lettres. In the Sikuquanshu are important works pertaining to the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, including history, astronomy, geography, rules and regulations, politics, economics, society, science and technology, and philosophy."

"《四庫全書》收錄圖書 3,460多種, 約八億字, 36,000餘册, 分為經, 史, 子, 集四部, 共四十四類, 七十屬. 內容覆蓋甚廣, 包括哲學, 歷史, 文藝, 政治, 社會, 經濟, 軍事, 法律, 醫學, 天文, 地理, 算學, 生物學, 農業, 占卜等, 是硏究中華五千年歷史文化的重要文獻."

Publisher 迪志文化出版有限公司
Language Chinese
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