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Broad Subject Electrical & electronic engineering
General - Engineering & Technology
Subject Electrical engineering - Periodicals - Databases
Electrical engineering - Periodicals - Indexes - Databases
Electronics - Periodicals - Databases
Electronics - Periodicals - Indexes - Databases
Summary Combines a subset of the INSPEC database of abstracts and indexing to IEEE and IEE publications, full images of matching documents, and powerful search and retrieval software. Contains over 2,000 publications of the IEEE and IEE since 1988, including more than 100 technical journals and magazines, over 600 IEEE standards, and approximately 700 conference proceedings.
Publisher IEEE
Frequency Monthly updates
Language English
Warning: Use of the files is restricted to purposes of research and education only. Other uses and excessive downloading are strictly prohibited. Violators will lose library privileges, face disciplinary actions and may be prosecuted.
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