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ASHRAE transtext

Broad Subject Civil and structural engineering
General - Engineering & Technology
Real estate & construction
Subject Heating - Congresses
Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery - Congresses
Air conditioning - Congresses
Summary Summary: Two databases available on this disc. ASHRAE abstracts contains information about ASHRAE technical papers from 1980 unit the date show on the disc itself. ASHRAE transactions contains information about a single years' technical and symposium papers presented at ASHRAE's Winter and Annual meetings for the year shown on the disc volume. The database differs from abstracts in that the full text of the paper is searchable and that a copy of the original printed paper,complete with diagrams and tables can be printed.
Publisher Building Services Research & Information Association
Frequency Annual
Language English
Available at :
Library, Standalone PC
Format Article Databases
Location Dedicated workstation: Main Library Level 3 PC82
Coverage 1980-1991
No. of users Standalone, non-networked use


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